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  1. buzzlightyear


    I have sent a customer some documents over the tinernet just on document.rings up saying i can not open it has i have not got windows ,so what you cant see through it then , me now lol, can you send again ok will paste and send , phone rings ,customer not got it , four f##k sake will send by...
  2. B

    Business admin documents templates

    Hi I want to start my own business doing fairly standard electrical installations and testing. Does anyone know of a reference for administrative stuff I'll need such as complaints book, risk assessment templates. I know that competent person schemes provide some of this stuff but was...
  3. C

    Smoke Detector Certification.

    Does anyone have a smoke detector test certificate template please?
  4. A

    Max Zs table

    hi folks, does anyone have a copy or link to the most recent maz zs tables? ive only got green book and know they've been updated, was it 10% extra roughly. i used to have a link saved on my phone but i must have deleted it by mistake, thanks.
  5. mak

    NVQ Portfolio

    Hello. Can someone tell me where can I download paperwork you need to start gathering your portfolio, all I want is to see what I'm up against. I'm looking for the 2365 one. If someone has the pdf file or a link to it that would be appreciated. Thanks. I found one file but it says it is...
  6. A

    has anyone completed 2394/5?

    I've posted on this subject in other areas in this forum but to no avail. I'm taking 2394/5 combined c&g course at a training centre in Manchester on 28/7/14. I only have past experience of IR and cont testing but nothing else. I have gn3 and exam success books in the post to me for some heavy...
  7. trev

    DI Schemes And How To Go About Getting On To One.

    Don't know about the rest of you guys but I'm a bit fed up with having the same old questions repeated week after week after week on how to register with a DI scheme so I'm posting up a few links which hopefully will enable a prospective DI to go straight to. NICEIC...
  8. i=p/u

    voltage drop issue to be or not to be

    i have a heating ciruit to install soon and the distance from time clock to boiler is maybe 30-40M would there be a voltage drop issue with .75 flex. does anyone know the mv/A/m for .75
  9. D

    Hi New here looking for some information regarding MCS

    Hello This is my first post on here although I have been looking through the forum quite a bit as its a very good resource for microgen information. Just to clarify I am not a qualified electrician so some dumbing down may be needed. I am currently starting the MCS process for a heating company...
  10. R

    Megger 1553 with iPad?

    I've just bought a Megger 1553 can I connect this via Bluetooth to my iPad? I don't think there is an app is there? Also is there a way to view this forum on an iPhone?
  11. Y

    Norms that apply to photovoltaic power plant

    Hi, now days i'm searching for all norms which have to be taking into account during the conception of photovoltaic installation. Considering that G59/2 applies for an installation, i'm wondering if the guide "ER G59/2 : Recommendations for the connection of Generating plant to the Distribution...
  12. S

    sockets in stud walls

    do sockets in external stud walls need to be fire rated? also in timber framed houses is it only the joining walls that need to be fire rated? where can i find documents to help me with this, cant find much in document p or bs7671
  13. E

    MCS Documentation Spreadsheat

    Hi All, Can anyone help me find a copy of the NAPIT Spreadsheet that gives you a framework for the paperwork & recording to get through the MCS Assessment. I've registered through ELECSA as my Part P is through them. The problem is they don't give you any help with this side of the...
  14. S

    how to apply for fits, and some testing questions

    hi i did the pv course 4 months ago, and i am starting my first installation next week 14 march 2011 i contacted the dno to check if there will get the fits tariff and that was fine, they said that once i have installed my system i then have to fill out some documents and send it to them and...
  15. M

    documents bs5266 part 2 and bs5839 part 2

    hello everyone, basically i a have applied for the approved contractor scheme and was told that i have to buy these documents, I have been searching around and found out that these documets are in the 200 pound mark. well ,thats quit a bit of money, especially for me, anyone got any advise...
  16. M

    Distribution circuit to Sub Main

    Hi, I need to know what info I should enter on the periodic inspection report in regard to the distribution circuit. The form requests the size of the phase conductor and the cpc". The distribution circuit is a 4 core SWA and the armoring is used as the cpc. What should you enter as the CSA"...
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