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  1. MFS Electrical

    Drink driving advice please..........

    Got you all with some click bait there eh? Bet you all thought I’d been drinking and driving:p Anyway I’ll get to the point look at this wee beauty I found on Facebook
  2. Pete999


    Now is the time of year for making merry, to much booze to much food, on the booze front, has anyone got good ideas for a hangover remedy, forget the usual one "don't drink to much" I'm looking for the cure for the worst kind of hangover, you know the one, you wake up full of good intentions...
  3. Pete999

    Plumbers / Gas fitters

    I wont mock Plumbers or Gas boiler fitters anymore, honest. My Boiler went tits up and I was given this chaps name by the guy that did the boiler checks for my insurance, told me he was a bit of a tough guy covered in Tats. I was a bit wary until he turned up with my new boiler, couldn't have...
  4. S

    A sad tale

    He grabbed me around my slender neck; I could not call or scream. He dragged me to his dingy room, Where we could not be seen. He tore away my flimsy wrap, And took upon my form. I was so cold, damp and scared, While he was hot and warm. His fervent lips he pressed to mine, I gave...
  5. GMES

    Bank Holiday

    So who's working on Monday, I have managed to get a rare day off but knowing me I will end up going to the office as I need to print and go through a load of designs for an upcoming job, This will be after a trip to buy an A3 printer. It is probably sad but it is the best chance of getting...
  6. D

    off work today

    Started at 9pm last night. Suddenly got a really bad stomach ache. Then at about 11pm I spewed. And every 20 mins from then until now, I've been up and being sick. I'm exhausted and feel like crap.the bathroom stinks too! Had doctor out half an hour ago. I have food poisoning. He's given me some...
  7. R

    Work hard ,play hard

    I am seriously concerned that we as a trade are loosing our well deserved reputation ,for being the biggest **** heads:D, Years ago electricians were voted the heaviest drinkers of all the trades:) we work the hardest ,have to know the most ,face risk of instant death,:mad: why has this changed...
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