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  1. A

    difference between zi no trip and zi trip

    hi everyone, i have just got the fluke 1664fc can somone please tell me the difference between a zi no trip test and a zi trip test. i know that it in zi trip it is a high current test but still i can not understand why im getting different readings between live and earth. Thanks
  2. M

    What is the difference between 6944x and 6943x

    Apart from price what is the difference between the above cables
  3. C

    Ho much difference does a mA make?

    Hi all. No electrical knowledge what so ever so please type slowly and use small words. I've just replaced a hard drive in my MacBook that required 5V and 700mA to one that requires 5V and 800mA. Is the 100mA difference enough to stop the hard drive working (because it's not)? Thanks in...
  4. M

    Determining if their is a potential difference.

    Hi guys I asked this question on a recent thread abd was referred to some earlier posted videos but this didnt give me the answer i was looking for. My question is this. If you have something metallic in a property that isnt plugged in...say for arguement sake a metal pole that came out the...
  5. ChelseaNick

    Another oven thread (hopefully with a difference)

    We've had to replace the single oven and discovered that both single oven and hob were hooked into the same terminal strip which was massively overloaded. We've now installed an induction hob with is plugged in to a plug socket on the isolator switch for the oven. The problem we have now is that...
  6. S

    Why so big a difference in price?

    Hi All, Just wanted anyone's views on why electricians prices are so different, had a few quotes for wiring in a kitchen, quotes came in at: £1200 £950 (reduced to £850 when I questioned it) £460 Went with the £460, did a great job, safety certificate the lot. I know none of you will have...
  7. einstein

    The difference between a registered scheme & standard bs7671 condition report

    Whats the merit between a niceic/napit/elecsa certificate vs a standard bs7671 certificate (available online) for a condition/periodic report? Why join a scheme when its not statutory?
  8. happyhippydad

    Which lamp will fit this fitting?

    Evening all.. My customer has a light fitting in a wine cabinet without a lamp in it. The lamp would be approx 22-23cm long. It looks like an S15 type tube lamp but I am unfamiliar with these and wanted to be sure. One reason why I am hesitant with regards the S15 lamp is that from the photos...
  9. H

    SDS thoughts?

    looking for an sds to core drill since mine hasn't got a clutch and I've read that can lead to broken wrists etc. Can anyone spot the difference between these two? http://www.screwfix.com/p/titan-ttb631sds-5kg-sds-plus-hammer-drill-240v/4172g...
  10. W

    Hrc fuses

    The question is : Is there a difference in the protection characteristcs of a semi-conductor and a high speed hrc fuse can any one help
  11. C

    Recommendations for Weatherproof Socket Makes?

    Got a 2 gang weatherproof socket to fit soon. Wondering what makes people would suggest? The house is quarter of mile from the sea so gets wind rain and everything else thrown at it! Was looking at the MK masterseal- anybody use them much? worth the pennies?! thanks.
  12. uksparks

    Efficacy Insurance

    Hi, Just about to renew my insurance, for PL and PI and Tools. I am currently with Ageas via the NICEIC, and with the above, i also get £100k of Efficacy Cover. The current policy is £690 per year, and the new company, via simply business, works out at £390 a year, so quite a big difference...
  13. P

    Full Calculation of Perspective Fault Current - PFC

    I seem not to have access to the professional forums so I post this here: I understand ohm's law and to get a current you use Volts/Resistance (V/R); so if it's Perspective Fault Current (PFC), it's V/R or Volts/Ze; and we divided by 1000 to convert to kA. Yes? Is there a difference when...
  14. dlt27

    High zs on RCD's.

    Hi all. I carried out an EICR yesterday. It was a BG split load consumer unit and when testing I noticed the zs values were coming out high. I noticed on the 1 rcd there was 0.50 Ohms difference between feed and load side of rcd and on rcd 2 there was 0.60 Ohms difference. Just wondered if...
  15. D

    Bosch or Hilti

    Upgrading my power tools and not sure wether to go for Bosch or Hilti... I use Bosch at the moment but it's my dads old gear so is getting on a bit and the batteries are a nightmare! But it's done me well. Although i had a go of a Hilti sds at the weekend and it was brilliant... Do i pay more...
  16. B

    PIR Problem

    Hello folks, I have just had a PIR fitted by a qualified electrician but am having problems with it. I'm sure that I don't need to go back to him with the problem, I couldn't anyway as he has gone off on hols now. The problem that I have is, the lights keep being activated even in the very...
  17. A

    Determining CSA of tails and sub mains

    So how do you guys determine the size of existing tails and sub main conductors when carrying out EICR or surveys. The reason I ask is, today I have been looking through some EICR and the conductor size stated of some of tails and sub mains is different to what I thought just by having a quick...
  18. W

    Domestic notifying jobs in wales?

    Evening all! I have a board change to do in Cardiff soon, no big issue with the job. I suddenly thought about notifying it and remember seeing something on here about it being different in Scotland and wales?? Am i correct? I cant find it in here and the welsh government sites talk in...
  19. M

    BT sockets

    BT points can any one guide me on the best results do your have you main router connected to your master point of the home ie the one BT tell you to split into two for testing or can it go any were , should you connect 2, 3 , 4 & 5 or can you get away with 2 ,5 what dose the others do, with the...
  20. Lighthouse Phil

    BS fuses V's DIN and VDE

    Hi Lads, anyone know what the difference is between the standards of BS fuses and the europeon standards of DIN and VDE fuses? My supplier of switch gear is now telling us that there is now going to be a leading in time if I want to buy BS fuses, as they have to be imported, whereas DIN and VDE...
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