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  1. Dan

    How to add videos to the forum videos area - Step by Step Guide

    How to add videos to the forum videos area - Step by Step Guide Step 1: Click 'Video' in the main forum menu Step 2: Click the orange 'Add Media' button Step 3: Select the category for your video (let me know if you can't find a suitable category, or select 'Other') Step 4: Select either...
  2. I

    Is the strength of a magnetic field directly proportional to voltage?

    I understand current is, however is voltage? As if you increase voltage the current must increase(unless resistance does). However does this mean voltage is 'directly' proportional to magnetic field strength?
  3. Dan

    Uploading videos directly to threads coming soon!

    With this forum version, I'll be releasing features every couple of weeks. The next one that's coming is the ability to upload videos directly into threads. Should help in places videos are better than pictures to get a better understanding of where a cable comes from and goes to (hard to tell...
  4. John Matrix

    Only classed as a good spark if I can run jobs???

    Im looking for some general opinions on this. Im very good as an Electrician on the tools and have Lots if experience. I’m very conscientious and like to do thing properly. I have Ran some decent sized jobs in the past and got them over the line successfully. But as I have recently said to a...
  5. L

    Connecting the neutral directly to the neutral bar

    Hi all, is it ok to connect the main incoming neutral to a 3 phase db directly to the neutral bar and avoiding the main isolator? Thx
  6. O

    Can I connect car alternator directly to the invertor

    Hi, please help! I want to make wind turbine with car alternator and put it on my caravan. Can I connect alternator directly to the invertor? I want to make my heater work from it. Or between alternator and invertor has to be something in between? Please advice. Thanks a lot!
  7. S

    Random Polls

    @Dan Would you mind turning off these random polls appearing down the righthand side, they're mostly archaic anyway.
  8. J

    Bathroom underfloor heating

    Hi, I will shortly be installing underfloorheating to a small bathroom floor. There is currently an electric shower but this will be changing to a mixer shower running off a combi boiler. My question is, can I now use the redundant shower cable to wire directly to the underfloor heating...
  9. D

    cooker switch above hob

    I went to look at a job last night where the customer wanted advice about fitting a new hob. She'd already ordered one from john lewis but when they arrived to fit it they refused as the cooker switch was directly above the hob (bottom of the switch 600m above). Said they couldn't because of...
  10. D

    MDF as meter board

    Good evening everyone, I have always used 18mm ply for new meter/cu boards, but i,ve got some 18 mm MDF left over from another project, can anyone think of a reason not to use this? Kind regards David Long
  11. S

    Socket spur

    Had a ring circuit with a spur feeding a 2 gang socket coming directly from the 32a mcb. Ring main has since been stripped out and just left with the spur. I have now fitted a 2 gang socket in 4mm directly below the cu, is it still acceptable to leave the 2.5 spur coming off the same 32a mcb?
  12. O

    Domestic Swimming Pool Circuit

    I've been doing a PIR today and to my horror and surprise I discovered that the only device, between the 60 Amp main distributors fuse and the pool pump was a 30A 10mA RCD (if you ignore the henley block, the 16mm tails! and the SWA) Looks like some remedial work is coming up! Given...
  13. M

    Cooker socket location and BS7671

    Hi, I have a friend who has just bought a house to let out and wants me to pop round this weekend and replace a cooker socket for him as the old one is big and unsightly. The problem is that it is mounted directly ABOVE the cooker! Now, the only mention that I have been able to find in the OSG...
  14. E

    Heat alarm

    i am just rewiring my house and am unsure about putting in a interconnected heat alarm along with the 2 smoke alarms. I have totally refirbed the property so am thinking i need a heat alarm in the kitchen. In the british standard and the regs it says this can't be mounted DIRECTLY above oven...
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