1. R

    Horstmann Economy 7 not working

    Hello, my Horstmann E7 isn't working in my apartment. I can here the clock timer ticking and the boost timer is working but no hot water is being expelled. The indicator lights for boost or timed are not lit up. Does anyone have any advice on how to troubleshoot/fix? Please let me know if more...
  2. J

    Economy 9 timer

    Hi all, Bit of a niche question - I have an economy 9 setup in my flat, so seperate circuit for heating / hot water that turns on for 9 hours a day. I want to switch to economy 7, but apparently the heating circuit will still only turn on for the same 9 hours. Is there a fused spur timer than...
  3. W

    Economy 7 multi rate meter advice.

    Hi guys, I have a 2 rate electric meter with Economy 7 tariff as the property had night storage heating. All of the old night storage heaters have been removed and replaced with Rointe Kryos electric radiators which are connected to a new consumer unit and nothing is now using the old Economy...
  4. C

    HORSTMANN VMK 7D SRS economy 7 times

    I really hope that someone can help! I've watched some YouTube videos and searched online but nothing really helps. We have a Hortsmann VMK 7D SRS, in a rented property. What I need to know is: * What time is the cheaper rate (economy 7) set for * Do we get an extra cheap rate boost between...
  5. C

    How to use a horstmann economy 7 quartz water heater

    Ive recently moved in to a rented property and am unhappy with how high the bills are. Im trying to figure out why - the property is a two-bedroomed flat, two people occupying, everything is electric, storage heaters and horstmann economy 7 quartz water heater. I'm sure we're using the storage...
  6. M

    Change of economy 7 CU

    Hello all I have been asked to quote on a change of CU that I have attached photo of. I have never changed one like this that looks to me like it has a dual supply from an economy 7 meter and also a supply on the standard rates. I am aware that the actual connections from metering can vary for...
  7. Michaelp

    A good way to lower the grid voltage for economy purposes

    I have seen few cases where the owner of a factory uses transformer after the grid to lower the voltage, from 240 to 220v as a way to lower the consumption and at the end to save money. I was wondering if an inverter will do much better the job instead of a simple transformer as you can keep or...
  8. S

    UK Changing and economy 8 fuse board

    I have a customer that wants to upgrade their fuse board (it currently has no rcd protection). It has an economy 8 supply that the customer no longer wants. My question is do I get the DNO to change it to a 24/7 meter or can I just put the tails from the 24/7 and economy 8 into a Henley block...
  9. linuxthefish

    UK Mechanical plug in timer with electric water cylinder on economy 7?

    I came across a small electric hot water heater under the sink with a moulded plug in my friend's rented flat. He's on economy 7, and wishes to use a mechanical plug in timer to ensure the water is only heated on night rate. The flat is rented so changing the socket to an FCU is out of the...
  10. L

    Underfloor heating with economy 7 ?

    Hi everone can anyone advise me on two things I'm having underfloor heating fitted and want to run it on my economy 7 Has anyone managed to do this and how could you control the input? What sort of electric metre could be used? Bearing I. Mind it turns off during the day so won't have...
  11. N

    I need an advice about Economy 7

    Hi guys, I have a question about economy 7. I have a water heater The Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz. However, my meter reading is single rate. How should I use the water? Is still economy 7 available for me when I don’t have two rate meter reading? The second question about water heater. There is...
  12. L

    Economy 7 board in flat

    Just after opinions, what the best way to upgrade board in flat , currently has two boards , one for economy 7 and one for everything else,
  13. A

    Economy 7 immersion heater timer

    Hi, My house is currently on economy 7 as we are fully electric. Our immersion heater has 2 switched one for day rate and one for night rate. Our electricity bill has been sky high and we have narrowed it down to the immersion heater being heated for the full time when E7 switches on for the...
  14. S

    Economy 7 - need confusion clearing up please!

    We have an Economy 7 meter and tariff. There are 2 separate fuse boards and one meter with the dual rate on. Am i right in thinking that ANY electricity we use at night will be cheaper as the meter has a 'timer' to switch to the cheaper tariff? If so then why is there the need for a separate...
  15. W

    Getting rid of economy 7 tariff and Smart Meter

    Buying a house that has a mechanical meter with rotating dials that then branches into two modernish digital meters (not Smart), one for economy 7 and the other for the rest of the electrics. I only want a single tariff so if I have a Smart Meter fitted for free I assume they will take all three...
  16. D

    Electrician Someone needed to sort issue with economy 7 in East London

    We’ve been having a long running issue with our economy 7 not kicking in at night, which means we have no heating from our storage heaters or hot water (luckily the boost still works). Our electricity supplier said that getting a smart meter would fix the issue- which we had installed last...
  17. J

    Economy 7 heater not charging overnight (but works on day rate)

    I'm having problems with my central storage heater. Its an old 1970s one that does the whole flat. It worked perfectly up to the end of last winter, then just stopped. I woke up one morning to find it was only luke warm from the previous day and hadn't stored any heat so became stone cold over...
  18. Andrew Beveridge

    Domestic E7 with 2 meters (on/off peak), but current only goes through one?

    Hi folks, We moved into a new flat about 6 months ago and have realised we're being billed for all of our electricity at the expensive "all day" rate - despite having a very large "Thermaflow" electric boiler which is designed to draw tons of power heating up water overnight to use throughout...
  19. N

    Economy 7 - Thermal cut out

    Good evening all, I have an elderly client I have been doing some work for and he has old economy 7 heating. The Storage heater in his living room keeps causing issues. Basically it stops working, I've opened it up and re-set the thermal cut out and it works perfectly for about 6 weeks then...
  20. Gavin John Hyde

    Economy 7 board and live testing

    Got a job and cant do live testing as the old fuse box is economy 7 with those plugin wylex mcbs replacing the rewireables. Only changing over a heater and replacing a stretch of damaged flex. Cant do any live testing due to board being dead during sensible hours. The installation is of such...
  21. surreygirl


    Hello Gentlemen, My agent now wants to put in two oil filled radiators in the flat. One under the window and the other on the opposite wall. I did see a few comments before about the economy 7. Bearing in mind that the E7 is on cheap rate, they now tell me that the E7 isnt working and the Agent...
  22. C

    Need help with economy seven heater

    Hi there. My brother has a horstmann economy seven quartz heater and we have no idea how to work it. The heating is on during the day, so the flat is nice and toasty while he is at work and is freezing when he is home in the evening. There doesn’t seem to be any timer dial except for one I’m...
  23. J

    Question about Economy 7 hot water cylinders

    Hi I recently replaced the bottom immersion on an economy 7 cylinder. After installing I tried to test the immersion using my multi meter. The fuse spur leading to the immersion has a time clock mounted on the face. I switched this to continuous, nothing. I removed the face of the fuse spur...
  24. C

    Old economy 7 heaters

    Hello guys I need to replace a load of storage heaters for the modern oil wall heaters, i need to do away with the economy 7 side as client want the new heaters on a standard 24hr tariff . It looks like a simple swapping out the economy 7 circuit and wiring it into the standard tarrif DB. My...
  25. R

    Economy 7 timer replacement

    I've been sent this image of a timer control that no longer functions correctly. The unit needs replacing, can anyone recommend a replacement.
  26. R

    Consumer unit change, economy 7

    Had a look at a job yesterday. The consumer unit has 2 sets of tails feeding the board. 1 set left side into main switch supplying sockets, lights etc, 2nd set into rcd right side feeding the economy rate (storage heaters). There is only 1 meter in DNO cupboard where all tails leave (meter...
  27. N

    Economy 7 and standard supply in the same board

    Hi guys, I've had a look through the regs but can't see anything regarding this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would it be ok to replace an old fuse board with a new 17th edition split load board bringing the economy 7 supply and circuits into one side whilst bringing the standard...
  28. B

    Electric Radiators versus Storage Heaters

    Hi, has anyone got any experience of replacing storage heaters with electric radiators? all the adverts say they will be cheaper to run, but i cant find any real evidence. this is in a 2 bed flat, exposed on 3 sides, sea front, so pretty challenging, The tenants work shifts . i am nervous about...
  29. Midwest

    Economy 7 Installation

    I'm doing some work at a property that has off peak storage heaters & immersion heater. The old lady has just moved in, and are trying to understand how Economy 7 functions. None of my work involves the off peak supply. My understanding was that the only circuits to benefit from the off peak...
  30. J

    underfloor heating on economy 7

    Hello all, Went to look at a job this week at a 1960s property. When the house was originally built electric heating elements were installed within the screed and have been operating happily on economy 7 ever since and client is happy with it. Just wondering if anyone knows of this still being...
  31. U

    horstmann electronic 7 not heating water when set up to do so

    Hi, I got my boiler control changed last week as the old one stopped working. The current one doesn't seem to be heating the water when I set it a range of times. It does heat the water when the BOOST button is on, but that's not enough for me. I believe I have an immersion heater and I am not...
  32. Resu

    SSE Tariff - Domestic Economy

    Having a bit of a brain fart moment guys and would appreciate some input, please bare with me! The domestic economy rate I believe is the new name for economy 7. I am aware that the off-peak time for this tariff varies slightly region/weather depending. Basing my question on a distant family...
  33. H

    Eco 7 teleswitch

    Working on storage heaters and seem to be getting a 100v reading from teleswitch when economy hours are not on.... Any reason for this? Possible causes?
  34. K

    Megaflow not heating up

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this problem I have encountered. I inspected a property which had no hot water. The system is a megaflow with two heating elements (one operating via Economy 7). Whilst onsite I turned on both heating elements, before setting the timer as...
  35. M

    Water Heating System - Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz

    Hi there, Thanks in advance for you help, I hope this is not a problem which has been brough up previously, I have had a look but can't see any. On Christmas Eve on leaving my flat for a few days, rightly or wrongly I turned off the heating etc at the RCD. On returning to the flat, turned...
  36. steamboatwilly

    What Dimmer?

    Folks, Need to install a 1G2W dimmer switch for someone next week. They have 9 x 12v transformer lights on 20w and 50w halogens. this a 500W LV dimmer? Does it really need to be LV?
  37. L

    Immersion switch

    Hi, i looked at a job last week and there where two switches for the immersion one is off peak economy 7 and the other has power all the time (not economy 7) The problem i have is the customer want to use economy 7 and have the other switch as a boost. I have just got an economy 7 timer...
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