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  1. Electrical2go

    GIVEAWAY - Win an ESP NightHawk LED Floodlight with Electrical2Go - COMPETITION - FREE

    Win an ESP NightHawk Low Energy LED Floodlight (NH-150) Worth £38.54 We are giving away 2 ESP NightHawks to fellow electriciansforums members, who kindly share with us any products that YOU feel we should sell at www.Electrical2Go.co.uk We want to make sure we are providing electricians with...

    Modecsoft ElectricalOM 18th Edition - 18% discount!

    Happy New Year to you all! The 18th Edition is now officially in force. Our ElectricalOM Software is 18th Edition ready and we are offering all software licenses and add-ons with 18% discount until the end of January! Promo code: 18THEDITION The offer is valid until 31/01/2019 You can buy now...
  3. polo1

    Electrical2Go discount.....

    Hi peeps, is this discount still valid? can't seem to get it to work putting in "Forum1st" as the discount code:)
  4. J

    RS Solutions Mainslink 500m wireless mains to mains discount code

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, so first post. I need to purchase one of these Mainslink 500 m wireless jobies as communications cable between boiler and central heating has been cut and instead of re-running the cable, this seems to do the job. Has anyone used one of these Mainslink wireless...
  5. Dan

    10% Off Filplastic Van Storage Tilt Bins for your Vans - Discount / Voucher Code: Forum18

    Van Tilt Bins 10% off Discount Code for Filplastic. :)
  6. Lou

    Electrical2go.co.uk offers permanent member discount code!!

    Those lovely folks over at Electrical2go.co.uk are giving all Electricians Forums members a permanent 5% discount on purchases!! Just use code Forum1st on their website. Thanks @Electrical2go !

    New Sponsor. Special 10% discount code off Van Tilt Bins for forum members

    Hi, We're delighted to be back as a sponsor of the forum. We sponsored a couple of years ago and really loved the feel (and friendliness) of the forum and members. We're going to try and be more involved this time around so we're starting with an exclusive discount code off our tilt bins range...
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Tradepoint discount via NICEIC

    I have seen on the NICEIC website that if you are signed up on either the DI or AC schemes then you can get a tradepoint card for discount from B&Q. Admittedly some of the stuff is a bit shoddy. Some of the other stuff less so. My question though is does anybody have the trade point card via...
  9. Gavin John Hyde

    Changes to test-meters discount for forum members

    Most of you will know that test-meter have for some time offered a discount to forum members but had to stop the open advertising of a 5% code as too many non forum members found it via google. They will most of the time still offer a discount if you email them and then order over the phone...
  10. Dan

    Electrical2Go Sponsor ElectriciansForums.co.uk! 5% Discount This Way!

    Electrical2go.co.uk is the online face of Phase Electrical Distributors Ltd. Wholesalers at heart with stock value into the millions we can offer next day delivery on hundreds of lines. Not only do we hold millions in stock but with next day direct to site agreements with many top suppliers we...
  11. Test-Meter

    Test-Meter.co.uk Forum Sponsor

    It’s been a pleasure working with the forum as a sponsor over the last the last few years and long may it continue. When we initially sponsored www.electriciansforums.co.uk back in 2010, we introduced a generic discount code ‘ELECFORUM’ for all forum members that would deduct 5% from the net...
  12. R

    Decent Multimeter with backlight and auto-off.

    Hi, I'm looking for a cheapish but good multimeter with a backlight on the display and turns off automatically. The cheapest Fluke 101 has auto-off but the website doesn't say if it has a backlight. Thanks.
  13. Dan

    Daily Deals: Xbox One S With A Discount, Darksiders In Hd, The Force Awakens In 3d

    Daily Deals: Xbox One S with a Discount, Darksiders in HD, The Force Awakens in 3D An Xbox One S Deal Too Good To Ignore Continue reading… Article Author: Alex Roth
  14. Dan

    Big Gta Online Bonuses And Discounts Start Today

    Entourage playlists and Stunt Race events offer big rewards this week.
  15. Dan

    Big Gta Online Bonuses And Discounts Start Today

    Entourage playlists and Stunt Race events offer big rewards this week.
  16. Dan

    5% Discount From Test-meter.co.uk

    Are you guys still aware of the discount from Test-Meter.co.uk? http://www.test-meter.co.uk/index.php/electricians-forums-discount
  17. Dan

    Uheat Underfloor Heating Discount Code - Trade Only!

    All trade will get an extra discount. See information here: http://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/electricians-arms/111840-15-uheat-underfloor-heating-discount-code.html - This is strictly for trade only. You will need to have access to the electricians arms to see that thread. Here's info on how...
  18. Dan

    5% Uheat.co.uk Underfloor Heating Discount Code

    Electric Underfloor Heating | Warm Water | Under Floor Insulation | Frost Protection | Uheat sponsor electriciansforums.co.uk and have been kind enough to offer all members of the forum a 5% discount, just enter the code electriciansforum at the checkout for your 5% off. 15% discount is...
  19. telectrix

    CK 25% discount

    as title. Midshires Electrical are offering 25% off all CK tools.
  20. C

    Elex powertool discounts

    Yesterday I set about modifying a battery tray when my angle grinder went spark spark fut. my decent one was robbed several months ago. I need to do the job on Monday and get the poor guy some reliability in his lighting. I want/need a cordless and have Bosch stuff so it seems an obvious...
  21. trev

    Discount code

    Can anyone remember what the discount code is for TestMeter?
  22. T

    Printing Discount Code now Active

    Hi Guys and Girls, Our website is now complete and ready to take orders online and to celebrate this we have generated a permanent discount code just for the tradesmen forums. Your discount code is TRADES10 This entitles to to 10% off of all of our website prices for print and work-wear...
  23. T

    Electricians discount update

    Hi Guys, Hope you have all had a good weekend. We just wanted to keep everyone updated about our new website for printing, workwear and promotional items. Once the website is finished (hopefully for the 1st of March) we will then post up a permanent 10% for forum members. Whist we wait for the...
  24. timbobelfast

    IET Membership

    Anybody a 'Member' of the IET? What are the benefits? I was on the ECS site and noticed that they have teamed up ECS Card
  25. T

    Permanent discount for the forums

    Hi Guys and Girls First of all happy new year to you all.. I was want to let all the members know that our website will be going live very soon. Our full product range will be on there which is print, workwear, work boots and promotional items. We will then post up a permanent 10% discount...
  26. H

    sponsors' discounts

    How do you get the 5% discount advertised by the forum sponsor test-meter? If I link to the site from the forum I get shown the same prices as when I go there directly.
  27. P

    REC 250w Panels

    Afternoon all, Just a quickie to see if any of you guys know of any good deals out there for REC 245W / REC 250W panels Cheers
  28. G

    IPAF GLASGOW - GROUP DISCOUNT- Asked and can get discount

    Hello everybody, I have been looking at getting some more tickets under the old belt and got an idea into my head that I wondered if a group of us were to get together and book different short (day) courses would we get a discount.....I went in and asked if there would be a better rate like...
  29. G

    Tool and Plant Hire discount

    Hi, does anybody have experience of dealing with tool hire companies in the North West, in particular what levels of discount can be achieved for 'regular' customers. Apologies for some laziness (I should be ringing round) but I thought I'd get some views from this forum first. Thanks
  30. the pict

    Site sponser discount

    Do we have a promo code to enter on the web sales for Test Meter Pict
  31. P

    getting back to work

    I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2004. It's now under control with med's. Thank's to it my memory has been damaged (Don't worry I know the difference between live neutral; a plug and a light). I was looking for a copy of the 17th edition to go and do the course when I came across a digital...
  32. J

    PV*SOL Expert 5.5 Launch. Sneak preview and exclusive Electricians Forum discount!

    Added by Dan: THE 10% DISCOUNT PROMOTION HAS NOW ENDED Dear Electricians Forum Member, The new PV*SOL Expert program has just been released but will not be publicly promoted for another two weeks. It’s packed full of exciting new features and marks a significant development in the...
  33. S

    segens discount policy

    Hi People quick question regarding there policy. I spent over 100000k in a month with them but they only gave me a discount of 2% and i was told they only do it on a monthly basis, Is this correct as it makes a bigger difference to the bottom line.
  34. T

    companys that offer discounts

    was looking into buying a kitchen lately and visited howdens they told me i had to be in the trade to get any discount but they could price up for my builder and he could then tell me how much. this is a way so that kitchen fitters can put there own mark up i take it. was just wondering what...
  35. D

    Domestic bulk discount on buying 2.5 t and e

    hello everone, about 2 years ago i bought lots of rolls of 2.5 t and e last week i used my last one, went to WF to buy some and nearly had a heart attack, does anyone know where i can get a decent price on cables via the www or london Thanks David
  36. P


    Hi all, could anyone be of so kind to give me advice on a domestic alarm system.....from scratch. Cheers Phil
  37. R

    NAPIT - Discount?

    Does anyone know if NAPIT offer a discount to register with them at Trade shows etc??
  38. B

    Discounts for cash

    The last few quotes I have given the customer is insistant on a discount for cash. I refuse to as the price I give is what it actually costs and as I do everything above board and by the book and as such a cheque doesnt really effect me. Thing is I think it is costing me jobs. What is the rest...
  39. sparky3366

    site sponsor discount?

    Ok, need a new set of voltage detectors. How do I go about getting the site sponsor discount?
  40. simpson93

    websites discount.

    hey guys first please dont see this as me trying to make money from the forum this is for people who want websites but dont wanna pay an a shocking price for a website, have been talking to my brother who is a webiste developer and have conviced him to do some discounts for people on the forum...
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