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  1. N

    Same Circuit for Hob and Double Oven

    Hi, We’re having a new kitchen fitted, with a separate hob and double oven. The Hob is 6.4kW and the oven is 4.2kW totalling 10.6kW. Would the below set up be ok for this? Consumer Unit with 50A MCB, 10mm T+E to 45A Cooker Switch (approx 13 metres), 10mm T+E to Dual Appliance Outlet (Scolmore...
  2. J

    Swapping double two way light switch for two way double dimmer

    Hi I am replacing a two way two gang switch for the same but a dimmer. I got interrupted mid way through and now can’t remember which wire is which and where it goes! Rookie mistake I know. Can you please help?
  3. R

    USA Double Oven Installation KitchenAid Model KODE500ESS02

    Hi- I posted this on another forum so ignore the first part unless you know the answer and want to throw it in there... My current oven/microwave combo unit is sitting on two 1x6's above a drawer. Do I need to install a full floor for this double oven and use the feet or can this just sit on...
  4. Staceyturley

    Renovating a double decker help needed

    Evening all, bit of a strange one I'm renovating a double decker bus and tonight went to check on the elections work and noticed there all bends in the cables and twisted for the lights and sockets am I right in thinking their shouldnt be as it can short and be dangerous I have rang him and he's...
  5. R

    hallway light double switch to a triple so I can add an outside light

    Afternoon i have changed hallway light double switch to a triple so I can add an outside light. i have wired first switch for hallway second switch is for landing which works both ways upstairs and down so both work as normal. so I have a third switch I would like to use as outside light but...
  6. B

    Advice needed With Oven tripping Fuse

    Hi, its a bit of a long one, but i really can't figure out whats up? I had a ex-display built in double oven for a while and though the fan oven part worked perfectly, as soon as you tried to use the upper oven/grill the fuse would trip out every time. I finally decided to replace the double...
  7. pirate

    Double single malt

    Tel, what is a double single malt? Is it a single malt x 2, or a double malt? I can't post this in the thread you mentioned it on...something to do with sockets not working. Please help! (Confused of Glasgow)
  8. Dan

    How to avoid double post merging...

    ... click edit on your last post. Simple as that. You can also click "+Quote" on any number of posts. Even missing some in between, and then scroll to the text input area and click insert posts. Then reply to each one. Then click post reply. That's called multi-quoting. Or like I say...
  9. O

    Wiring Kitchen Flush Ceiling Fitting to Looped in Double Switched Rose

    Hello DIY Electrical Forum I am at a bit of a loss to proceed any further than I have done so already with wiring a flush ceiling fitting in my kitchen to an existing twin switched rose. I have basic DIY experience and will proceed only as far as my ability allows and all work will be carried...
  10. A

    Double plug socket not working...

    Hi all, I woke up this morning to find a double plug socket in the kitchen is not working at all however every other plug in the house is fine, and nothing has tripped etc... I have turned of the mains to the whole house and check behind the plug for anything obvious and all seems fine, no...
  11. E

    Wire a double oven

    Hi am replacing my double oven. And was wondering what wires go where in the connection on the oven see attached photos. Much appreciated in advance for your help
  12. P

    Attach 1 double socket to CU

    Hi, my Consumer Unit is in a cupboard in my hall. I would like to install 1 double socket only in this cupboard. I was wondering if I could run the cable to feed this socket from an already occupied 16amp mcb or 32amp mcb from within my CU?
  13. R

    Domestic Double dimmer switch - swapping round switches

    Hi all, I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to light switches but managed to wire a single normal switch a few years back so thought I'd be okay with tackling this job but in truth I can't work out where to start! The issue is that in our living room we have a double dimmer switch but the...
  14. D

    Domestic Seeking advice re oven change - double socket to fused spur

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my electric single fan oven. It is plugged into a double socket, the other socket having the gas hob plugged into it, and this double socket is wired to a 13a switched fused spur. Looking at the ovens in my price range I can see some that include a plug and can be...
  15. rolyberkin

    Double batten school type flourescent replacement

    Any suggestions as to a good looking (in a modern building) retrofit for a double flourescent light fitting, the current lights are similar to a Knightsbridge 2 as below. Have converted some of the below to LED which I think is the most cost effective solution but interested if anyone has...
  16. C

    Double Two Way Switch Wiring Advice Please

    Right. My Son wanted me to change his light switches which generally isn't too much of an issue, until I came to replace the double rocker double two way switch at the bottom of the stairs. Just to clarify, one switch is for the stairs, and one for the lounge lighting. Both of which are two way...
  17. J

    Domestic Extending Outdoor Power with 2 double sockets

    Hello, would appreciate a steer please for extending power further into the garden. Fuse box has a dedicated fuse (see pic) for Garden providing 16amp. Had an electrician that has previously connected armoured cable from existing double socket in garage into new shed providing a double socket...
  18. C

    Max zs on double pole mcb

    I am filling out test sheets and have a merlin gerin D32 C60 HD double.pole mcb. The rating on the mcb says 415V feeding 2 feeds to a canalis busbar. BS7671 States max zs for D32 0.4 secs is 0.34. Is this just for single pole MCB? I have also check my max zs value from manufacture stating...
  19. J

    Domestic 2 Gang Double Switch Problem

    I have a 2 gang dimmer switch which work both lights in the room ok (a main and a side light) The other switch has never worked properly only switching the main light on, but won’t switch off the light when dimmer is on, it just gives the full power to it. In the switch there are 3 wires, a...
  20. R

    Double oven and induction hob

    Hi all hope to get some advice I have a 40amp fuse in fuse box that runs the double oven 5.1 kw max can I run the induction hob off same fuse the hob is 6.6kw and is 6mm cable ok to use as last person left about 4 meters here from last electrician
  21. S

    Electrician 13 amp double socket tripping RCD

    The double 13 amp socket which we use to power the TV and recorder has tripped the RCD. The only change to the wiring was the installation of the new consumer unit about four years ago. The house was re-wired about 12 years ago. We are now using a double socket with an extension lead for the...
  22. P

    Double immersion hot water tank.

    Dear all, Has anyone come accross a double immersion hot water tank. How did you supply it 2x16A circuits. Maybe a 32A circuit split into 2 with 2x 20A double pole switches. I have only come across singles before, so im trying to find the best solution as i only have 1 spare way at present.
  23. D

    Domestic Single to double plug socket

    Hi, am i able to swop this single flush socket to a double flush socket without needing a converter? Thanks
  24. S

    Is this twisted cloth flex double or single insulated?

    Hi Folks Just bought some of this Bronze Twisted Fabric Flex - Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire - https://www.industville.co.uk/products/light-brown-twisted-fabric-flex-braided-cloth-cable-lighting-wire?variant=1184660808&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI14zguOzl3wIVRbDtCh2C9QQCEAkYASABEgJA0fD_BwE for a job...
  25. rolyberkin

    Double Flourescent- LED Alternative

    I have commercial client who would like to change double flourescent fittings to a LED alternative. Any suggestions? office environment so needs to look nice.
  26. SteUK

    Washing machine and dishwasher on same double socket - solution?

    Hi, Currently having to plug swap when wanting to use the either appliance (for safety as they both draw appox 10amp each). Looking for advice on what to ask a sparky to fit. Can I ask for a single socket to be spurred off the current double socket, and plug one of the appliances into that...
  27. M

    Double oven and hob problem

    My mum is wanting to have 2 ovens (2.9kw) and an induction hob (2.8kw) total 8.6kw I believe all 3 are coming with 13a plugs fitted. What would the best way to connect these up? Existing wiring which is 6mm t+e approx 6m under floorboards. I was thinking like the dual outlet for cookers do they...
  28. D

    29 Amp double oven fitting

    Hi All, I am installing a new double oven and ceramic hob where a stand alone oven used to be, the oven is rated at 29amp but not sure what the ceramic hob is, current wiring is 10mm from a b40 fuse in the consumer unit to a 45amp cooker switch and plate, I know that I need to change the plate...
  29. J

    Radial Socket Installation of 8 Double Sockets

    Hi The sockets are already in place for the upstairs bedrooms and hallway but just need to be connected to the Consumer Unit, which MCB would I need to use? Also should it be 2.5mm Twin and Earth? Thanks for any help on this :-)
  30. a-z electrics

    Shaver skt with double outlets

    Anyone know if you can get a bathroom rated shaver socket with two 230v outlets (for 2 toothbrushes). Or alternatively smaller units? Or would it be ok to use both 115V and 230V skts simultaneously with two toothbrushes? They are such a lump arent they.. why can't they be smaller like the ones...
  31. sparks1234

    2 singles or a double

    Evening all, Somebody has said to me that if you put a double socket in a base unit for a washing machine and tumble dryer this is against regulations and that it should be 2 single sockets because of the potential loading, before anyone shouts it has nothing to do with being directly next to...
  32. phxl

    Single Module Double Pole RCBO over 40 amps?

    With for example the Wylex NXHL1B Single Module DP range of RCBO's there is (at last) a sensible solution to RCD protection for all circuits individually, but only up to 40 amps. Is there a manufacturer doing 50 amp single module double pole rcbo's e.g for thirsty 10 kw or 11 kw large cookers...
  33. A

    Double insulated down lights cpc

    whats classes as the correct method of terminating an earth cable when you have double insulated fittings? You can see on the picture I can’t get a wage inside nor a normal connector block it’s just too tight. I have seen in the past the cpc being bent over and also snipped off which isn’t...
  34. rolyberkin

    Single to double back box converter

    Scolmore PATTRESS SURFACE BACK BOX - 1 GANG TO 2 GANG CONVERTOR - https://www.superlecdirect.com/p-prw091-scolmore-pattress-surface-back-box-1-gang-to-2-gang-convertor?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4vzKBRCtARIsAM3l8OBM12DvSZxfW0_k7TMiDyB7N_zcLeFz5u1_mD-qiYFjJ8EspyuiDagaAonUEALw_wcB or...
  35. littlespark

    Maximum load across both sockets of a double socket

    We've had this discussion before, but does anyone have any idea what load can be put through a double socket? The socket in question is an MK logicplus, installed in a commercial kitchen. The supply cable is 6mm, converted from a previous cooker circuit to a double socket. (information gathered...
  36. S

    Double ovens and manufacturers instructions

    New kitchen install Integrated Double oven unit Integrated single oven unit Next to each other Existing circuit 6mm 32A mcb New double oven manufacturers instruction 40A fuse hard wired New single oven manufacturers instruction 16A fuse hard wired Existing cable too short for new isolator...
  37. B

    Changing double socket into spot light

    Hello, I have a question... We recently cut out new door in one of the walls. We had to get rid of a double socket as it was in the new door location. We kept the wire thought over the door with intension of putting a spot light over the door. So that's the question, how to connect a single spot...
  38. C

    Double socket spurred off of Ring.

    Ok so I'd like your opinions on this as I seem to be the minority on this. I'm fairly newly qualified and obviously still learning everyday. Electricians I work with and everywhere on the web says that spurring a double socket from another that is on a ring final circuit is fine, as long as...
  39. M

    Cooker outlet plate converted to double socket

    Hi everyone found this today cooker outlet converted to a double socket which the cooker is plugged into it then a extension lead plugged into other socket which runs the gas hob ignition and garden sockets and garden light's all on 33amp mcb with 6mm from board to cooker then 1.5mm to outside...
  40. D


    Hi With a standard 13 amp domestic uk 3 pin socket the max load is 13 amps i believe?. So does this mean that a DOUBLE socket would have a max load of 26 amps....OR is a double socket still only 13 amps?. In one part of the double socket i have ( on a 3 way adapter) a tv, a blu ray player and a...
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