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  1. J

    Hi there, Fisher and Paykel dishwasher Dw60FC6X1, has a blown resistor on the control module. Can’t recognise the bands!

    Blown resistor, how do I work out what it was to replace it?
  2. A

    Dishwasher works on some outlets

    Hey, Just got a new dishwasher and I went to plug it into it’s outlet and it’s doesn’t turn on. So I tested the outlet with the garbage disposal and it worked just fine. Tested a few other times and they all worked. I tried the dishwasher on different outlets and it worked on all of them. How...
  3. L

    radial circuit to power washing machine, dryer and dishwasher

    Now chaps, Will a radial circuit on a 20amp rcbo be enough to power a washing machine, dishwasher, dryer and fridge freezer? At the moment the radial has a 2 gang to power 2 appliances and a 1 gang to power fridge freezer, possibility of spuring of this circuit to power an extra appliance...
  4. E

    Dishwasher Siemens won't start, instead the on/off button beeps.

    Hi, I am totally desperate, looking for advice. With the Covid, nobody wants to come home to repair my dishwasher. It is a Siemens SN65E003EU/43. I had a problem with the draining pump which I remove and cleaned. Once I plugged it back in, nothing happen and the dishwasher won’t start...
  5. R

    Prodis Dishwasher PRO30450 Timer Motor

    Prodis Dishwasher PRO30450 Timer Motor. Commercial dishwasher. I know that's terribly specific but I can't find anything anywhere on the net for this machine. Timer motor is defective. Keeps jamming mid cycle because gears are worn. So it only needs a motor. But I can't find either the motor or...
  6. B

    Dishwasher: outlet or hardwire?

    Hi all, I am installing a new dishwasher. I am comfortable doing this wiring because my dad was an electrician and taught me general wiring. My question is, do you think it’s better to have an outlet under the sink or just hardwire it. It seams weird to me that code would allow an electrical...
  7. S

    New Bosch dishwasher very wet after cycle

    Hi I’ve just replaced my old Bosch dishwasher with a new Bosch one (SMV46GX00G). It washes well and dries the dishes reasonably well, however the inside of the machine is always covered in condensation after the cycle, as the photos show. I’ve been using the auto 45-65°C cycle, and I’ve tried...
  8. M

    Airlux Dishwasher mains cable plug

    Hi Guys The image is connected to the plug on my Airlux dishwasher. It's blows now. I can't find it on line to get it for my electrician. If possible I would [refer to replace this before getting new dishwasher. I have seen a replacement on Espares but it's not precisely the same. Any advice...
  9. U

    Commercial dishwasher problems

    Hi all, I got a commercial dishwasher that is not working anymore. Normally when there's no water in the tank and boiler, the machine starts first filling it up with water if you close the lid. If I now close the lid, the machine is not taking water and is not filling. But the machine is...
  10. M

    PATting a dishwasher

    This has no manufacturer's name, no rating plate and no CE mark. Please does this mean I must fail it, although the PAT meter says "pass"? I have inspected the flex & plug (sealed, 13 amp fuse, grip is sound).
  11. B

    2-way 13a block plug for dishwasher and washing machine

    I'm sure its been asked a thousand times but I can't seem to find it. Just moved into new house and plan on installing a compact dishwasher. Unfortunately there is only one socket available which currently has the washing machine plugged in. How awful would it be to plug a 2-way 13A block plug...
  12. M

    Washing Machine and Dishwasher turning off and on when both switched on at the same time

    I have a Dishwasher and Washing Machine (both several years old) both plugged into a 4 way gang. They are on a 16Amp RCD with other appliances also on the same circuit. When both are turned on at about the same time, about 5 mins after turning on they will both turn off completely, as if they...
  13. M

    HAUS Dishwasher (WQP12-9250G) Power Switch Replacement

    Hello all. I really hope this is the right place for something like this as I would love some assistance. Long story short: I have a dishwasher with a faulty power switch that needed a little pressure to keep it working right. Found a compatible part and ordered it. It has arrived and I was...
  14. Richard Cook

    Dishwasher needing switched off at wall to ‘reset’ before each cycle?

    I’ve got a dishwasher from IKEA (integrated into unit) and it’s under 2 years old. For the best part of since I’ve had it... when I go to turn it on it will beep (as if it’s picking up on the pressing) but it won’t show anything on the display etc. I have to switch it off at the wall and wait...
  15. R

    Dishwasher Problem. What do you think?

    Hi everyone Commercial dishwasher stopped working. Water heats up but when the temperature reaches the right temperature the wash start button doesn't start the wash cycle. Checked everything out. Buttons, motors they all fine. Drain pump works but the behaviour is whacky. Normally you press...
  16. S

    Dishwasher tripping RCD

    Hello! On Friday the RCD tripped and I narrowed it down to the dishwasher which was about half hour into a cycle at the time. After a couple of hours everything was fine and it worked perfectly without tripping it. Unfortunately it has happened again this evening, about 10 mins into a cycle...
  17. SteUK

    Washing machine and dishwasher on same double socket - solution?

    Hi, Currently having to plug swap when wanting to use the either appliance (for safety as they both draw appox 10amp each). Looking for advice on what to ask a sparky to fit. Can I ask for a single socket to be spurred off the current double socket, and plug one of the appliances into that...
  18. J

    Fix for Broken Dishwasher Switch

    A while ago the plastic switch that turns our dishwasher on/off came loose. We worked out wedging a paperclip into the switch held it in place and stopped the dishwasher from switching off. However, a few days ago after wiggling the paperclip back into place, I believe it caused some kind of...
  19. S

    Plug melted to dishwasher

    Evening folks, I hope someone here can help me? I recently found on removal of my knackered integral dishwasher the plug that had evidently been pressed against the back of the dishwasher has melted and fused with the dishwashers insulation. I have lived in this house since brand new and moved...
  20. S

    Dishwasher timer issue

    Hi, We have a dishwasher that when it starts then there comes a pause for about 6-7 minutes before it starts working. It ends each washing program with satisfactory results. I can't remember as if it has always had such a pause or not, thats why I wanted to ask you who have the knowledge if it...
  21. C

    Domestic Kitchen sockets not working except for cooker and dishwasher

    hi all, we have a serious problem with our sockets. My partner turned on the kettle and it tripped the RCD, he unplugged it and turned the electricity back on but all sockets in the kitchen don't work anymore except for the cooker and dishwasher (electrician said they could be on a different...
  22. P

    fcu from cooker circuit

    I have recently had my house flooded, my insurance company have redone my kitchen but changed the location the dishwasher will be in to get it closer to the plumbing. I need to get power to the dishwasher but the socket above has already been spured (more than once and not by me) so don't want...
  23. H

    Commercial 3 phase machines

    Was looking at a job where the customer wants another dishwasher same as the one that they have. The one they have has a rating plate which says 6.6kw/12.4A. It is wired in 6mm on a 40A mcb. Length of run is 10mtrs. Now I would have thought that 400x1.732=692.8 6600/692.8=9.53A therefore a 2.5mm...
  24. C

    Dishwasher need bonding?

    Hello Ive just fitted a new dishwasher and after finishing the tedious job of fitting the door cover etc The second manual states that it must be bonded. So I pulled it back out and there is a screw on the back in which to earth. My questions are, does the dishwasher actually need bonding as...
  25. B

    Domestic Hob Circuit Problem

    Hi folks, first time on the forum so please forgive any technically inept terminology, but just wanted to seek some advice on an issue with domestic wiring. We recently had a new kitchen installed, and a new 30A circuit was required for an induction hob and double oven. The installers set up a...
  26. yellowvanman

    Voltage Monitoring

    Customer has been trying to use a dishwasher using Economy 7 at night, and its not working properly. Works fine during the day, Miele engineer says nothing wrong but the cause of the problem is a pressure switch that ends up with the dishwasher failing to heat the water. Water pressure has...
  27. G

    Combining circuits

    Would anything forbid me from combining the clothes washer socket and kitchen dishwasher to a single circuit & MCB?
  28. R

    RCD tripping

    Hello all, i have an issue with a commercial dishwasher who has been checked by an Engineer with no fault. RCD trips as soon i switch the wall socket,however i've unplugged every plug i have and surprise it does not trip. now,i've tried to see if have split load,correct me if i'm wrong,i did...
  29. J

    Dishwasher tripping

    Afternoon all, going to look at my friends parents dishwasher today. when connected to the kitchen ring it trips RCD but they have since had it connected to an extension lead from the lounge and it doesn't trip. i was pre thinking that there maybe water at the socket. Does anyone one have...
  30. M

    Shocks off dishwasher

    Had a call For sometime the owner was getting shocks off the dishwasher if they touched the sink at the same time. Tested 103v between the 2 Pat tested the dishwasher found live to metal 0.63 ohms traced fault to moulded plugtop replaced plug all tested fine with over 500M now the problem I...
  31. E

    Confusion when it comes to a test on 3 phase

    Hi, I have just joined the forum having looking around and found lots of good advice, I've been asked to do a couple of small jobs at a commercial premises shortly, simple tasks like installing a few extra lights onto a current light circuit and a moving a supply point to a dishwasher. the...
  32. L

    Domestic Advice please fuse keeps blowing

    Could someone please give me some advice, the plug fuse on my dishwasher kept blowing so I got a nearly new second hand dishwasher installed, it too keeps blowing its plug fuse. I've had a new double plug socket fitted and that hasn't cured the problem, the washing machine is plugged into the...
  33. G

    Fault Finding

    If some one told you that their rcd was tripping out regulary what would be a good procedure for finding the fault. quick and easy preferebly.
  34. S

    Commercial RCD Nuicance tripping (HELP)

    Have a senario where a 30mA trip cuts out whenever a Commercial dishwasher starts the electric pump in its initiation cycle.This equipment is on a radial circuit insulation tested and sound, the Dishwasher has been checked by the installers with no faults. If this cicuit was isolated and set up...
  35. U

    Tingling from dishwasher

    ok, got a call from a customer, when they open dishwasher, touch the metal casing inside, and touch the sink they get a tingling go up the arm. same when they touch the cooker too?! this does not happen when they touch the outside casing by the way is this some form of leakage to earth...
  36. J

    Job in a pub(shocking)

    Hi all, going doing a few small jobs in a pub later this week. One of which is shocking, literally. In the cellar bar they have an electric dishwasher that is on hire and has been pat tested. It is opposite a steel bottle fridge, the new landlord informs me that if you have 1 hand on either...
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