1. M

    I'm looking for Level 3 diploma evening course near South London

    Hello all. I am Martin and it's my first post. I am looking for C&G Level 3 evening course 19+ from September 2020 as close as possible to SW19 in South London. I checked a couple of places in the area but I couldn't find anything. Please let me know if you know any. Regards
  2. N

    How to find work after obtaining Level 3 Diploma?

    Hey guys, Sorry to bother you all and any information you give me will be greatly appreciated. I have recently completed my Level 3 diploma in electrical installations. I now wish to find work as an electrician's mate. However, I did not realize you needed an employer reference to get an ECS...
  3. C

    NVQ level 3 in engineering electrical maintenance

    Hi hi just looking for some advice I've just completed my nvq level 3 diploma in engineering electrical maintenance silly question but does that make me a maintenance electrician ?? And what can people recommend and me do do to further my career in electrical cheers
  4. S

    City & Guilds 2365 Level 2&3 Diploma for a career changer

    Hi everyone I know that numerous people have probably asked this sort of question, but I just need some clarification for my circumstance. I’m looking at a career change into becoming an electrician down the line.. I’m 27 years old with no electrical work experience background. The only...
  5. G

    Diploma in Electrical Installations (2365)

    Hi, I'm thinking about starting a two year course at my local college, the course is Diploma in Electrical Installations 2365 (levels two and three) My question is what else would I need to be a qualified electrician? I see so many courses available and I don't want to spend two years doing...
  6. S

    Btec level 3 electrical diploma, what do i need to do to become fully qualified spark

    Hi, need advice I have a btec level 3 diploma electrical/electronic installation. What can i do to become a fully qualified commercial electrician. Its been 3 years since i passed the 2 year course. Will i need to do a city and guilds course or just part p & 17th edition? Any help thanks
  7. KeenPensioner

    C&G Level 2 Diploma Query

    How sad am I! Here in Scotland on New Year's eve I'm wading my way through the theory of "Testing Continuity of Protective Conductors" - Method 2 (Long Lead) from the C&G Level 2 Textbook on page 384. The question is: "The resistance of a long lead is measured at 0.89 ohms. The low-resistance...
  8. I

    I need your help about NVQ Level 3 Diploma.

    I have completed EAL Level 2 and Level 3 at electrical installation in college. In order to become a qualified electrician I need NVQ Level 3 diploma at electrical installation. As far as I know the exam is practical, but I don't know how to proceed to take the exam. My question is, do they...
  9. M

    Level 2&3 diploma (2635)

    Hi all. I'm currently thinking of a career change and would like to become an electrician. There is a course local to me offering a level 2&3 diploma (2365) on a 16 week intensive course. Working out the amount of days put in, this does roughly work out to the same amount of time as 2 years...
  10. Aaron t

    Level 3 nvq extended diploma in electrical/electronic engineering (manufacturing control systems equ

    Hi can anyone help i have just completed an advanced apprenticeship in Level 3 electrical/electronic i have gained a level 3 btec diploma and Level 3 nvq extended diploma in electrical/electronic engineering (manufacturing control systems equipment) i also have my level 3 in electrical...
  11. T

    What next with my qualifications ??

    I have recently finished college part time studying city and guilds level 2 and 3 diploma (2365) in electrical installation but I'm not completely sure what my next options are or what is available to me now ? I know I can go on to become fully qualified but I need a company to employ me to...
  12. S

    Help EAL diploma in electrical installation level 3 is recognised in Australia?

    Hello! How can I know if an EAL diploma in electrical installation level 3 is recognised in Australia ? Anyone can help me please? Thanks a lot!
  13. S

    EAL diploma in electrical installation level 3 recognised in Australia

    Hello! How can I know if an EAL diploma in electrical installation level 3 is recognised in Australia ? Anyone can help me please? Thanks a lot!
  14. M

    BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma, Electrical Engineering

    Hello, my name is Martin and I'm from Sweden. I studied for 3 years in Sweden to become an electrician and I've now had my Swedish diploma compared to the UK standards by the UK Naric. Since I'm moving to London to move in with my English girlfriend and will try to find a job as an electrician...
  15. M

    Electricians Mate Trainee Electrician/Electricians Mate Looking For Work. Wolverhampton.

    Hey there, my name is Robert and i'm looking for experience and beginners work in the electrician field. I've completed 2 years and a bit in college. I didn't complete my level 3 due to family issues. I have no experience in the working field and really want to get started. I'm more than able...
  16. M

    Maintenance in industrial company

    Hi I have a small questions. I work in a small industrial company as a woodworker. I already have: - 17th Edition, City & Guilds 2382, - 2377-22 Award in the In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, - 2377-32 Award in the Management Requirements for the Maintenance of...
  17. Lou

    Exam Success: Inspection and Testing 2394 and 2395

    This book guides students and practicing electrical installers through the technical C&G exam. It will re-inforce practical learning and understanding of the course, provides learners with focussed exam practice, answers candidates most frequently asked questions and offers practical advice and...
  18. N

    2394 Do i need it ?

    Hi everyone ,was after some advice regarding the 2394 (initial verification) and wether or not i need to do it? ive completed the following: 17th edition level 2&3 C&G 2365 diploma AM2 i covered intial verification in unit 303 of my level 3 diploma and again in my am2 so ive done it for...
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