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  1. L

    Changing halogen downlights to LED - GU10 or GU5.3?

    I have 10+ halogen downlights in the house. They are 12v GU5.3 (MR16) with transformers. They have been in over 20 years and various parts are looking scruffy and even perishing, so I am going to change over to LED while renovating. Are there any technical or safety considerations in going to...
  2. S

    how to make spotlights/downlights straight

    hi, i am fitting 8 LED recessed downlights i the living room, anyone got any tips or tricks to ensure that the lights will be in a straight row as my OCD will kick in if there not and il end up ripping the entire ceiling apart 😂 ive got a bosch 360 laser level but cant exactly get it to laser...
  3. H


    They really really wanted these downlights to fit !!
  4. P

    Upstairs Downlights - help

    Okay I have a small bedroom with a flat roof and I've always wanted to swap my boring dangling light for 4 Downlights with smart coloured bulbs. I went to college and did electrical but even though I never got qualified I've changed light fittings enough with no problem that I thought id be able...
  5. M

    Bit of confusion regarding downlights

    Hi all, I am a practicing electrical maintenance engineer but my background is electrical installation/inspection and testing however im a little out of touch (I do have 18th however!) don’t use it, you lose it and all that. so my friend has recently had a EICR done ready for the imminent...
  6. happyhippydad

    Any recommendations for shallow, fire rated, insulation coverable, integrated downlights

    As in the title. I need downlights that can be covered in insulation, fire rated and integrated. Preferably quite shallow as well! I'm struggling a bit to meet all the above criteria :(. Cheers guys.
  7. J

    LED Downlights randomly turn off then back on

    Hi We had an extension a few months ago and had some LED downlights installed in two areas. Four LED downlights in the Dining room and six LED downlights in the extended area. One end there is a three way switch linking the existing kitchen lights to the dining room and new extension...
  8. P

    Install downlights - No CPC

    I have been asked to give a quote to install some downlights in a kitchen, but there is no cpc in the light circuit. I appreciate the response by some is the world would end if I did that, but the circuit is RCD protected and the last IR readings on the ciruit were good when the board was...
  9. S

    LED downlights and heating pipes

    Evening all. New to the forum and was wondering what peoples thoughts were on installing downlights near plastic heating pipes ? I was planning to install some enlite E6 LED downlights in my hall way. I somehow managed to pick a spot right in between a couple of pipes. Looks like I'll need to...
  10. K

    halogen spotlights to LED downlights

    Hi everyone :) I'm new to this forum and looking for some advise. (By the way im not a professional, just a DIY'er with some experience working on electrics for DIY projects etc) In the bathroom im changing my current Halogen spotlights to new LED down lights. The current Halogen lights are...
  11. L

    UK Converting single pendant to downlights

    Hi guys, Wanting to replace single pendant for 5 downlights in dining room, there's no loop in/out at the switch or pendant so I'm guessing there a junction box somewhere for all the lighting on ground floor, i was thinking of taking pendant and using it as the first DL using robus quick fit...
  12. K

    Domestic Downlights in 50mm thick plasterboard

    Morning all, I’ve been off the tools for the last 20 years but have kept myself up to date with the regs and what’s going on in general, however I am struggling with this and wondered if any more up to date sparkles can help. It is my own kitchen extension which has a vaulted ceiling, the...
  13. Sparky10

    Socket feeding DB

    Hi All, Visited a job today and was asked to supply and DB in a outbuilding via a Socket in the garden....:eek: i said i was not happy to do so and it wasn't possible. DB was suppose to feed 4 sockets 3 lights and a little plug in heater, Client claimed she was told by 3 previous electricians...
  14. multimick

    small soffit downlights

    I know i hate them as well,but need recommendations for preferably mains ones with 50mm ish cutout cheers. About 5 or 7 in total
  15. K

    downlights with extras complex set up

    Hi all having an extension built with some other internal alterations at the same time The boss wants a complex lighting configuration is it possible to have lighting work the way the she wants ! and if not possible the with the nearest configuration cable sizes and wiring configuration...
  16. PJH2903

    Downlights lath and plaster ceiling advice please

    Been asked to put a load of downlights into a lath and plaster ceiling. Done plasterboard but not lath and plaster. Is it easy enough to do or will it be a right pain?
  17. L

    Domestic New NHBC guidance for fire rated downlights / hoods

    For many years the market for fire rated downlights has been highly confusing with many manufacturers making claims but not always having the technical data to back up these claims. The NHBC has just launched new guidance to cover the use of fire rated downlights which makes it very clear that...
  18. alban moffitt

    recessed downlights - recommendations?

    I am looking into fitting some sort of recessed spotlights in quite a contemporary home. Ideally i would like them to be integrated, with a trimless finish. they will also need to be compatible for dimming. anyone got any recommendations?
  19. C

    ultra slim LED downlights

    Evening all, A customer has asked for LED downlights in there converted garage but the only problem is there will be only 22mm depth above the plasterboard. I have researched a little and found a couple but the driver ends up needing more depth than the actual light. Has anyone fitted any...
  20. gazdkw82

    Angled soffit LED downlights

    Need to install some soffit lighting (downlights) into the soffit of a bungalow. The problem is soffit itself isn't 90 degree horizontal with the building, it's more light 45 degrees. Installing downlights into this would just create a small spot of light on wall. Does anyone have any...
  21. happyhippydad

    Downlights and the different varieties..

    I was with a customer today discussing installing new downlights. I can't quite see the point in installing the really expensive ones as opposed to the cheaper ones. I don't mean the silly cheap ones on ebay that will just fall apart, but for example... Lap fixed LED from screwfix £7 approx...
  22. T

    Amount of LED downlights in a lounge

    Does any know have a usual spacing for LED downlights? Im normally like to put a good amount (maybe a few to many) But i always work on id rather put to many in with a dimmer than not enough! Starting a new build tomorrow and customers don't want loads of downlights. The lounge in 7 x 3. They...
  23. Ian Howe

    Fireproof downlights

    Just bought a few led downlights IP65 rated for the bathroom to replace some old halogen downlights, I haven't bought fireproof and on removing one old light there's loft insulation directly above. Do I need to use fireproof lights or hoods, lamps are 240V but only 5W
  24. E

    .75mm flex used from junction box to downlights

    Hi Everyone. I'd really appreciate some advice. I have a little cafe which was all wired up by someone qualified. The issue is that someone put in a few 50w halogen bulbs and they didn't check the positioning of the wires after a ceiling skim. There had been no issues for over 4 years whilst...
  25. J

    bathroom halogen downlights - new to me need help

    The bathroom in my bungalow is fitted with ceiling down lights but my knowledge of these is far from good. There are three lamps in the ceiling but one lamp doesn’t last long and I don’t know why. Has each light got its own transformer or does one transformer provide all three? The lamp I have...
  26. P

    Domestic JCC V50 Down-lights or alternatives?

    Hi, I am wanting to fit LED downlight throughout my home. Not only to improve the look of my home but also to save power and be more energy efficient. I already have downlight fitted in my kitchen and bathroom, the kitchen in cool white and the bathroom in warm white. The downlight I am...
  27. O

    Vaulted ceilings and downlights .............

    The room is approx 5.3 meters long, about 3 meters wide and along the centre of the pitched ceiling (which is flat) is about 3.5 meters The client wants downlights .... in the centre of the flat section of the pitched ceiling. Concerned about the spread of light ..... Looking for...
  28. P

    Compatible downlights?

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice as I'm feeling a bit clueless! 3 of our 4 bathroom lights seem to be failing or on the way out. They flicker constantly and dim on and off. They have only been in about 4 years so we weren't expecting them to go so soon. I was thinking that we would just...
  29. E

    JCC V50 downlights or alternative

    Customer looking to change 33 JCC old existing downlights ,with JCC V50 downlights.The ceiling height is 60mm only so choices are limited for fire rated downlights. JCC customer service suggested their JCC V50 fitting.Than I found out that manufactory advices no more than 20 fitting per circuit...
  30. SparkySupplier

    For Sale Schneider Lisse & LED downlights to clear

    Evening All, I have 10 x Schneider Lisse 1 gang 1 module PC faceplates to clear. GGBL8050PC. Offers welcome. Will post. Also got a load of slimline LED downlights to shift. Details to follow...
  31. O

    Downlights - GU10 or Sealed units .........

    Fairly simple question about peoples preferences Personally I'm thinking that sealed units are now not really an option as there is too much waste when they go wrong and often it means time I'm not paid for Whereas customers can change GU10's themselves ....... Thoughts?
  32. S

    Best LED downlights? Favourite brand for ease of fitting / quality and longevity of unit

    Hi all, just wondered what people's go to LED downlights are. I've worked for a couple of companies and both seemed to have cheap and cheerful as a preference- just replacing as required if they stopped working. What would u fit if u were to fit them for yourself? Preferably changeable with...
  33. D

    Buzzing sound coming from LED downlights

    Hi, I've recently put in a completely new wiring system into my house. All the circuits are working as they should but the 2no. light circuits in the kitchen are making a buzzing sound. The downlights are the Ansell Prism colour selectable LEDs. I have these across the entire house and the...
  34. M

    wiring multiple led downlights

    Hi. A DIYer here. This may seem like a simple issue, but I can't find a clear answer: When wiring up say, 6, LED downlights (230 volts, 5 watts each), should they be wired in series or parallel? If in parallel, how should they be connected to the mains cable, bearing in mind that screw-type...
  35. N

    flex for fire rated downlights?

    I'm a bit confused about using the bit of white heat resistant flex for downlights. Do we really need it on fire rated downlights? Isn't it just an extra unnessasary connection? Why not take the 1.5 standard T&E straight from the Hager (or similar) junction box to light? I'm still trying...
  36. E

    Domestic GU4 LED downlights not working (LED Driver fine, can't find cables, connectors or housing)

    Hi all, any help much appreciated here... I've two LED downlights in the kitchen and can't get them working. They work using a 2-pin plug like this ...and at the other end of the cable, the bulb connects to this... ... this bit sits in the below housing... I know my LED driver is...
  37. littlespark

    Suitable dimmer switch for LED downlights

    I just completed a job for neighbour through an insurance company and main contractor. I was asked at the beginning to put in LED downlights in the kitchen, bathroom and en-suite as an extra. All done. My neighbour is asking now if I can put dimmers on the downlights?. I should be... they are...
  38. Z

    Installation of kitchen unit downlights.

    Hi guys Its your trainee sparky here. Just a quick question, If I was to install downlights in a kitchen unit to illuminate the worktop, where would I get the supply from? A guy I was speaking to who isn't a sparky said its best to get it from the nearest kitchen socket to where the lights...
  39. happyhippydad

    Which LED driver would I require for downlights?

    Hello everyone.. I have a customer who has 5 x 12v downlight fittings that they want installing. I have explained that 230V GU10's would be much better but they are adamant they want these specific MR16 holders. I have replaced LED drivers before but never actually installed from scratch...
  40. Rob Heath

    Downlights stopped working - Dimmer switch!

    Hi Guys I have Halogen down-lighters on my Landing that have recently stopped working, there are 3 seperate switches for these, 2 single rockers at either end of the landing and 1 Double dimmer downstairs which also operates the hallway! At 1st I thought it could be a faulty transformer but not...
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