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  1. Moley

    Download format for Seaward SuperNova & Megger PAT420

    I'm planning a little project so that we can access all our PAT records online and create PDF files for the info/certificates. If any of us are working away and the site engineer wants copies we can just log in, select the records, create online PDFs and download them. It'll be a PHP program...
  2. J

    Electricians nvq portfolio Download

    Hey guys Wanted to ask if anyone had a link or a download of the nvq portfolio I've just started it And really need help it
  3. L

    Eicr + Eic sheets?

    Hi all, Would someone be able to help me and point me to a resource where I can download the current Green generic eic & eicr test sheets if such a source is available for download. I have searched and have not been succesfull in finding a resource. Many thanks in advance LH
  4. S

    Hi introduction

    Hi I used to be a qualified trading electrician, now in IT but still keep my hand in for friends and family and have just passed 17th regs, but don't know all the answers! Thanks Steve
  5. Dan

    RTFM Download 2016-09-29

    RTFM Download
  6. Dan

    RTFM Download

    Dan submitted a new resource: RTFM Download - RTFM Download Read more about this resource...
  7. D

    Plc software

    Hi Does anyone know where I can download free PLC Programming Software. Not Looking to Download to PLC just looking for something I can practice on and write a program for a forthcoming project. Tried the micrologix demo but it expires after 2weeks and wasn't great anyway. Step 7 would be ideal...
  8. darkwood

    The Witcher is now waiting on my PS4 for after work

    Been waiting for this title for a while ... it will keep me out of the pub a while I dare say :yes:
  9. U

    Bosch induction hob

    Help with electrical connections please , colours as follows brown,black, blue, white.the hob is pre wired.costumer has no installation manual because of house move and they bought the hob with them.
  10. S

    Advanced MX Fire Panels

    Okay, took over a role from a guy who quit on bad terms, before he did he changed all the codes on the panels we service and we cant reset. Im aware of the crypt key you can generate and speak to advanced tech support to reset, however its a long road as this company doesnt buy direct from...
  11. O

    Megger Powersuite

    At work we use powersuite. I have taken the disc home as I have a large number of tests to conduct and download (not going back to the office just for this) and it suits to download at home. The software installed but when I try to run its requesting a username and password -nothing in the...
  12. NDG Elecs

    Intermittent tripping and explaining to customers what to do etc download or summat!

    Hi Lads and Ettes! Sure most of you will have had this situation: intermittent tripping and circuit tests fine when you are there. So you try to explain what the householder should do - i.e. next time it trips make a note of anything you have switched on prior to it tripping....turn off the...
  13. R

    Lost my M1 Pro IV cable id printer driver software

    hi guyes, Good day for u. I lost my electrical cable id printer software CD which is M1 Pro IV model Canon Nisca Corporation. i want to sale that printer.but without driver CD that's useless.i tried to download from internet.but its not available,even the Nisca website.i already install the...
  14. Worcester

    Following on from my challenge to MrKnowItAll earlier, my side of the bargain is done: Is up and running, and if he / she wants to step forward then it is there as a platform At the moment it's a website / blog, though it may be better as a wiki, we'll see. In the meantime...
  15. L

    design software

    evening does anybody know of any good design software for designing logos etc just got loads of cards from vista print and not happy with them going to design my own well a least try lol
  16. Goody

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Sample NICEIC Certificates (New)

    Hi, Where could I possibly download samples of New Amended NICEIC Certificates, the download page ( NICEIC | Contractor | Downloads) used have them but not anymore. Cheers.
  17. M

    Dti Guide..... When will it be released??

    Hi, does anyone know if there is a proposed release date for the 3rd edition??
  18. shakerbess

    lighting design software

    Hi i was hoping to get some help im doing a hnc in electrical and need some help in finding lighting design software please could i get some direction guys thanks got to hand in lighting assessment a.s.a.p
  19. D Skelton

    Switch probe?

    Hi guys, what is the SPL1000 switch probe for that is included with the Megger 1553? What does it do and how do you use it?
  20. i=p/u

    windows media player letting me down,,,,,,

    my computer wont let me watch dvd ,,,,,, does any1 know a driver i can download or a programme..... Help!!!
  21. S

    testing video

    anyone can tell me where i can download a testing video i saw a robin one once and wondered if there was somwhere i could download one for free
  22. U

    Free Electrika quoting software.

    Just recieved free disc today, looks quite good for free........ anybody used it and what do u think??? all the prices seem a bit steep when browsing. Also, anybody know how to calc your hours of labour into it for totals at the end???? bit confusing:confused:
  23. D

    drawing software

    hi may heve been asked before-but what's the quickest way to make some of these nice coloured electrical drawings i see on here from time to time thanks
  24. keniff

    certificate software

    hi guys has any got/know of any decent free software for the computer to fill out test certificates, my handwriting is not the best and after 4 years of working for a firm im trying to start myself and feel the handwritten certs look a bit diy!! :)
  25. B

    where to buy installation certificate

    Hi guys, Just found out I dont have certificats pads. where i can i buy them? whsmith? cheers
  26. A

    periodic inspection and test report forms

    Hi Does anybody know of a site were you can download periodic inspection and test report forms many thanks for any replies
  27. Z

    Megger MFT1553 problem!!

    HI all, just wondering if anyone could help me out please?. I have the above tester, and decided i want to use the bluetooth function now to download results to my laptop, and i have one major problem, i cannot find the driver for the MFT1553 in the download manager driver list!, i have...
  28. P

    Another NIC assessment

    Well it's that time of year again, latest assessment requires evidence of a written health & safety policy statement ***!!! and undertakes risk assessments ***!!! As I work on my own, therefore employ less than 5 people, 1 is less than 5 ? It is not a requirement of law that I have a written...
  29. L

    Nicceic "Domestic" Logofor headed paper ???

    Going to have some new headed note paper printed. Where can i find this Logo to attach to the file so it can be sent to the printers?? cheers
  30. H

    Periodical Inspection Report

    hey guys where can i download the paperwork for this, appently its on the British Standards Institute site, but ill be buggered if i can find it... grrr :D cheers
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