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earth rod

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    Domestic EARTH ROD or EARTH TAPE

    I've just fitted an earth rod and got a pretty dismal test reading. Has anyone fitted an earth tape or mat? I've never fitted one before and was looking for a chat about it? I'm guessing it going to make a huge imrovement.
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    UK EV Charger Earth Rod

    I have completed the 2919 course and was told during this that all chargers would require a TT connection, whether solely for the charger or as part of the full installation. Since completing the course a while ago now, I have discussed with some electricians who say they don't install an earth...
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    UK Earthing a V2G Electric Car Charger with a earth rod

    Hi I am new to the forum and looking for some advice. I was supposed to have a vehicle to grid car charger installed last week. But they couldnt get a suitable earth from the earth rod. The earth rod reasing was 384 ohms. They're saying I need a marconite pit. the reading has to be below 100...
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    Would an earth rod be beneficial

    Hi Everyone, I have a steel framed shed and noticed it uses the earth from the house via a 10mm 5 core cable. I cant see anywhere where the shed frame is physically earthed, the earth wire in the five core cable goes to the distribution panel in the shed. Should the earth wire also go to the...
  5. Inside the smart electric vehicle EV charger which doesn't need an earth rod

    Inside the smart electric vehicle EV charger which doesn't need an earth rod

    Gary and Joe take a look inside a Myenergi Zappi 2 electric vehicle (EV) charger. The Zappi is approved for use with the latest UK government OLEV charging s...
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