1. B

    Intermittent starting on SDS hammer drill

    Hi Sparkies, newbie here needing some advice please My 1100W SDS hammer drill sometimes starts, sometimes dead. So far fault diagnosis (loose connections, voltage and continuity checks) has ruled out switch, commutator and rotor armature windings. My suspicion has fallen on either the brushes...
  2. D

    Draw a start/stop/retain relay control circuit for a 3 phase drill machine

    Hey, I'm just wonder if I can get some feedback on this drawing that I've made? any feedback will be very appreciated thanks in advance.
  3. R

    Drill Biy Storage Box.

    I’m looking for a box that I could carry inside my Milwaukee Bag. As I have my SDS, Combi and Charger in there. This is the bag: https://www.bigredpowertools.co.uk/milwaukee-m18-soft-bag?gclid=CjwKCAiA4Y7yBRB8EiwADV1haftuRbIg8TBStI8eo93ORlpDZ0PEt3Jlee6ttJezZo3zBc8gi9sfIRoCnOgQAvD_BwE
  4. D

    Need a new drill

    My old Bosch 36 volt drill, is on it’s last legs. Intermittent stopping and starting when the trigger is pulled and a strange smell from the motor when on prolonged use. Any recommendations?
  5. R

    Drill Bits which ones to get?

    So I have managed to buy an SDS and a Combi Drill both 18v by Milwaukee at a good price with 2x 5.0ah Batteries, Charger and a 12v LED Torch. I am just looking for some Drill Bits, as I would like to stick with Milwaukee, but they seem rather expensive, so I am not sure if they are worth the...
  6. C

    Can I drill through a 4 stud thick column to run one 12/2 wire?

    I'm running one 12/2 wire through a wall and I ran into a structural column. It is 4 studs thick. Can I drill through this column to run my wire? 1575333614 Just wanted to add that I'm trying to add an electrical outlet to the wall.
  7. J

    Legal to drill a hole?

    I want to replace an oyster light in my kitchen ceiling with an LED downlight. I have engaged an electrician to do the job. While waiting for him to arrive, out of curiosity I unscrewed the light housing from the ceiling and drew it down a short way, (I don't intend to detach the wires from the...
  8. R

    Voltage Indicator and Proving Unit/12v Dewalt Combi and Impact Drill

    I am looking to sell some of my Tools, due to my uncle retiring me has kindly given me some tools. Socket and See Voltage Tester and Proving Unit Kit - £80 Dewalt DCK211C2 10.8V 1.3Ah Li-Ion XR DCD710 Drill Driver & DCF815 Impact Twin £120
  9. R

    SDS and Combo Drill Recommendations

    I’ve been asked by work to get some power tools. Currently I’m using what the other engineers have. But I would like to get my own. I am after recommendations.
  10. S

    paint ceiling 1st or drill holes ?

    Hello Everyone I have a freshly skimmed ceiling with no holes. Planning to have some downlights installed. Obviously I have to mist coat then paint ceiling but should the holes for the downlights be drilled before or after? My thinking was if before then wet mistcoat paint might drip all over...
  11. T

    Drill bits

    Is it me or when you have used a drill bit (especially metal) they are blunt same with hole cutters.
  12. HRM-ELEC

    12v drill driver

    Looking to buy a small 12v compact drill driver for light work Any recommendations?
  13. S

    Drill bits for the Olde Skoolers

    A friend is having a clear-out so gave me some Intal and Dormer drill bits some left handed.
  14. T

    Best way to drill timbers

    Morning all What ways do people drill out there timbers? I have started using an impact driver but its very noisy!! My makita combi drills are ok but dont like doing it for long until they heat up.....
  15. C

    How to Drill into Ceramic/porcelain Tile Without Cracking It

    Hi all, first of all i don't know whether i have Ceramic or porcelain tiles. also if you could help me identify which type i have, what is the best method for drilling them or technique to avoid cracking them? Is it fairly simple too do or a nightmare? just encase you haven't already guessed...
  16. EalingBadger

    Good deal on Makita drill if you don't need the 'BL' on the side

    FFX are doing a good deal on old stock of a Makita drill at the moment: Makita DHP453Z 18v Li-Ion Combi Drill Bare Unit - https://www.ffx.co.uk/tools/product/Makita-Dhp453Z-0088381661287-18V-Li-Ion-Combi-Drill-Bare-Unit It's cheap because it does not have a brushless (BL) motor. It would make...
  17. C

    What is this drill like?

    Considering buying the below SDS drill. I am likely to only use it a couple of times a year at home. Thanks. https://www.screwfix.com/p/erbauer-erh750-3-4kg-corded-sds-plus-drill-220-240v/232fv
  18. E

    Best Masonry Drill Bits for Combi Drill

    At the moment I tend to use these Erbauer ones, they are very cheap and initially quite good but (unsurprisingly for the price) don't last very long. What do you lot use? Are there any that are 2 or 3 times the price that last more than 2 or 3 times as long, or should I just stick with the...
  19. T

    Bosch GBH 24volt hammer drill

    I have a Boch GBH 24v 3Ah hammer drill that I considered a good bit of kit sadly the batteries have died but I still want to use it the batteries were the old NiMH new batteries are now Lithium ones. Bosch doesn't supply the batteries now however there are unbranded ones on eBay but am dubious...
  20. LewisM

    Strange issue with drill

    Hi, my drill bushes burnt out and I've changed them but now when I fully tighten the case the drill doesn't work at all, but when the case is loose the drill works fine. Any ideas Drill is Hitachi DV18DSDL Thanks Lewis
  21. rolyberkin

    My trusty Hitachi SDS drill has died!:-(

    After a long life and valuable service in the face of all adversity my SDS drill popped on Friday!:-( It was like losing a long serving friend. So do I replace with a new Hitachi, Dewalt or other offering? Any suggestions greatly received, not that I really need them, just looking for amusement...
  22. M

    Cordless drill battery charger

    Might be the wrong forum but here goes. I`ve 2 Parkside drill/drivers 10.8v not had a lot of use but come in handy because they are quite small and do the job. Problem is I`ve lost one of the chargers and the remaining one has given up. I`ve inserted a pic of the circuit board, no sign of any...
  23. T

    18V Makita angle drill

    does anyone use either the makita DDA350Z or DDA351Z a 18v angle drills and what the difference is? Need to invest in one for a big job coming up with a LOT of ceiling joist close togther. Or recommend any other decent battery angle drills?
  24. rolyberkin

    Angle drill for joists

    Does anyone have a dedicated battery angle drill or an attachment, if so are they worth buying? Have to drill out joists at 400mm centres for 15mm pipes and cable runs and was looking at a Dewalt DCD 740N, however wondering whether a drill attachment for £15 do the same job?
  25. Gavin John Hyde

    SDS drill for under £30! Curious

    Browsing the screwfix page for some drill bits, came across this sds drill for 30 quid. Made me wonder if its actually any good? If you have a simple job and need something quick it might do the trcick. Likewise if you need to put a fan in and need to core a hole. Anybody got one? Interested to...
  26. gazdkw82

    Cone step drill hole cutters

    Looking at getting a set of cone step drill bits buts it's a mindfield. So many seem really cheap but promise the world. All seem to be Chinese produced and labelled as titanium, is there a particular brand, variety that I should be looking at? I always prefer to buy quality for longevity.
  27. happyhippydad

    SDS drill being used instead of core drill?

    I realise this has been asked before, but I find the search bar really poor on the site since the big change and it doesn't come up with anything useful. I am getting more extractor fan installs that require wall mounted fans. Instead of hiring a core drill once a year I wondered if anyone uses...
  28. H

    Can I drill anywhere on this wall?

    Hello clever people Hope you can help. We have our consumer box in our downstairs toilet, right in the top corner. I want to put up a small shelf above the sink, a mirror and a toilet roll holder on the same wall, but I'm worried about wires when drilling holes. I do have one of those live wire...
  29. loplug

    millwauke angle drill

    any one have any experience of these I have the 18v combi drill impact and sds which I am impressed with the sds so much so I have retierd my bosch 36v. thinking of adding an angle drill for drilling out first fixes.
  30. K

    Hilti hammer drill bits?

    Hi, I was browsing a flea market and noticed that TE-CX Hilti SDS plus drill bits are available in multiple versions. For example 18/48cm and 18/47cm. On Hilti's site I only see the 48cm version. So where does the other come from? Is it older? Are they, both as good, quality-wise, or the newer...
  31. littlespark

    Looking for 6 inch dia core drill plus ducting

    I've got a job to replace a recycling type cooker hood with a vented type. The hood has been bought by the customer and has a 150mm duct hole on top I cant find anywhere locally that will supply me with a 150mm dia elbow and straight duct. The store that she bought the hood from only had a...
  32. Pete999

    Hilti SDS Drill bits as follows 18"x 1omm, TE-CX20X47 used once TE-CX 25X48 used once

    All three £30 plus postage again PM if interested
  33. paul291277

    Can anyone recommend a decent step/cone drill/kit?

    Title says it all, preferably up to 32mm or more
  34. Gary Tollison

    Can a dimmer switch be used to control drill speed?

    Hello As the title says... ;) I'm thinking about having a 1.8A 400V bushed fixed speed drill, mounted in a press, connected to a dimmer switch to control the drill speed. Any ideas, or advice? And please, to those who think I'm silly to think such an idea etc, I can do without the criticism...
  35. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Now that's how to drill a hole in concrete

  36. rolyberkin

    Core Drill Recommendations

    I am after a cheaper end core drill, looking at the Dewalt D21570K anyone got one?
  37. A

    Milwaukee m12 fuel impact drill

    Hi I'm just posting to see if any one else has this problem with the drill, the problem is when the drill hasn't been used for a few minutes I'm finding I'm having to remove the battery and then put it back in for the drill to work,this is happening with both batteries and there both showing as...
  38. KennyKen

    Favourite Battery Drill Manufacturer?

    Hey Folks just wondered what the go was with battery drill manufacturers. What's the "in" drill at the moment. I've personally changed from makita to Milwaukee and Hilti.... is there brands the mainstream haven't heard of that could be a potential competitor?
  39. Dan

    Win a Makita Combi Drill

    Take the survey and you could win a drill!
  40. S

    Milwaukee drill finally let me down. Looking at hilti instead

    hello all. My Milwaukee drill has finally let me down and I must say the quality on my newer Milwaukee 12v drills are not the same I believe. Im tempted to look at hilti sfc -22a drill. Hilti are based 5 minutes away from me and I've rated them since I've been working but I finally now have a...
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