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  1. J

    Dimmers - what goes with what?

    Hi. Buying light fittings was easy last time I had to do it (years ago). Now renovating and want all lights on dimmers. Electrician has wired first fix already. Now I need to choose the right light fittings/bulbs/types of dimmer switches. I'll have a mixture of recessed spots, wall lights and a...
  2. stidge

    V pro dimmers overheating

    Hi , I’ve fitted a v-pro dimmer 0-300 w into a 6 gang chrome switch . 1 x 0-120w one end , a switch and a blank in between the second dimmer which keeps overheating when dimmed ! I’ve replaced once as never had any problems with these dimmers . There are 23 5w dimmable lamps on circuit ( max 30...
  3. JayKay70

    Dimmers keep failing after 4-5 weeks

    Hi all, The dimmer push button still works but the dimmer stopped working when i turn the button, i heard a pop noise and it was then when it stopped working. This is the second dimmer now and it has happened to both of them, not straight away, each one lasted about 4-5 weeks. I wonder if...
  4. Barnaby Stedman

    Dimmers and LEDS...!!!!

    yesterday was working in a house where a different sparky had installed LED spotlights on dimmer switches. the leds flicker when you dim them. also the mcb the lights are on buzzes when the LEDs are on - to do with harmonics I think. But the funny thing is I know another house that was done...
  5. N

    Why are there different dimmer light levels

    I have two rooms. One room has 12 LED ceiling lights with two switches. One is a regular switch the other is a dimmer. The second room has 8 LED ceiling lights with a single dimmer. The LED's in both room are the same, and the dimmer switch is the same. So the only difference is the regular...
  6. S

    Totally confused - converting dimmers to switches

    I have a double dimmer socket in my lounge, one operates ceiling lights, the other wall lights. The dimmers have both stopped dimming so I'm changing them to a double switch. Having removed the socket I can't make any sense of the wiring. There are 2 cables entering the box; one (left) has...
  7. FatAlan

    Dimmers on two way switched lighting circuits?

    I've installed a number of dimmable LED downlights switched two ways. They're switched by one dimmer and a standard rocker. When they are switched on with the dimmer the lights operate normally and can be dimmed however they seem to override the other switch which will not switch the lights off...
  8. AJshep

    2 gang 2 way Touch dimmers ?

    I've got a request from a customer today. At the moment they have standard 2 gang 2 way dimmer in their lounge but they want to change it because the stud wall it's mounted on backs in to their bedroom. The click from the dimmer at night wakes the person up sleeping in the bedroom. Trying to...
  9. a-z electrics

    2 dimmers on 2 way switching

    I know you're only supposed to put one dimmer switch on a 2 way lighting setup but what would happen if you put 2 on, one at each switch position? A client wanted an led dimmer each end of the dining room. It's going to use 10 led candle bulbs 4W each on two chandeliers .. I advised him not to...
  10. polo1

    LEDs and dimmers - anyone anyone found the perfect match?

    As per the title, I’m struggling to find a dimmer which does not cost the earth and works across a number of makes of LEDs. My regular wholesaler stocks Aurora dimmers and Bell LEDs, but I’m finding a regular flicker on lamps when using the two together. Someone will be able to recommend a...
  11. P

    Interference to LED Dimmers

    Hi Guys Scratching my head on this one. In a kitchen I've installed 3 lighting circuits. - One row of 4 dimmable Philips 5W Mains LEDs in Downlight fittings One row of 3 of the same A switched circuit supplying 2 undercupboard 4W LED strips plus 6 short self adhesive LED strips fed by 3...
  12. O

    Buzzing GU10 LED's

    So I changed 10 x halogen MR16's for 10 x Megaman dimmable 5.5w LED's along with a VPro dimmer (rated up to 10 LED's) When the lights are switched on, they are silent but after 10 -15 minutes they start buzzing - the lamps, not the dimmer. I swapped the dimmer for a standard switch today, and...
  13. M

    LED lights from dimmer flickering. Load is below dimmers minimum rating.

    Hello. So I've learned a lot about dimmers on this last job. The customer wanted everything downstairs on dimmers and boy has it been a learning curve. I've split a lighting circuit and the customer has asked for 2 x st64 led bulbs on pendants to be put on a dimmer. The problem is they're...
  14. O

    Aurora AU-FRLD913 9w

    Chaps I don't install these so have no idea about the reliability etc. Got a client who has about 28 of them in 4 rooms - 3 of the 4 rooms are on dimmers and the reliability of these is poor. Is this typical? Are there dimmers that people would definitely recommend? Sorry don't know the make...
  15. FatAlan

    GU10 LED Dimming

    Just been approached by a mate who purchased six GU10 LEDs marketed as dimmable. States that they were very bright but when he tried to dim them they started flickering. The bulbs were apparently really cheap from cost co. What's the general consensus on this re good makes of bulbs and or...
  16. J

    buzzing LED's

    On a full house refurb I done the elec's for- put in all LED'S LED lamps- 5w dim able Osrams Dimmers- BG nexus (with the new little dial on the back- not actually too sure what this does) downlights- JCC fireguard I put in around 35 altogether- and 4 or 5 of them buzz which the client has...
  17. K

    Domestic help with led dimming issue

    I am a fully qualified electrician and have been in the trade for about 8 years I have recently done a job where i fitted a 3 gang dimmer switch one new feed into the switch and 3 switch wires out the issue is that when the 9 led spot lights are being dimmed the other light fitting on a...
  18. S

    Gu10 led

    Hi everybody. Had a few issues with GU10 LED's (3.5W), seem to dim or flicker. Does anyone know of any circumstances that can cause this? My wholesalers assure me that 'mine are the first to be returned', which I doubt! A bit concerned as I have installed hundreds of these, or the 5w...
  19. A

    Domestic Light problems / dimmer

    Hi. I've fitted new light fittings but I can't work out why my 2 way dimmer switche is controlling both lights on only 1 working button. I'm trying all sorts but I control both with 1 switch and the does not work. Help
  20. E

    SCR dimmers/light modulator

    I've got some new LED slimline downlight panels that are supposedly dimmable but need SCR dimmers/light modulator and not a PMW dimmers/light modulator. From the badly translated instructions. I don't get too involved with lighting and the only SCR dimmers i know of are big ones. These three...
  21. T

    Clicky dimmer

    I have an elderly client who has dimmers throughout his house. Most of them are I think are older and therefore as you turn them up and down they make a quiet clicking. He prefers these to the 2 new ones he has which are a smooth movement as he finds the smooth ones harder to control (easy to...
  22. S

    Dimmer Selection Wisdom

    Hello, I wonder if someone can help me here. My understanding is : Leading edge dimmers are suitable for mains GU10 halogen lamps, but need to be down rated 75 to 50% to cover the load. Leading edge dimmers are not suitable for GU5.3 / Mr16 low voltage lamps. Trailing edge dimmers are...
  23. R

    240v plug cross faders?

    So basically I have a terrarium setup for a snake. The Electrical setup for the snake includes day glo and night glo bulbs. To simulate a more realistic environment i wanted to be able to fade these bulbs at set times. idea being the following: 745am sunglo bulb begins to fade on 745am...
  24. D

    Led dimming ..shine some light for me

    Can anybody shine some light on LED dimming. I realise that led dimmers have a different rating for dimming LED bulbs ....( eg : 10w -100w) as a pose to the usual 400W.. But whats this leading and trailing edge all about ? for example i am designing to put in a load of led's .....( 6 per...
  25. T

    Domestic Problem LED lighting

    Hi guys, I'm hoping there'll be someone out there that could help me on a problem thats occurring with some LED lighting I've installed... I recently re-wired a large premises of which I installed 4 main lighting mains due to the size of the property. The problem I'm getting denotes only to the...
  26. A

    LED Downlight Snubber

    I am currently replacing 28 tradition ES 100w R80 down lights with 15w LED down lights within a local theatre. These are controlled by a dimmer (which is lets say a little bit old). Job has been going great, light output from the LED is so much better, been dimming the lights as they have been...
  27. R

    Dimmable LED downlighters.

    Can anybody advise on the following. Have 4 5w led gu10 bulbs with a v pro series dimmer rated for low wattage lamps. The bulbs are dimmable but when the dimmer is switched on as soon as it is turned down the bulbs flicker badly. Any advice appreciated.
  28. 1Justin

    Varilight V-Pro grid dimmers problems anyone?

    Has anyone had problems with Varilight V-Pro grid dimmers? I've had enough, installation so far has cost me 4 call-outs (unpaid) and now I'm upset to keep annoying my customer, it will probably cost me another £100 in parts to swap out the Varilight and replace with (probably) MK...
  29. richy3333

    Deep 2G boxes for conduit

    Just a quickie. Does anyone make plastic 2G boxes - 45/47mm with conduit knock outs? My local CEF, EC and Eddies can't help :( I've done a rewire in conduit and the customer wanted a dimmer switch fitting. The MK dimmer is very chunky!
  30. B

    3 phase to single, and back again...

    Hello. I'm a bit confused with the electrics on an industrial unit I'm leasing. Ideally I'm after 3 phase - there is 3 phase coming into the building (with a 3 phase fuse box), but the previous owners wanted single phase and created a single phase set up from one of the 3 phases. Here's a pic...
  31. M

    Dimmable LED bulbs?

    Anyone any advice on wether or not too use them. Have heard some bad reports about them?
  32. F

    Domestic 3 module grid switch in a 1g box. Do they exist?

    good evening Ladies and Gents. A, lets say, 'friend of mine' has fitted a 25mm 1g box to house three grid modules (Two LED dimmers and a standard switch), the crazy dude thought he had seen a 3 module grid set up somewhere so never thought to check it out during first fix !! However, my...
  33. M

    Dimming Megaman led bulbs.

    Has anyone out successfully dimmed 56w or more of megaman dimmable bulbs(8x7wcandle bulbs). I would really love to know, because I cant.
  34. E

    LED GU10 Dimmable Bulbs

    Hello, I have just replaced 6 GU10 Halogen bulbs with 6 Megaman LED 6W GU10 Dimming Bulbs (at great expense). They work fine but don't seem to dim. Looking on the Megaman site and generally around there is some suggestion I need a new dimmer switch. I have a std looking MK switch which the...
  35. M

    leading edge dimmers?

    I was asked to look at a job locally where the bloke had 8 x 50 watt gu10 downlights in a kitchen on a 400 watt dimmer switch. He said the dimmer had stopped working but he was having to change lamps quite frequently. I said that the dimmer was on its max load and he would be better down rating...
  36. B

    Insulation resistance testing with no cpc

    When doing a CU change and lights have no cpc. Every room has class 2 dimmers and lights. ceilings are like 20 foot tall. How would you guys go about Insulation testing? L&n to cpc ain't an option and removing all lights and bypassing dimmers is consequently going to take some time... What would...
  37. A

    two dimmers on one light

    Hello there The awkward customer of a install I'm doing seems to think that you can two way dim lights, with standard dimmer modules. Seems to think he had it at his old place, I thought this was impossible as the dimmers fight against each other, unless Lutron or similar system is installed, am...
  38. N

    Light switches

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can find a 3 gang light switch which has two dimmers and one on/off switch?
  39. M

    EICR on existing install

    hello all, help needed please. no paper work at all with this install, 7 years old. will i need to do full tests on every circuit then for EICR? will ph+n linked - cpc insulation (500v) test be sufficient? will that blow 12v transformers and dimmers? thanks
  40. M


    Hello guys! I have one question regarding dimmers and would really appreciate any answer. Can I use ordinary dimmer to dim fluorescent light bulbs to about 60% (100% means full power)? Thanks in advance... best regards
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