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  1. justcurioustwo

    can frequency changes effect the electrolysis process?

    A curious look at electrolysis After reading the quotes below which I got from another forum, I ask these questions ~~~~~ "Non-integer-frequency crystals will work well, as long as the crystal's frequency is between the microcontroller's maximum and minimum crystal frequencies. The non-integer...
  2. A

    What is the effect of using 110 volts flourescent starter instead of 220 volts starter

    What is the effect of using 110 volts flourescent starter instead of 220 volts starter?
  3. M

    Outside Led flood light has started to have a strobe effect when switched on

    Hi I have an led flood light just above the door on my shed. I went out to the shed tonight and as I switched on the LED flood light I noticed that it was acting out a strobe light effect. I switched it off then on again and it was strobing again... Anyone ever experienced this before and if so...
  4. Leyland30

    Electromagnetic effect in 4C Swa cable with high kA

    Hi All, hope someone can provide some clarity; We have a number of 400mm^2 4C Swa sub-mains subject to potential 43kA fault currents. Since the cables have TP&N contained within a shared SWA sheathing we were of the understanding that the electromagnetic response resulting in a violent and...
  5. E

    Decorative/showcase trunking

    I have a project coming up that will need trunking in a very sunny very visible position in an orangery. Anyone know of something that is UV proof and kind of pretty? E
  6. G

    Radial off a ring circuit

    Hi all, I have been asked to add a couple of sockets and add power to an existing strip light (currently disconnected) in a garage. There is presently an SWA 2.5 mm cable that is apparently live but taped up, hanging loose in the garage which is fed from a 32a ring circuit located in a utility...
  7. S

    LED MR16s on DC LED drivers

    Struggling to find a consensus on this - is it OK to power MR16 LEDs off a DC power source? I have been asked to do this by a customer who has bought the lamps and transformers himself, but the MR16s actually say AC on them so I'm uneasy about it. He says he has connected them temporarily...
  8. the pict

    drill batteries

    Any one heard of the way to rejuvenate Nicad batteries or is it just stories P
  9. D

    Largest Solar Activity today in years !!!

    Anyone notice any increase in power generation leading up to today, other than they would expect for this time of year ?? I assume this would be sensed by Solar panels ??? BBC News - Fears of disruption as solar storm strikes the Earth
  10. silver surfer

    Voltage optimisation

    A client of ours are having an 800kva optimiser installed presently. So its got me thinking, as being as its basically another transformer (dare i say an isolating transformer? although i stand to be corrected!), will this effect the existing Zs values throughtout the installation? Rather like...
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