1. Z

    UK Electric Hob Diversity.

    Hi colleagues A friend of mine has purchased this electric hob for his kitchen. https://ao.com/product/bhii6015-baumatic-induction-hob-black-47830-39.aspx It shows on the spec that it has to be hard wired by a spark. So after calculating the amperage (5400÷230), I'm getting 23.4amps...
  2. J

    Pub/restaurant kitchen diversity

    Hi all, Not sure if I've posted this in the right place or not. Just looking for a bit of help please. I need to move a dist board in a gastro pub/restaurant ready for a new kitchen to be installed. I'll not be involved in the Kitchen install itself but need to make sure I put in a suitable...
  3. Pretty Mouth

    Diversity and induction hobs

    I recently had a discussion with another spark about induction hobs and diversity. He pointed out that an induction hob may have, for example, 4 X 3.2kW cooking zones (total 12.8kW), but due to internal power management, the appliance could never draw more than say 7.2kW, that being shared...
  4. S

    Australia Diversity Factor for 3Ph instantaneous Hot Water in AS3000

    Hi, Just a question from AS3000 max demand diversity table C1 for instantaneous hot water. Will it be the same diversity regardless if it is 3Ph or 1Ph or higher current rating or less?
  5. J

    Diversity on a Ring Final

    Hi there, I'm just trying to get myself into cable calc and my first hurdle is demand and diversity. I understand the majority of what is coming across in tables A1 and A2 OSG but I'm just struggling to clearly understand what I should be using for demand on a domestic 32amp ring final...
  6. littlespark

    Diversity on cooking equipment

    Evening, all. I've got a kitchen coming up that might lead to more work with a local joiner... first job with him and I want to appear on the ball. Current set up is 32A MCB on RCD side of a split board, 6.0mm serving a regular cooker switch with only an electric oven coming off it. Hob is...
  7. OnlQQker

    Trying To Understand Diversity

    I'm trying to understand diversity a bit more. Someone, somewhere done a calculation to determine how much use the circuits would be undergoing at any one time. But what if somebody moved into a flat/house and didn't care how much it cost and just run everything all at once. I know this rarely...
  8. J

    Diversity Factors

    Hello people, I'm designing switchgear for a residential estate, of about 60 houses, specifically the protection for the incomer. Is there any provision in the British Standard that advises on diversity for such a large number of household units?
  9. stuarth

    Max demand & diversity advice needed

    I have been asked to do some work on a large 25 room mini mansion spread over 3 old properties made in to 1 with 6 consumer units on a single phase 100amp supply. The total loading of the breakers is 452 amps if I apply diversity at 40% I arrive at 180.8amps demand but this dose not take in to...
  10. James


    Good morning, Just trying to get my head round a diversity issue. Will be a new board fed from a panel board adj transformer Have to feed 3 machines Machine 1 140kw Machine 2 80kw Machine 3 80 kw They are production machines (lathes) so will be in use at the same time but the ratings given...
  11. ThatMatt72

    UK Can't get within maximum load when applying diversity

    Hi all, I wonder if you might chuck in your 10 cents worth on this on? I have been asked to install electric heating in an office up on the 4th floor of a building. I've looked at the layout of the room, with regards of seating etc and after consulting with the occupiers have decided on the...
  12. 4

    Oven / Cooker Hob Diversity Question

    Hi, I would appreciate some views on the following issue I have. The Cooker radial in a house has been wired in 2.5mm T&E, to save the expense of a larger cable. Without boring with the detail, I cannot pull out and replace the existing cable, nor wire in a new 32A circuit using another...
  13. S

    Domestic Question about diversity calcs

    hi all, Looking for some advice on the main fuse for a property I’m developing. It’s going to have 6/7 studio rooms, all with microwaves and potentially a hob. Set over 3 floors if I were to have a separate light circuit for each of the 7 rooms at 3amps per room, that’s 21amps at full...
  14. G

    Volt drop Question SWA

    Hello All, I’ve been asked to install a cable 170m in SWA, this is to be pulled through ducting. The cable is straight from the meter to an isolator in a beach hut. As the property is so small with little electrical appliances, I have accounted for 45A max current and deduced a 35mm2 SWA. Is...
  15. C

    Diversity applied, max load well over.

    Seen a couple of threads on diversity and excessive max loads recently. Just had a design from a clients for their house. Applied diversity is 196A. Having 2 9kW showers install, A 4kW instant water heater, a cinema room, ring main per floor, lighting circuit per floor and ring main for...
  16. L

    Commercial Heat pump diversity calculation question

    Hi, When calculating diversity. Does external air conditioning equipment such as heat pumps fall under heating and power in the osg such that you take 100% of the highest then 75% of the remainder? Thanks
  17. L

    Industrial Diversity allowance on sockets based on OSG

    Hi, Reading the on-site guide it’s states for socket outlets appendix A table A2 row 9 that 32A ring sockets in an office it can be 100% of the largest circuit and then 50% of the remaining circuits. However I have came across a calculation were the original designer has assumed that they know...
  18. dc-electrix

    Maximum demand and diversity electric flat

    Hi All, Making some alterations in an existing flat and scratching my head about required supply to flat. It is all electric, 1 bed, 1 bathroom. Electric shower 9.5kw Instantaneous Water Heater 9.5Kw Cooker Oven & Hob 6Kw 1 Ring main 3 Electric Heaters...
  19. Bobby34

    Designing with diversity on sockets

    Could somebody put into lamens terms for me what the diversity is on final circuits (sockets) as per table A2 in the OSG. It reads: "100% of current demand of largest circuit +40% of current demand of every other circuit". Does "largest circuit" mean longest length, most sockets, or biggest...
  20. G

    Loft conversion sub main & diversity

    Hi all, I am currently having a loft conversion completed and want to put in its own board in the loft. The main reason for this is if in the future, I want to let it out as a self contained unit, it will be much easier. The conversion will initially have a ring main 32 amp and a lighting...
  21. A

    Hob and cooker diversity

    hi guys I’m a qualified industrial maintenance elec although not been on the tools for a couple of years. I’m looking on rewiring my home I’ve just moved into. I have been reading up a lot on the regs etc as domestic isn’t my field. Ideally I want to keep the kitchen as it is as it the Only...
  22. Baddegg

    Diversity calls check please........

    15.2kw range cooker has already been installed and a 10mm t&e run back to the Cu via this switch,(havnt seen cable route yet but I’m told on the phone it’s all in trunking and doesn’t pass through any insulation but will check this)apparently the previous spark that won’t connect it to the Cu...
  23. GBDamo

    Diversity Question......

    Doesn't really matter as I have spare capacity and VD well within limits but I have a sub board fed with 10mm SWA.The sub supplies a 32A socket ring, 6A lights and a 20A radial to a 16A switched commando serving a 10A fixed load motor. All single phase 230V. Which would you calculate the...
  24. 2

    Cooker - diversity. A second opinion would be nice

    6mm to kitchen. Separate hob and oven. Rating combined just under 13000w Am I right in applying diversity and the two appliances sharing the same supply. 45a dp switch off to two ccu's 32amp mcb 60898 6mm supply cable T.i.a
  25. M

    Help with Farm/Light industry diversity

    Hi There, Moving into deeper waters & needing a little assistance with calculating maximum demand/diversity on a farm/light industrial site planning to upgrade to 3 phase, add a car repair workshop, 63A events socket & allow for future proofing. Current single phase setup: Diversity for...
  26. G

    Single Oven / Induction hob diversity

    Hi all, I have been asked to install an induction hob to an existing circuit on a 32amp mcb. The oven is a Siemens HB13NB521B rated at 20amp, the hob is a samsung NZ64H37070K rated at 32amp. My friend is telling me that he has been told by "the man in the shop" he can run both on the one...
  27. P

    Diversity factor on rewire

    I'm going to rewire my house, and was wondering if it's ok to have 2 shower circuits as well as cooker, sockets and lights off 1 cu, or would it be better to have 1 of the showers on a separate cu, because of the available water pressure the 2 showers are never on together.
  28. cprfenom

    Diversity on AC condensers

    Does anyone know if condensers can have diversity applied? Or is it naturally built in to the calculations?
  29. G

    Diversity for a double oven

    Hi all, Can I please check my understanding of diversity for cooker circuits and the installations of cookers. My understanding is for cooker circuits (cooking appliances) is you take the first 10A then 30% of the remainder plus 5 A if you have a socket on the circuit. To me this means if I...
  30. S

    Application of diversity

    good evening all! sorry it is a late one. I have been doing a college assignment over the past 2 days which involves designing circuits calculating design current, volt drop and all that good stuff. One aspect is applying diversity. Now usually I am fine with this. I know to use table A2 of...
  31. Ian1981

    After demand diversity

    Does anyone know the working method the supply companies use to calculate after demand diversity. Most new houses are supplied with 100amp fuses in the cut out. Now obviously the average houses don't come anywhere near using that amount of current, however the DNO must allow a working average...
  32. CDB

    Diversity Table A2 OSG P118

    Morning all, Thumbing through the OSG guide today and I have a couple of questions regarding the above table. Firstly, just a idiot check but electric showers would fall into no.5 water heaters of the instantaneous type. I know this but so often doubt myself. Secondly, No. 9. Am I right...
  33. A

    Diversity Calculation In Offices And Workshop

    Hi i'm currently doing some course work and have no access to the On site guide. Does anyone happen to know the diversity for, lighting, ring mains, Welding equipment, TP-N equipment and a car ramps. The building is an Office building and a workshop, Thanks.
  34. A

    Diversity in Offices and workshop

    Hi i'm currently doing some course work and have no access to the On site guide. Does anyone happen to know the diversity for, lighting, ring mains, Welding equipment, TP-N equipment and a car ramps. The building is an Office building and a workshop, Thanks.
  35. C

    Ovens One at 3.45kw with 16A rating and one at 3.65kw with 15A rating - same radial?

    Hi all, I recently started training to become a domestic installer. I have some practical experience and some knowledge of part P. Also done a little testing but only continuity and insulation resistance. A friend of mine is fitting a new kitchen and will be having two ovens side by side. He...
  36. C

    Domestic HELP...Kitchen wiring inadequacies??.

    Sorry guys I'm sure these points have been raised before but been busy searching. I have been sent a diagram by the shop where we purchased our kitchen for the electrical wiring requirements and positions. I am a electrician to the 17th edition by trade but it's not my every day job nowadays so...
  37. K

    Stuck on 2365 task B 305

    Can anyone help I'm having trouble trying to work out ib for a lot of these circuits in here any help would be appreciated
  38. N

    Circuit Design For 15.5kw Cooker?

    I looked at a job today in commercial kitchen. They want power run to a 15.5kw cooker, now obviously this would come in around 67a. Applying diversity it comes to around 27amps. Would you use a 32amp mcb with 6mm t&e? Or would you recommend 40amp mcb with 10mm? since it's not a domestic...
  39. J

    Why is a cooker circuit generally 6mm and 32a

    As above why is this as I have had a thought and a 20a 2.5 mm cable would be sufficient? Even in my new built it has an oven and hob both 32a radials for each on 6mm cable? Each with a 13a plug on the appliance as diversity shows around 10a max. so even with an upgraded appliance I don't see...
  40. P

    Calculating total demand and diversity in single phase+three phase circuits.

    Good evening all, I just joined the community and I really hope I can contribute as much as I could be helped. Really. I'm completing my 2365 lvl3 course however I just got my 305 B assessment paper back. Apparently I didn't calculate well the max. Demand and diversity of a given circuit...
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