1. D

    Replacing 2 Wire Doorbell Transformer W/ 3 Wire... Questions.

    Hello, I had a 2 wire doorbell transformer that I needed to upgrade in order for my Ring Pro to work correctly. The old transformer had 2 black wires and one was connected to a black wire and the other was connected to a bare copper wire. The new transformer has 3 wires (black, white and...
  2. J

    Can someone help me fix an issue with my doorbell?

    Ok so I tried to replace my door bell, but when I took it out the wires were twisted and snapped off too short to rewire. I’m a trainee electrician with little to no experience so I’m stuck. Can I get some more wire and try to extend it by wrapping it around the old wire and covering it with...
  3. A

    Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Byron 776

    Hi experts I'm trying to get my Ring Video Doorbell Pro to work with my Byron 776 chime. This was working fine for 3 months but now I'm getting a humming sound mainly during the evening. Doing some research online I've managed to work out its the coils getting magnetized causing the vibration...
  4. M

    Vintage electromagnet doorbell wiring

    Hello there, I come to seek advice from vintage electrically minded people. I have been tasked with wiring a vintage IBEX doorbell up in our house and cant seem to get it to work. Before I go on here is some useful information: I am unsure what voltage the doorbell actually is. I have it...
  5. Z

    Trainee Ring doorbell pro install

    Just trying to research installing the ring doorbell pro. There's a vid on youtube of someone installing it. My question is the way he installed it was it okay? how would you do it? I found some micro trunking for the doorbell wire, but it's pretty expensive, what would you use? Here's the vid:
  6. R

    Doorbell buzzing

    My 27 year old doorbell started to hum & buzz all the time. Replaced it & the push button and the doorbell still hums & buzzes. Replaced the transformer and the doorbell still hums & buzzes. What else could it be?
  7. R

    Ring Pro doorbell

    Trying to install Ring Pro doorbell. Space next to door is not wide enough for unit. What has anyone done to solve this problem. Thanks
  8. L

    Ring Doorbell Pro wiring

    Hi all, I am looking to install a ring doorbell pro. It comes with a 24v Transformer which should be installed on a DIN rail. As there are no space left on a CU, I am planning to get it installed on a enclosure with a DIN rail and connected from a FCU with 3A fuse spurred from a socket. the...
  9. L

    Domestic Please the end of my tether with transformer/Ring

    Hi guys, Really hoping for some simple advice after a 2 year battle with my Ring Pro doorbell. To cut a long story short, and spending £ on several plugin transformers and multiple replacement Pros, I have decided to use the 24v bell transformer supplied from Ring. So, (and excuse incorrect...
  10. LWB Electrical

    Ring doorbell Pro installation help

    Hi, does anyone on here have any experience wiring a Ring doorbell Pro from scratch? All the information provided by ring is if you were replacing an existing doorbell installation. Contacted Ring but they were less then helpful
  11. D

    Plug in adaptor for the ring doorbell pro

    Hello I have decided to purchase a 18v 1 am plug in adaptor plug to rung the ring doorbell pro Like this one...
  12. D

    installing ring doorbell pro in the UK with Byron776 or plug in adaptor

    Hello Im looking at installing the Ring Doorbell Pro in the UK I currently have a bell chime thats hardwired to the lighting circuit with a built in 6volt transformer. I understand that this is too low to run the ring doorbell pro. I know it comes with a DIN transformer but this just isnt...
  13. D

    Ring doorbell pro and telephone twisted pair

    Hello I'm in the process of installing a new ring doorbell pro. Currently we have an existing doorbell chime which is hardwired with a internal transformer and consumes 4v which is not enough to run the ring doorbell. I'm going to either use a plug in transformer and use the transformer that...
  14. B

    Domestic Ring Doorbell Pro Install

    Hi, We live in a new build property which is nearly two years old. Currently have a mains powered Doorbell Deta C3501 with built in transformer. Have purchased the above Ring Doorbell Pro and need some help installing it. The current setup has power brown/blue going into a connector block on...
  15. K

    Nest Hello Doorbell help

    Hi, Just about to embark on installing a Nest Hello Doorbell. There isn't a doorbell at the moment (no door bell, no doorbell chime although during the renovation cat 6 cable has been laid ), I have got a 8v-24v transformer...
  16. K

    Doorbell Wiring - Ring Pro and Honeywell

    Hi All Apologies if this is not in the right forum or if I've joined the forum when I'm not supposed to as I'm not an electrician just an avid tinkerer. With that said. I'm planning to wire in a new doorbell system. I ripped out the old wired system and switched to wireless which was less than...
  17. S

    House alarm and doorbell from 6amp MCB?

    Hi Just preping to have a home alarm and doorbell transformer wired to my cu Both require a 6amp MCB, can I wire them both from the same MCB? If I keep them seperase I won't have any spare slots as I need to put in a 2 slot transformer I won't be doing the wiring, just need to get materials
  18. Gavin John Hyde

    The phantom doorbell!.......

    Called to a small job this morning, woman in her mid 40's says her doorbell is not working properly... says it keeps going off but nobody is at the door as she can see the front door from her kitchen window. So I arrive and check it over. The switch is in good order and the wires go all way...
  19. J

    Mains doorbell wiring

    Hi new to this site Was wondering if anyone could help me with the wiring on this mains doorbell please will attach a photo Many thanks
  20. C

    Ring Pro Doorbell power adapter?

    Hi all, Hoping you can advise as i have no experience with electrics. I’d like to purchase the Ring Pro Doorbell as below which needs a constant power feed - requirements on the site, 16-24 vac transformer. Video Doorbell Pro - I dont have an exisiting...
  21. K

    Installing Ring Doorbell Pro Using Plug in Transformer

    Hi, I am asking for any advice on installing the ring doorbell pro. I am interested in installing it using a plug in transformer , as I have no existing hardwired doorbell and no space in my cu. I was wondering if anyone had installed the ring pro using this method (which you can do) and if so...
  22. C

    Looking for professional and qualified electrician for Ring Doorbell

    Hello, Looking for a qualified and professional electrician to fit Ring Video Doorbell Pro for London residential address. Thank you.
  23. Leesparkykent

    Wireless video doorbell

    Any one know of anything out there? They seem to be as rare as rocking horse **** for what I'm after. Wireless video doorbell, internal monitor in white, both indoor and outdoor unit to run off batteries, doesn't need lock feature and would be handy if it was wifi enabled but not a must. Any...
  24. F

    RING DOORBELL 24v transformer

    Hui guys customer wants a quote to install a doorbell system by ring. He has no current doorbell in place Ring will send a consumer unit transformer module 24v I just want to clarify will he need a fuse or breaker anywhere along the circuit,, the chimes will be wireless and plugged into socket...
  25. J

    can I power a camera from the doorbell circuit ?

    Hello, I want to put a camera on my front door somewhere, and I notice the only power I can see is the feed for the doorbell. Can I hook up a camera to this and if so how? I'm thinking a wifi camera, the one I have here takes DC5V2A but probably will buy a new one. let me kn0ow if you can help...
  26. N

    No Spare Way for Shower Can Move Doorbell to Share Lighting Circuit or put Doorbell on Switch Spur?

    Hello, New builder and Electrician started today to wire-in electric shower to wire already in place for it. They phoned to say that the new consumer unit that old builder's Electrician put in, which is a 10-way, has no spare way for the shower cable which wasn't wired in. I spoke to old...
  27. E

    Loud door bell for person hard of hearing

    Good evening all i have a elderly client that has asked me to supply and fit a loud doorbell which she can hear from anywhere In the house as she is hard of hearing. I've searched the net and unable to find something that will do the job. Dome door bells keep coming up but customers not happy...
  28. D

    Domestic Second sounder for a hardwired doorbell run on a transformer.

    I will start off explaining the scenario. Three storey house. One doorbell sounder on ground floor with transformer. It's for my friends Mum who's quite deaf, she can't hear the doorbell in the living room on the first floor, she wants another sounder in the living room. I bought another...
  29. K

    Mount castle silent door bell GOD WHAT A DAY!!!!!

    Had a job today to remove a mountcastle silent door bell (for deaf people) today from one property and refit in another. sounded simple enough till I found the plasterers had cut some of the cables, so I couldn't identify where things went what complicated things slightly were, they also had a...
  30. B

    doorbell wiring

    a client asks me to put on a new doorbell, he bought a new one and has taken down the old one already. i had a look, the cable is 6 core cable like telephone cable. but he doorbell only has live and neutral, does anyone know how to wire it? cheers
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