1. P

    Competent Persons Scheme and which is best.

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and as an electrician of 41 years circumstances are seeing me head in a different direction as far as work is concerned. Here is a list of questions (Sorry) Do you need test and inspect qualifications for competent persons scheme, although I have experience. My...
  2. M

    Loop tester different results

    Hello, I have a dedicated loop tester (Martindale EZ2500) and also a Fluke 1662 MFT The reason I have the additional loop tester is often at work I will need to measure P-E & P-N loop impedance only while I am in a harness climbing, or have walked for ages (large concert touring) the EZ2500...
  3. G

    2 groups of light on 1 PIR

    Did a search but couldnt find any answer please forgive me if this has already been covered. So im looking to install 2 groups of outdoor lights 1. To illuminate the patio area 2. To illuminate along the path I am planning to wire each group through a centre off grid switch and would like to...
  4. G

    UK What kind of socket

    My appartment building has hallway plugs with a different fitting to every day plug sockets - it's the same as a normal uk plug socket except the distance between the top hole and bottom two is considerably shorter. What kind of socket is it?
  5. HandsOffEngineer

    A different business model for PAT testing?

    Is there a room in professional PAT testing for a business model other than 'per unit'? I ask because I've been giving this some thought. I've just finished the 2377-22 course. Not with the intention of actually doing any PAT testing professionally, rather mainly for the purpose of my own...
  6. K

    different nationality forums

    When I enter this url on my PC I get directed to the UK electrical forum. When I am on my phone it directs me to the Australian electrical forums. Don't get me wrong, I like hanging around with you poms (it makes me feel superior :D ) but I wouldn't mind seeing what is happening in the Aussie...
  7. M

    UK different glands on same isolation

    hi all, just out of curiosity can you tell me why these have different glands. 1st is a junction box for an outside light and 2 nd is an isolation for an aircon kind regards darren
  8. happyhippydad

    Can radio linked smoke alarms be on different circuits, including a ring?

    I have just been to look at a job were the builder has started the first fix as I was unable to be there. He has forgotten to put in a cable to the heat detector in the kitchen, partly my responsibility as I should have reminded him more fully. My plan is to have it radio linked to the hallway...
  9. Dan

    FIXRADIO Forum Player - Now working a different way! :D

    Okay, so I tested a way to play FIXRADIO when you wanted to play it, but it took over the world and started to breed and everything! - So I've reconfigured it and it's just a link in the menu now on the Forums tab. So here it is on Desktop/Laptop It's in the grey sub-menu. You'll find it in...
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    Different sized csa cables on same circuit

    Got a house I am working in at moment, customer wants extra sockets downstairs, apart from kitchen the whole ground floor has just 3 double sockets. The current sockets in the lounge/diner are fed by a 6mm twin and earth( from old cooker circuit that was rerouted when a gas cooker went in) and...
  11. S

    Lovely little shower unit

    Found this whilst changing a board today. 2 x 32A MCB’s for a shower supply, one for live and one for neutral ! An arrangement I haven’t seen before...
  12. K

    Need a different mcb

    Hi al it’s not. DIY job I’m aware of that. But I have just purchased an electric range cooker. Had an electrician out to extend cooker cable and he told me the instructions Manila of the cooker required a 40amp MCB. I’m not really in the market as of yet to be changing the consumer unit and I...
  13. R

    Domestic RCBO trips different RCBO

    I've just change a CU and installed RCBO's. There is a 32a SP RCBO suppling a ring final circuit. There is a 6a SP RCBO radial lighting circuit. When the 6a radial circuit is energised the 32a RCBO trips. With the 6a dead the 32a stays in. I expected to find a shared neutral but there is no...
  14. D

    Altered ring main, now a DIFFERENT circuit is not working?

    I’ve just altered a ring main by taking 1 leg out of the board and taking it to a spur (then taking a leg back), to add a socket in. After doing so I’ve turned the board back on and everything is working as it should, other than cooker circuit (A radial feeding the cooker/hob, extractor fan and...
  15. S

    New Outside Light - connections different

    hi all I have just bought two new spotlights and the existing has live, live 1, earth and neutral, but the new lights have live, earth and neutral. Can the 4 connections go into 3? Two spotlights, sensor triggered and switch in kitchen (mains connected.)
  16. B

    Wiring organisation logic (switch in different room to light)

    I need to get an outside floodlight fitted, just need to think the best way to keep things logical. Just want to make life easier for whoever might work on the installation at a later date. The isolation switch will be in the kitchen but the actual light will be going outside through the wall...
  17. happyhippydad

    Downlights and the different varieties..

    I was with a customer today discussing installing new downlights. I can't quite see the point in installing the really expensive ones as opposed to the cheaper ones. I don't mean the silly cheap ones on ebay that will just fall apart, but for example... Lap fixed LED from screwfix £7 approx...
  18. Baddegg

    Joining different size cable.....

    As per title, went to look at kitchen rewire this evening, no probs all straight forward, as I’m about to the leave lady says while you here I keep getting shocked from this wall when I washed it down? Turns out someone has extended old 4 mm stranded cooker circuit with 2.5 and put a double...
  19. A

    Entering different field

    Hello all. I am a fully qualified jib spark. I am looking to go into the FMCG field/manufacturing. I want to do something more complex rather then just putting up ladder rack and tray. How can i go into things like variable speed motors. Conveyor belts. PLCs etc. Whats the best way to get...
  20. M

    New fan isolator switch - different markings

    Just joined for help - hello all :) I am NOT an electrician, but I am able to switch off the supply to change light switches and plug whatever was in L1, L2 or Common into the new switch. I bought a new chrome fan isolator switch today to replace a nasty plastic one however, and the markings...
  21. sham

    The same written paragraph in different sections.

    Hello, I'm going through my 18th edition regs book and discovered two paragraphs that are identically the same. It is regulation 422.3.1 and 422.4.2. is this deliberate because it matters in both section. I brought this book from IET itself.
  22. sham

    Why prices for different colour junction box

    Ordering some junction boxes and the white 30A is cheaper than the Black one. Why ?. They are same brand and both three way. https://www.screwfix.com/search?search=30A+Junction+box+
  23. Gavin John Hyde

    Different types of plaster in ceilings

    Been installing downlights today in a kitchen and dining room. nothing fancy electrically speaking but a pain in backside as one part is new the other old. The new is bog standard plaster board. the old is lath and plaster. Using charcoal in the plaster so its like concrete. makes repairing the...
  24. Gavin John Hyde

    Why do DNOs have such different policies?

    Have a job to price up today in Corsham, comes under SSE, they are happy to let you get on and pull the fuse if it is domestic and single phase. if you dont have any seals for when done they will happily provide you with some from the local depot. Western Power on the other hand who are the DNO...
  25. happyhippydad

    Different reading when using continuity and IR?

    This is one of those slightly embarrassing questions that I feel I should know the answer to. I can feel the answer lurking under my skin but it's just not surfacing and needs a push! Pre-work visit for a CU change. There was 65K Ω resistance between N-E on the continuity setting, however when...
  26. D

    Spade connectors - are there different rated ones

    I am adding a fuse box to a campervan to run lights etc off the leisure battery. The existing circuits are fused at 15 amps so I am using 21a cable. But the spade connectors I have are rated at 15a? I thought all spade connectors were the same as most don't give a rating? Will these do or will...
  27. S

    Different result every time

    Hi Has anyone considered that every time you do a continutity/earth loop test, on the same circuit you get a different result every time? I had an end to end test on a ring circuit today and kept pressing the test button. The results jump all over the place. How credible is any test if the...
  28. Lexlee

    Air Horn problem, different tones

    The air horn I have fitted sounds great when wires are put across a 12v battery, since it has been fitted to the vehicle it sounds high pitched compared to the deep tone it should have. The deep tone can be obtained (but not always) if I flas the head lights at the same time a operating the...
  29. S

    A different world - heath and safety nuts look away.

    Last week I went to Moldova doing some work with a charity on people's houses. Nothing electrical, mainly painting, fitting false ceilings, rendering etc. But I though you might like some of the things I saw..! The local village substation. You can walk up and poke it. During high winds the...
  30. Gavin John Hyde

    sizing of RCBO's for different make boards

    I am looking at some rcbo's for a job im planning. Does anybody have or know of a link to a list of the sizes for different makes of RCBOS and what boards they fit. ie make A RCBO will fit CU makes x,y,z etc.. As it is a pain in the a**e with them always being different sizes... I am...
  31. bigspark17

    2x supplies down swa

    does having two circuits travelling down one swa directly condradict a reg.? Circuits in question are 2 63A submain down 1x 4c 16mm swa
  32. leep82


    Ive recently mentioned on another thread of mine that when it comes to completing EICR's my experience is limited. I have my testing and inspection qualifications but have generally only used them to verify new work that i myself have installed, all relatively easy. At the minute I am sub...
  33. camerabloke

    pete999 and forum not working

    hey guys and gals, pete999 is having problems logging on, well i can log him in but it then says he does not have permissions to view, new posts , for example any ideas TIA
  34. D

    college assignment task help please for 2365/ 305

    Hi, I'm new to the electrical field, have passed my level 2 and learning my level 3 but regrettably have very little 1st fix experience. As an assignment I have been asked to provide a fixture and fitting list to a made up drawing of a first floor house(lounge/halllway/kitchen/downstairs toilet/...
  35. S

    Earth/neutral fault. need advice

    Hi guys, just after some advice and reassurance in what I'm doing as not encountered this fault before. So I have an earth/neutral fault. Plug an appliance in trips in the RCD in the db. I have continuity between earth and neutral in the sockets from different circuits. Now if I use my IR...
  36. B

    Megger 1700 tester opening

    Hi i have a Megger 1730 and need to open it up to replace an internal fuse. Does anyone know how to open the 1700 series testers? Thanks
  37. O

    Aurora AU-FRLD913 9w

    Chaps I don't install these so have no idea about the reliability etc. Got a client who has about 28 of them in 4 rooms - 3 of the 4 rooms are on dimmers and the reliability of these is poor. Is this typical? Are there dimmers that people would definitely recommend? Sorry don't know the make...
  38. Pete999

    Apprenticeship experiences

    Firstly, not sure if this is the right section, and I realise Apprenticeships have changed dramatically since my day. But hey ho never mind, just wondering what experiences / exploits members recall from their time during training. I have memories of becoming good friends with the different...
  39. Doomed

    It just feels wrong

    Inspection of property. lighting grid switch outside downstairs loo, 3 switches. One intermediate for stairs lighting, one one pole 2 way for downstairs corridor lighting. Its the 3rd switch that bothers me. Its a double pole switch, and they have used one pole for the switched live for the loo...
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