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    What is maximum distance I can run 12 gauge wire to a shed?

    Hello, Need some advice. I have a 20amp breaker with 12g/2 underground feeder wire running to an outdoor GFIC outlet. 38 feet from breaker box to where it leaves the house and then 32 feet buried 24 inches deep (no conduit) to the 20A GFIC outlet. So from breaker box to outdoor outlet is a...
  2. S

    Cable size changes over distance

    I’m intrigued by cable size calculations for my garden. The distance from my consumer unit at the front of the house to the garden is 14m (20m cable route). Garden is 34m long to the front of a shed. There will be other sockets, lighting, irrigation control used in the garden as well. I am...
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    Regulations: Distance between central heating Pipe and Consumer unit

    Hello Guys Hope you are all keeping well and safe in this unprecedented times. Just wanted some advise please. So Yesterday i had a new radiator installed but the installation required extending pipe work under the stairs near the consumer unit and where the main electric feed into the house...
  4. N

    Domestic Sub mains for extended distance from meter to CU

    As the user name states, I am not an electrician but I am trying to be an informed customer when dealing with a friendly local sparky and the DNO/supplier whilst undertaking some major electrical works on my property and some advise on the best solution would be welcome. The works to be...
  5. S

    Could anyone Tell me the legal distance a induction Hob has to be installed from a sink please my housing association says 12 inches , is this wrong ?

    Can anyone tell me the Legal distance a induction Hob has to be installed from a sink please, my housing association say they are going to install one 12 inches from my sink and I said this is wrong, also it is to be installed under my window which I have to lean over the hob to open the window...
  6. T

    Extractor fan distance from window

    Evening all Customer on a new build did not want to install an extractor over the hob ( would ruin the effect...... ) Building control have said they need to install a 60L/S extractor fan in the kitchen as its away from the hob, does anyone know if there is a minimum distance an extractor can...
  7. B

    Distance between Gas and Electric box caravan site

    Can anyone tell me where to find distance between Gas box and Electric box on caravan site I know it’s 600mm, now on new install someone’s connected the boxes now between the edge of gas to edge of electric box is around 630mm but this isn’t taking in to account a socket which will be plugged in...
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    Distance fire call point to light switch

    Hello, I need to add a switch for an outside light. The obvious place is near the back door but that is where the fire call point will go. Is there a minimum distance in any regualtions between the two? E.g. to prevent someone from accidentally pressing the call point while trying to press...
  9. D

    SQA Electrical HNC Modules

    Does anybody know where i could do the following sqa modules by distace learning. 1) DG3N34 Electronic Testing Skills 2) FY9T34 Analogue Electronic Principles 3) DG3C34 Combinational Logic 4) DG3G34 Electrical Networks and Resonance 5) DG2W35 Active Electronic Circuits 6) DG5834 Engineering...
  10. S

    Hob to socket distance - thoughts?

  11. D

    Metal cable tie distance

    I’m working on a commercial construction site and I’ve been requested by he client to install metal cable ties to all inverted tray runs for my beldon and SWA cables. I’ve looked through BS7671 and I can’t seem to find the distance required between each metal cable tie. Does anyone know where...
  12. A

    Maximum distance between collectors and tank?

    Hi, I'm looking at installing a solar water system for a friend. He runs a B&B so has much higher hot water needs during the summer, and also a very high annual bill for heating and water. So it seems like he's ideally suited for a solar thermal system to at least reduce the costs. We live in...
  13. R

    Sight for sore eyeing

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but could'nt find a better one. I would like to hear what other guys do regarding spectacles, as my failing eyesight has been driving me mad for ages now, I am 58. A recent eye test has revealed that I basically have 3 prescriptions, my distance...
  14. H

    conduit saddle question

    hi, it's me again with another conduit question.... when using distance or hospital saddles on a steel conduit run, is there something that needs to be put behind the boxes to keep it level with the conduit (if that makes sense), because these saddles cause a big space between the wall and the...
  15. B

    Switch spur by a sink

    Just a quick one, I've had a look and can't find a definitive answer! Is their a minimum distance between a sink and spur for a boiler. I've just wired it all up and they have changed the kitchen and fit the sink below the boiler and spur. All I can find is 300mm distance but not sure if theirs...
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    Commercial Volt drop and load

    Hi. I am new to the forum and most of my experience is in 12/24v systems. I have a bit of a basic question really and was hoping to clear it up. If I had one PSU with an output voltage of exactly 12 volts and 4 loads of 1 amp each and a 5th load of 2 amps all ran in 1 mm cable and each cable run...
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    Commercial Volt drop question

    Hi guys could do with a little advise on a rather large job re-wiring lamp posts in a car park. The supply will need to cover a distance of around 120M from mains to sub board where floods are already wired in 2.5mm SWA on 2 circuits the furthest travelling another 123M the other travelling...
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    mixed 1.5 and 2.5 mm lighting - volt drop calcs

    ok.. so any help appreciated..i want to add some Klik lighting management boxes to the end of a circuit to control 10 lights. The circuit up to the ceiling rose I wish to utilise to feed my first klik is wired in conduit using 2.5mm cable. I want to add a two way lighting switch to control the...
  19. X

    outbuilding planning

    I have a job to install a flat roof system to a garden outbuilding at the end of the customers garden, Does anyone know if I need planning pertmission ? my understanding is that if the panels are mounted greater than 1m from the roof perimeter I wont require it? If this is the case it would not...
  20. K

    Transient Fault 132 kV Single Circut

    Hi Gentlemen, we are facing nine transient fault on 132kv single circut and there is no indiction!nothing i need your help informations on these problems: 1-it always happens mid night and early morning 2-weather is dry 3-there is auto reclosuer 4-insulations are good ,we did tests and results...
  21. C

    Long throw flood light suggestions wanted please :)

    I need to install some lighting to throw over around a 50m horizontal distance off the side of the nearest building (about 2m high). This is mainly to create ambient light on the path that far away, as they can't afford to run armour over and install poles. Any suggestions from anyone? My...
  22. S

    MFT 1730 with software

    Hi Guys/Gals Is anybody out there using the MFT1730 with software, I have just bought one and am awaiting delivery. I use a Macbook and have been told that it will work if I run windows for Mac.... Is anyone else running the software this way? Also comments/tips on meter and software...
  23. S

    Socket Near Sink - How Close Allowed

    Hi All Is there a reg on the distance between kitchen sink and a outlet? Thanks SKY
  24. W

    light switch drops next to door casings

    hi everybody,would anybody know if there is a specific distance the light switch needs to be away from the door case,looked in regs but cannot seem to find any info ,hope somebody can help many thanks
  25. D

    quick question-smoke alarms upstairs

    dormer style house do i need one or two alarms upstairs here is one in the lobby beside bedroom enough? i have 2 in entrance and corridor below +kitchen heat and living room optical smoke
  26. V

    Commercial switched fcu's over kitchen sink/ toilet basins

    Hi, i've been looking through the regs bk, trying to find out what distance switched fcu's supplying over/under sink elec water heaters, should be from toilet basins and kitchen sinks, do not think toilets or kitchen sink/basins are special locations, any one have an idea about the distance?
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    Shower Room to Utility Room conversion

    I have a shower room on the ground floor at the rear of my house. The radial circuit to the shower is 10mm cable protected by a 40A MCB, due to the distance to the shower room from the CU. I'm looking to take the shower unit out of the room and convert the room into a utility room, to house...
  28. O

    Kitchen wiring, where to put switches in realation to a gas hob.

    Doing a first fit in a kitchen and have been asked to put the light switch close to where the gas hob is going. it's not directly above it but not far off, about 200mm to the side and 250mm above. Haven't got my 17th edition with me so please does anyone know what the regs are regarding the...
  29. S

    City and Guilds 2330

    Hi all Can anyone help me on finding some were i can do City and Guilds 2330 as a distance -learner (study from home) as in full time job, :ojob change thanks
  30. L

    Fault Finding - Ring : Techniques?

    Currently have an unknown fault on a ring circuit on a job i've been on, not had time to look as it was end of the day, wanting to know everyones techniques in finding faults on a ring in a house, as how the house is wired isnt going to be straight forward etc... your comments please
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