1. C

    Do you have a terms and conditions document?

    There was a thread recently on AFDD's, I was fairly surprised quite a few people were against a scheme providers suggestion to get written confirmation from a client they did not want one fitting. Personally for everything but the smallest of jobs I provide a full T&C's document, it covers any...
  2. D

    Document creation

    Looking for some help, with business paperwork. i.e. letterheads, quote forms, receipts for payment received etc. Just wondering how others deal with this side of their business. Do you design your own, use any software packages etc?
  3. K

    Compliance document for competent person scheme

    Hi guys, just had my stroma audit on Friday and everything was fine and I got membership approved, but the assessor is asking me to send a compliance policy document, I'm only a sole trader that's started up not long ago so this is still new to me, any ideas what I need to include in it and what...
  4. 123

    Approved Document P 2013- England 2016-09-18

    Approved Document Part P of England Building Regulations 2013
  5. 123

    Approved Document P 2013- England

    123 submitted a new resource: Approved Document P 2013- England - Part P Read more about this resource...
  6. whinmoor

    Public Consultation on new PV guidelines

    So, there's now another 138 page draft document out for public consultation with responses due in by 7th November. You can read the article on SPP website, click through to the IET website, add your details and access the pdf. I haven't read the whole document yet but it seems very...
  7. robd

    Notifiable work (or not!)

    Evening all, just a quick one....had our NIC visit yesterday and was informed that kitchens and gardens no longer come under notifiable work for location alone, am sure most of you do already know this but it was news to me. Checked back over the year and we didn't notify anything unnecessarily...
  8. Pete999

    Smoke Alarm Certificate PDF

    Evening All Has anyone got a link to a downloadable Smoke Alarm Certificate? A bit of a short thread, but I can't find one anywhere any help would be gratefully received.:smile5:
  9. Y

    Hand Dryer Heights

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of the legal minimum/maximum heights for hand dryers in; 1)Normal WC's 2)Disabled WC's 3)Childrens WC's We fit alot at work and it's one of those things that nobody seems certain on the heights. Had a quick flick through the regs and OSG and can't find them. Thanks James
  10. P

    Ofgem Solar PV Declaration

    From page 47 of the Ofgem Guidance for renewable installations (Version 3) "All applications for accreditation of new solar PV installations with an eligibility date on or after 1 April 2012, need to be accompanied by a copy of this document......" Just had British Gas let us know of this new...
  11. B

    Bs 5839-1:2008

    Anyone know where i might be able to get a pdf of this document for a reasonable price ? or if anyone has a copy i could "borrow" a look at online i would be willing to donate to their favourite charity(i will send the money via paypal you do with it as you wish)
  12. W

    Engineering Recommendation G59/2

    Good Day Everybody, I am desperately looking for a copy of the Engineering Recommendation G59/2, and all I can find are the amendments, but not the actual document. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks
  13. E

    Bs 5839 Fire detection

    Hi Guys, Just wondered if anyone has a copy or link of bs 5839 parts 1 and 6 as well as building regs document B? Thanks in advance
  14. F

    Controlled Ducuments

    Hi all, I have my MCS assessment next Monday and Im just trying to tidy up the last of the paper work. Im stuck on what exactly is or is not a controlled document? I dont want to list everything as Im trying to keep my office system as simple as possible. Can someone please explain slowly. Many...
  15. I

    job change

    hi.. been a member of the forum for a while now but never really posted. I have been a spark for 16 years last 10 been doing re-wires and refurbs, unluckily was paid off of monday there ( lack of work). looking for a bit of advice about doing solar panels as i have been offered a start in this...
  16. F

    explaining to customers

    How do you explain earth bonding to customers? I tend to get blank stares or grumbles about its been like that for years why should I bother now!! Ideally I would like to have a fact sheet to present to customers so they can digest what I'm saying and back it up too, not creating none existent jobs.
  17. G

    Installation of a Microgeneration unit.

  18. J

    going to join NICEIC or eca

    hiya people this is my first post, been a sparky now for 5 years and its time to go out on my own....phoned up the NICEIC in the week and im going to book it next week just got to finish off a job at home for them to inspect, what happened on the day of your inspection, how long did it go on for...
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