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  1. P

    14th Edition Regs Book

    Hi, I am new to this forum and hoping for some advice. Does anyone know if it's possible to get your hands on an old regs book, 14th edition prior to metric conversion. Maybe a PDF download somewhere if a physical copy is out of the question. I work for a large organisation doing condition...
  2. L

    Edition 18 garage cu

    Hi I’m after a bit of advice please. I recently had an old asbestos garage taken down and have replaced it with a brick structure inc a study done in line with building regs. I was going to reuse the old (fairly modern) board which was run from main cu with rcd but no rcd on garage board so I...
  3. Spoon

    18th Edition Results

    So I presume lots of people here have done the Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671:2018. I have logged into the City & Guild site to see my cert. All it tells me is that I have it. My questions are: Is it possible to have a PDF of the cert with your name on...
  4. P

    18th Edition Regs, Onsite Guide & GN3

    Hi, not sure if I'm allowed to do this but I'm giving up the trade as I'm sick to the gut with crooked employers. I bought the 18th edition Regs, Onsite Guide and g.n.3 from the NICEIC over a months ago for £144, can't return them as it's over 30 days, I'm going back into the automotive...
  5. C

    Domestic SPD requirements under 18th edition.

    Hi all, I haven't done domestics for a while and have been asked to install an 18th edition CCU to a small terraced house ( 2 floors Ground and first). I been told that I need to install a SPD? Can someone confirm this is the case and are there any exceptions. Haven't done my 18th but will be...
  6. J

    Which course to refresh for 16th Edition City and Guilds 236 parts i and ii

    I originally passed my City and Guilds 236 Electrical Installations parts i and ii courses, along with working 4 years for an NICEIC registered company back in 1994. In 2000 I started to work in the Fire and Security Industry, and since 2013 I have been in Rail and Telecoms, as a design /systems...
  7. J

    18 th Edition questions

    There are two questions that Ive been unable to locate in the regs book; 1. If the line conductor is 10mm2, the min size of of an associated Surge Protection Device connection conductor is? 2. A 230 V 30 A radial circuit is protected by a BS 3036 device. If the value of earth loop impedance...
  8. H

    18th edition cut off date

    Hi all. Regarding the 18th edition; what’s the cut off date for getting it done. Seem to remember someone saying July.
  9. B

    Any advice for 18th edition course and exam

    Hi everyone, I am trying to get 18th edition certificate and booked a 3 days course and ordered the blue book. Once the book arrive us, I will start to study and my course will start on 1st July. I am new in England. Before I came to England, I worked 5 years in Turkey and 6 months in Italy as...
  10. L

    18th edition consumer unit

    Hey all, I have just finished a rewire of a 1 bed house and just have the board left to install. I am a qualified sparky but now work as a project manger so haven’t carried out much domestic work in the last couple of years. I know that the requirements for installing consumer units has now...
  11. F

    18th edition Course.

    hi I’ve got my 18th edition course next week, just wondered if there were any past papers floating around or if there are example questions? Just been a while since I’ve been in the classroom so wanted to try and prepare. Thanks
  12. S

    18th edition and the requirement to upgrade consumer units when electric hobs are replaced

    Good morning does anyone know about anything in the 18th edition and the requirement to upgrade consumer units when electric hobs are replaced? i had a customer ask me about it this morning. Many thanks Simon
  13. Bob Geldoff1234

    Sat the 18th Edition exam today

    Well sat the 18th today and passed top of my class(8 people) with 90% so I'm happy with that:).Most people on my course got between 70-80%.One lad only got 60%:( I did find the 18th exam harder than the 17th in which way the questions were worded.Also there seemed to be trick questions put in...
  14. M

    Advice needed On 18th edition boards. When do fit SPD boards?

    I’m An NICEIC DI. I haven’t got around to doing my 18th yet and I haven’t got the new literature. How do you determine if you need to fit an SPD board. Should I start fitting these on all my jobs now?
  15. S

    18th edition online course

    Hey guys Currently looking to do my 18th is edition but due to work and having time off I think I’m going to go down the online course route. Which course did you guys choose if you went down the online route ? Thanks
  16. P

    Trunking in house (18th edition)

    I admit to not taking too much notice of the 18th edition changes as I only took my 18th exam last week (no excuses I am not a good spark like most on here). I have a flat to do that needs the lighting circuit rewired, but being the ceilings are like concrete and the owners don't want major...
  17. Electrical2go

    Industrial 18th Edition - How has it changed what boards you buy?

    We're interested in what changes you've made to become 18th edition compliant. We want to ensure we're stocking what you need most at Electrical2Go. So Overload and Surge Protection... Are you buying fully populated 18th Edition boards? Or buying cheaper boards and adapting? Cheers...
  18. Lauren DH

    Info on the 18th Edition course

    Hi Everyone I got quite a bit of advice on my last question so just thought id ask for help again. I'm a electrician planning on moving to Scotland in a few months. I have to complete the 18th Edition course and as im working full time and living in Ireland still i plan to do it online and then...
  19. S

    18th Edition cert issue

    Can anyone help as I have taken my 18th edition but the employer I took it with has refused to send the certificate. They have sent an email of the certificate and I have forwarded this to ECS to update my card but they have put this on hold, for some reason. I no longer work for this company...
  20. P

    18th edition exam - my thoughts

    I Just did my 18th edition exam and I will share my thoughts with those that haven't yet taken it, and although I ordered the 18th bs7671 book last summer, it sat in a cupboard still wrapped in the cardboard it was delivered in until about 5-6 days before my exam. I watched the sparkyninji...
  21. Z

    Cable clips as per 18th edition.

    Friends, I'm rewiring my brothers house tomorrow. Can someone tell me if the new 18th edition allows me to use the plastic cable clips to secure the cables to joists etc? Or do I have to replace them with metal ones? Thanks ZippyMo Trainee Sparks
  22. michaelw6

    Again the dreaded 18th edition additions...AFDDs

    Ive search the forums and cannot find a conclusive answer. I have been reading my New Regs Book today (Thank you sam400) and the IET BSI changes within BS7671:2018. Now it says 'chapter 42 protection against thermal effects:- New regulation 421.1.7 recommending installation of arc fault devices...
  23. Top Cat

    18th Edition, do I need it?

    Just had my NICEIC inspection and said I haven't done the course yet and do I need it. He said no hurry, sometime this year will do. Worth doing in case one of your customers ask if you have got it. Now it all seemed a bit vague as if they do not know if we must have it. What are your feelings?
  24. S

    NO cpc lighting 18th edition

    Went to fit new light fittings in a loft conversion today. The existing ceramic half moon uplights were installed using 2 core flex buried in the plaster going I know not where! I've come across 2 core systems in old peabody trust estates that where complient as long as double insulated fittings...
  25. S

    NICEIC 18th Edition Software

    I am having problems with the new software and wondered if perhaps a wiser head than mine can help me work around the problem Basically the new software is rubbish and the NICEIC couldn't be less helpful and it took 3 phone calls for the relevant department to admit to their being a problem -...
  26. nicnic66

    18th Edition course prices, self employed only please.

    Just wondered what sort of prices people were paying for the full course? Seen varying costs advertised. TIA
  27. C

    18th edition virtual college

    Has anyone used virtual college to do the 18th edition course? I have completed the course on their website and am trying to now book my test but all they have done is put me into contact with the NICEIC.
  28. F

    18th edition board requirements ?

    Hi, Could I ask as I’m newish to this industry, I’m trying to get a definitive or generally accepted layout for a typical 18th edition domestic board. SPD, increased RCD rating etc. What’s the requirement for a new domesic install??? Thanks.
  29. A

    SWA cleats complying to 18th edition?

    Good evening, I was wondering if anyone has seen SWA cleats that would comply with the 18th edition reg 521.10.202 (i.e. not liable to premature collapse etc...)? The data sheet for cleats produced by SWAonline say they are 'stable' between -350c and 1050c but they are still made of plastic...
  30. R

    Domestic 18th Edition Compliant Consumer Unit

    Hello all. Quick question: Are 17th reg 3rd amendment metal consumer units compliant with 18th edition regs? eg Hager VML716RKO Many thanks (Newbie)
  31. Zdb

    NICEIC Minor works certificate (18th edition)

    I use my own MEIWC that I based on the NICEIC's version below: Can someone confirm if the NICEIC are using the same certificate or if it has changed due to the 18th edition. Also if it has changed, please could someone upload a scan on the newer version for me to use as a template. thanks
  32. N

    BS7671 18th Edition 1st Ammendment

    So what do we think about this then?
  33. Zdb

    18th edition amendment 1

    It's on it's way!!!!!!
  34. Savdar1810

    IET Wiring Regs 18th Edition App

    Has anyone used the IET wiring regs 18th Edition app for android? Just wondering how useful it is and how legit it is, the mock questions in it are in a totally different written format from the other virtual mock exams I have done online recently.
  35. stephen fenton

    Can't seem to find the answer, 18th edition tommorow ; )

    A circuit with a 10mm 70*C thermoplastic copper live conductor has a maximum final temperature of 160*C. If a fault current of 600A flows through the conductor, the time taken to reach the final temperature would be.... ? got all the rest just cant seem to locate this one! cheers in advance.:)
  36. B

    16th edition electrian doing a re-wire but need to get it passed off would anyone do this?

    We have a friend who is a 16th edition qualified electrician who will rewire a house for us but need to get it passed off - can anyone help?
  37. N

    Industrial 18th Edition and the ECS card

    Hi I'm a 57 year old approved election working at Tata steel as a contractor at my age do I still need to do the 18th edition to retain my ECS card.
  38. B

    18th Edition Certificates

    Anyone know of any new 18th edition certs that work in Word and are reasonably priced?
  39. B

    Domestic Electricfix catalogue and 18th. Edition !

    Finally,not phased, I have found an outlet to purchase my much awaited SPD,s (surge protection devices) and AFFD,s (arc fault detection devices),namely via SCREWFIX !In fairness the only supplier I know who have openly approached the supply of such. I priced up a standard 10 way board,to...
  40. cprfenom

    extending the earthing arrangement for a steel framed commercial building under 18th edition

    Hi Guys, This is my situation: Existing brick building demolished and replaced with steel frame, steel panel clad warehouse/storage structure. Original building had two electrical supplies: 1 x 63A single phase and neutral via 3 core PVC SWA PVC 1 x 100A TPN via 4 core PVC SWA PVC plus equal...
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