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  1. A

    How do I ask a question in the DIY forum?

    That's the question.
  2. B

    Replacing switch on a domestic heater - DIY question

    Hi. I want to replace a faulty switch on a heater circuit but need some advice - photo of circuit attached. Heater has 2 simple on/off switches - one turns a 1Kw circuit of heaters on, the other a 1.5kw circuit of heaters on, both can be on separately or together to give a possible 3 levels of...
  3. D

    DIY led strip glasses - Need some help!

    Hello forum. I am new here and seeking some expert advice. I am trying to make some DIY led light strips that will be controlled via DMX. The lights are these: 20/30/100 LED Battery Micro Rice Wire Copper Fairy String Lights Party white/rgb | eBay -...
  4. pirate

    Why can't I post to the DIY forum?

    I have insufficient privileges, apparently...
  5. Dan

    DIY Looking for DIY Advice on - Also, we're looking for professional electricians to help out in there

    DIY Looking for DIY Advice on - Also, we're looking for professional electricians to help out in there. I know this is a touchy subject. We also run, and that has Gas and Oil Engineers on, and that's clearly not just a regulated industry, but it has...
  6. Monty101

    DIY help required for newby - pull cord LED light fitting to old wiring 🙏

    Hi there 👋, Apols in advance if this has been done to death😳!!! (I know it has but I can't seem to fathom out a similar set-up having searched through this forum and others). I have an old wiring system in my house and wanted to fit a new LED light in the downstairs loo. I have attached pics...
  7. J

    DIY Pump motor repair

    On this pump motor the yellow wire (next to the 3) broke off. I am unfamiliar with the connection. Do I need a special tool to reattach this (after I strip the wire)
  8. littlespark

    Any DIY joiners on here?

    After 12 years, ive decided to refloor the kitchen in our house. The cabinets are ok... so just a new floor. I'm going with laminate that looks like concrete slabs... but my style and taste aside, whats the best way to edge the flooring? Tight to the skirting board? instructions say to leave a...
  9. Dan

    Want a laugh at some tiling done by DIY? Had this thread going since 2012. Some terrible and sometimes dangerous (heavy tiles falling off from a height whilst in the bath could maim your pidge!! or worse!) tiling done by DIY...
  10. S

    Mechanical timer

    Hello. I got an old venner mechanical timer and need some advice. I need to connect it to a unit, how would one do that? It is a, b and c outputs. Wich to use? Thanks for help.
  11. Dan

    DIY Forum for DIY Electricians? - Doing It Yourself? Electrical Advice This Way

    Should I create a DIY forum to direct people away from this forum who are doing DIY jobs? I could then make our three main forums (tilers, plumbers and electricians) all for professionals and trainees only. I think that's how most networks are doing it. So perhaps we do the same? Your thoughts?
  12. R

    DIY Junction Box

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to replace the old light fixure in my conservatory that the previous owner had installed. After removing old light fixture, I don't have enough of the old electrical cabling to extend to new light fixture. So I'm thinking of using a junction box to extend the...
  13. E

    Iam a DIY' ER!

    I have an old American lamp & am being told different reasons why I can't just change the plug & bulb! I have always understood that the wiring has to be changed as UK is greater than US! because the lamp has metal tubing to attach to the main lamp it needs to be earthed! I have new 3 core,but...
  14. R

    Domestic DIY Very Big Bang

    I am not a professional electrician and am posting this partly for your general amusement and partly to get some background advice. My son who has recently moved into a rented flat in Nottingham having got his first job there, decided to put up some coat hooks. He seems to have taken...
  15. K

    Motor connection to 220v

    I have a two value capacitor motor from china photos will includes i believe there country runs 220 standard single phase and I am in USA Sn: it did spark accidently when i hit black wire on another wire and kinda started Thank you
  16. P

    whats the best book to buy for motorcycle diy electrics

    whats the best book to buy for motorcycle diy electrics
  17. Lucien Nunes

    DIY access status badge

    Just a quick thought... I don't especially like that professionals who have access to the section to give advice, get a badge that just says 'DIY'. We understand what it means, but the casual reader or Googler might get the wrong impression if they don't work out its significance. The 'Trainee...
  18. J

    DIY custom console flap servo control

    Hi, First time posting here, looking for some advice. Have recently made a custom console for my car to hold the radio and house a few important gauges . Trying to avoid the boy racer look in my interior I have designed a fold back flap to cover the gauges when the ignition is off. I have...
  19. T

    Domestic DIY Stepper motor output reducer

    Hi, Minor time DIYer mostly doing little fun projects, so my skill level is a bit limited. well, I also have a 3d printer. Now, I know all electrical motors generate AC power when freely spinning. Problem is, when there is a need to manually move the head or the build plate, this, of course...
  20. Dustydazzler

    Diy? electrocution...

    Yahoo is now part of Oath - ‘Rcd not working properly’
  21. C

    Those lovely fitting from local DIY store

    You know the ones,bolts attached to the back,fit the front,then fiddle with the dome nuts. Bottom entry,you don’t have achance &1.5 mm cables,I nearly smashed it to bits.
  22. F

    float switch diy help please

    hello, im trying to diy a float switch, the switch will turn on a 13.5w submerged water pump on, once tank reaches the level to turn the pump on. I have bought the switch & it comes with a 12v relay board. here's some pictures: can anyone help me wire it please, draw a diagram for me...
  23. Rupert Young

    DIY van racking using Tamstrut slotted channel

    sick of arriving on site only to realize I hadn't foreseen the need for something I hadn't packed the night before, after looking around at products like Bott Smartvan decided to do my own using unistrut, fatmax pro organisers, vanvault slider, euroboxes and Milwaukee Packout, added some LED...
  24. HL82

    DIY Help - Joining 2 halves of a cut power cord

    Hello - I bought a corded hedge trimmer today and started using it. In about 5 minutes I had managed to chop through the cable! Rookie error. Here are the cut cable ends (I am in the UK btw) So I need to repair the cable. Having googled around, I could solder the wires together, but I don't...
  25. Phil Thompson

    Had a call from a guy who was doing a bit of diy.

    Just had a call and text from a new customer. Was putting up a mirror and there was a double socket below.
  26. M

    Domestic Need help with installing a DIY solar system

    Hi, I am planning to move to Hungary later this year & am looking into installing a 12v solar system for powering 12v lights in the outbuildings. I am a complete novice to solar power & have done lots of research but still a bit confused with some things. What I have planned is having a 100w...
  27. Pete999

    Best tool shop / DIY shop you have visited in the UK

    As per title, what in your consideration is the best tool shop in the UK that you have been to. Me in Northampton, tucked away down a un remarkable side street is a small looking DIY shop, well small until you go inside, it's vast a real old style place, parking is a problem thought, good for...
  28. 4

    Domestic Look at this Beauty Likely DIY job

    Potential customer has sent this photo. It is of a melted ceiling light fitting in a kitchen ! He believes this was done by a previous owner. The good news is that he recognises that he needs an electrician, bad news is that I have no ability to respond quickly. Anyone in near BS15 who would...
  29. T

    Default forum response to DIY enquiries vs. skills shortage

    To the qualified electricians on the forum: The default response to DIY enquiries on how to do stuff seems to be "Get an qualified electrician in, it's too difficult for a DIY'er to do". Given the skills shortage within the industry, is this a reasonable response? Is there another way?
  30. H

    Old DIY enthusiast - learning on the job

    such much to learn! Just enrolled at college
  31. H

    Convert LR44-powered to AC

    Hi everyone, Sorry, electrical noob here. I know I can probably spend some time googling to piece together a solution (I've tried but haven't yet gotten all the answers I need yet), but I'm eager to do up a lighting display for my kid's room, hence hoping you guys can help me out here. I have...
  32. C

    Keen Diy er and looking to learn

    Hi im carl westwood, live in walsall west mids, thanks for letting me join your forum, hope to learn from the Pros
  33. Pete999

    DIY enthusiasts and electrical work.

    Probably a well thought and commonly discussed subject. I know the Forum has a DIY section, and has a policy of not offering step by step advice on how to do various electrical work, a good policy in my book, and I think many, if not all Electricians would agree with. However this policy does...
  34. S

    DIY lighting in garage

    Hi, I am not a qualified electrician, but have been asked to install downlights in a garage by a family friend. There is currently a flouresent tube in there, which be used as the starting point for the series of lights. I just want to know as a non qualified electrician I can carry out this...
  35. littlespark

    Testing a DIY built installation.

    I've been asked to PAT a tortoise house. Basically a glorified rabbit hutch. I've had a quick look at it, but i'm not keen on getting the tester out its box just yet. The electrical part of it, built up by the builder(? assembler? erector?), is a 13A plugtop, white 3 core flex into an IP66 box...
  36. D

    Hello, not a DIY cowboy by any means but need help!

    Hi guys, by no means an electrian but do a bit of my own work which I then get signed off by a mate who is a full qualified electrian ( I also leave the complex stuff to him) anyhow wondering if one of you could help me! I’ve on to second fit of my garage which I’ve turned into a bit of a work...
  37. D

    Diy portable power supply

    Im a joiner and as one i need powerful tools, i had a crazy idea to use my li ion batteries in series to run 240v universal motors i have tried 2 18v batteries in series so far and it works but i want to make something that is safe, im thinking running an earth cable into a plug and just using...
  38. J

    Tumble Dryer Drum Earth Strip -- DIY strip OK to use

    The earth strip on our tumble dryer needs replacing as the drum spindle has worn through it. A replacement strip is around £10. As the strip is a thin piece of copper, about 2in long and 1/4in wide, £10 seems way too much to shell out. I've made one from a copper pipe clip (cost 14p). Would it...
  39. F

    (DIY) Extending the ring up the wall (insulation?)

    So, I'm now on my second electrical project (after the success of adding a double socket to mums attic!). In my "computer room" I'm using two extension leads to power 7 or 8 plugs, all from one single socket in the room. One of these plugs is for a powerful PC, the rest are for low power...
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