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  1. M

    Power supply for doors

    30 magnets (doors NC) is connected to an I/O device in a cabinet. Will a 10A power supply to the cabinet be enough, when each is drawing 95mA. Or should one get a bigger power supply to be safe?
  2. G

    Which certificate for domestic fire alarm

    Hi all, I have been asked to issue a certificate for 2 smoke alarms and a heat alarm that are connected via wireless bases (brk 700 series) which have already been installed by the client. I have never done this before but need to do so for building control as doors have been removed, hence...
  3. polo1

    Anyone drive a pickup rather than a van?

    As the title, I'm thinking about changing from a Vivaro to a pickup. It wouldn't have as much carrying capacity, but that would just make me more disciplined about what ai carry. Sooo, has anyone made a similar change and if so with what result - happy, big mistake, or.....???
  4. Gazthesparky

    Van security

    I have a new van or should I say a new to me transit I'm needing to kit it out roof rack and internal stuff which is fine but I'm looking at fitting extra locks to increase security so just looking for some opinions suggestions from people So what have people gone for I'm thinking just dead...
  5. chcnorris29

    Pickup Truck and racking/stacking and security.

    Hi, Am soon to be getting a pickup truck for work use. It will have a full canopy cover in the back (so the truck bed is covered, locked and same hight as the front cab of the truck). The tailgate does not lock however the cover does lock and this prevents the tailgate opening when the cover is...
  6. mattg4321

    LED Strip in back of van

    Had some LED strip (tape) left over from a recent job so thought I'd put it in the back of the van as the lighting in there is frankly awful. Connected it up to the lamp terminals so it would work when the doors open and on permanently with the switch as per the original lighting. All works...
  7. M

    Magnetic door sensor to turn on led light problem

    ok so what i am trying to do is. 12v led turns on when the door is open and turns off when the door is closed. But my sensor does it backwards " when the door is open the light turns off and when the door is closed the light turns on... on my tester it shows closed circuit when the magnets...
  8. driverman

    PVC Door alarm contacts

    Hi Guys, Burglar alarm question regarding fitting surface door contacts onto PVC doors. I've fitted a few surface standard everyday type contacts on timber doors and PVC doors before. The doors when in the closed position have been flush with the door frame. Therefor,the contacts are side by...
  9. R

    push to break switch

    Hi all. Does any one know where I can get a double push to break switch for a cupboard with 2 doors? Basically so it works if either door is opened.
  10. H

    Underfloor heating!

    Customer wants to put carpet down on his underfloor heating mat in the conservatory. Obviously a screed will need to be applied over the mat first. Anyone know the minimum depth of screed as he's limited on space under the doors, also Whenever I've put electric matting down its always had a...
  11. brs73

    has anybody had upvc windows fitted?

    morning chaps, i need to get some upvc windows and doors fitted on my house and i was wondering if anybody had any recommendations for trustworthy companys. i based in north london i dont wanna drive myself mad with the dodgy salesmen/shysters etc so any help would save me a lot of messing...
  12. G

    Wiring interlock switches into machine controls to inch only when doors open

    One potential job that needs looking at (not been to site yet) is to fit 3 interlocks to doors on a Webster & Bennett vertical borer. The way they want it wiring is so that the table can only be inched when any of the doors are open. I'm not sure if there's an inch button though assume yes as...
  13. silver surfer

    locks on distribution boards and BS 7671

    Is there a Reg regarding Distribution Boards having lockable doors? particularly in a construction site enviroment, regardless of, dare i say it, common sense.
  14. N

    Leds in 18mm MDF - Help

    Hi Guys, I was abroad and I saw Leds in 18mm bedroom doors, actually fitted in but i don't know how they were fitted in because when you opened the door there was nothing on the back, only a couple of wires coming out if the bottom hinge that went to the back to the wardrobe, I would love to...
  15. I

    roller shutter door key switch

    hello there guys iv been tryin to wire a key switch to operate roller shutter doors, but it proovin hard work, the switch tht iv got is a telemecanique with 4 contacts indicating 3 and 4 on the green side 1 and 2 on the red side contact 1 say NC which indicates neutrel connection, and no 3...
  16. B

    Door bell problem

    I have just been given the job to install a doorbell for my girlfriends mum. The problem is she has a PVC door frame where she wants the doorbell mounted. Can I drill and fix a door bell in place on the doorframe? Also can I drill through the frame at different levels and fish the cable down the...
  17. E

    Heat alarm

    i am just rewiring my house and am unsure about putting in a interconnected heat alarm along with the 2 smoke alarms. I have totally refirbed the property so am thinking i need a heat alarm in the kitchen. In the british standard and the regs it says this can't be mounted DIRECTLY above oven...
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