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  1. gazdkw82

    Repairing drills - makita

    A friend of mine was about to throw a makita 481 away because it stopped working and was smoking. It's a 2014 brushless drill and looks hardly used so I've decided to try and rescue it. I've got it home and it doesn't work, smoke just comes out from the battery area. Smells of strong plastic...
  2. the pict

    HSS Drills any one know good quality make

    I am about 3/4 the way through a trailer build all stick welded, and now I am attaching lash points etc I bought a well known diy brand but got 2 x 8mm holes and its knackered I know I can be a bit heavy handed at times but come on 2 holes, so I am looking for what my Granddad used to call...
  3. Dan

    Dry drills for angle grinder

    Dry drills for angle grinder advice reviews and feedback 2017 Maybe I'm a bit late to the party but to those of you that haven't tried these yet you should do as I've drilled 10 mm porcelain in under 20 seconds with a 25 mm hole . The make I'm using is Mexco... Dry drills for angle grinder Are...
  4. F

    SDS Drill in ceiling voids

    Ok people, we all know what it's like like working within a limited suspended ceiling void and trying to angle your drill to where you need to be. I am currently using a Panasonic SDS to do do the job which is quite compact but coming to the end of its life. My major tools are all makita but...
  5. M

    help me pick a sds and combi drill!

    Alright guys. im looking for a decent set of drills not to costy but no cheap crap i like the idea of one battery fits all. any ideas guys xD
  6. rattlehead85

    Core drill purchase

    Would appreciate some advice on this please. Got a contract starting next month rewiring 200 kitchens within a chalet complex. They require 6" extractor fans to be core cut through the concrete structure roughly 350mm in depth. I am looking at buying a dedicated core drill to do this. What...
  7. P

    Sds drill

    In need of a new sds battery drill, have had a 24v Hitachi for the last two years. I have been looking at the Makita 18v SDS,has anyone got any experience of the Thanks Paul.
  8. M

    Cordless sds- Milwaukee 18v or Bosch 36v

    Hi, I'm looking to get a cordless sds mainly doing commercial so don't really need chisel. Mainly be used for fixings, 12mm anchors etc and maybe the odd 20mm hole. Has anyone used the milwaukee m18 sds?? are 18v sds drills up to the job???. Was looking at bosch 36v aswell but there pricey...
  9. D

    Looking for drill and impact driver. This a good deal?

    As above, is this a good deal and if there's anything better about for the money I'd welcome your thoughts. Toolstation > Power Tools > 18v Drills > Milwaukee C18PP2B Twin Pack cheers
  10. J

    Best drill for around 150 ??

    Alright guys & girls so my drill died yesterday after falling 5ft off a ladder so in need of a new one, being only a mate I can't afford to spend that much for a high end Milwaukee or Hilti drills so im looking to only spend around 150 on a new one ?? 1 of the spark's I work with said to Avoid...
  11. D

    Bosch blue li-ion combi with 2 batts, sub £100!

    Bosch GSB 18-2-Li 18V 2.6Ah Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill | Screwfix.com Tempted by one of these, seems like a bargain... Anyone got any comments?
  12. billyblade

    Diamond core drills

    Hi everyone. I represent a company who manufacture and distribute drilling and trade solutions which are particularly popular with electricians. I'll not name them so as not to advertise on here.:smiley2: We have a dry diamond core drill kit in our portfolio which sells very well but i feel that...
  13. D


    my bosch drill died after 5 years last month and i am starting to miss it, it has a bit of a specific role in the company it does the spotlighting and it drills through the joists i wonder if anyone out there can point me in the direction of a replacement. the parameters for me are simple...
  14. T

    Ac to dc converter for drill

    Seen a chippy onsite today with a ac to dc converter or his saw, basically it looked like a battery but had a 110v lead plugged into his "cordless saw" so it was mains powered. Where can I get hold of these for a Makita 18v? Only ever seen these today, what a great idea.
  15. Waterhouse1989

    Drills and tools

    I just want to know whether my employer should provide us with tools and drills or whether we have to buy our own
  16. sparkdog

    nicad drills better on hammer?

    Does anyone else think nicad drills are better for hammer drilling?I have an old Jewson 18 volt which I was thinking of changing until I tried a Hitachi and Makita lithium and found the old drill was much better.I found the new drills too light and you have to push them and they were actually...
  17. jenions

    bosch or makita

    used makita for the last few years and have never had a problem, but recently used some bosch and found them really good. but now im in a dilemma im looking at buying some new tools and cant decide which to buy now?
  18. D

    Core drill advice

    I'm looking at buying a new drill to core drill with, up until now I've just used my SDS drill which has been fine with 100mm, or 127mm holes. However I've just bought a 150mm core and my SDS drill needed nearly all day to get it through nine inches of brick, and it didn't seem to enjoy the...
  19. brizospark

    Milwaukee Drills

    Anyone had any experience with lithium milwaukee drills. Any Good? How do they compare with makita, dewalt etc?
  20. W

    MUST HAVES in all Industrial sparkys toolboxes?

    I have just completed my four year apprenticeship (mainly on industrial sites). I love buying tools and am trying to compile a good collection of tools. What tools are essential to have in all industrial Electricians tool boxes? Which tools/power tools should be supplied by a firm and which...
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