1. DonStarr

    EICR - Full rewire recommended

    I've recently has an EICR (report attached) carried out on my two bed flat because I need to rent it out for a year. The electrician has come back saying I need to replace the fuse box to pass the inspection (which I was expecting as no RCD and generally out of date), he has also 'strongly...
  2. R

    Mains tails EICR coding

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if someone could help me with some EICR coding. I am aware that bringing mains tails into a fire rated consumer unit through separate holes can lead to some issues. I encountered this exact issue today for the first time and i am unsure whether this is likely to...
  3. B

    EICR - Garden Lighting RCD

    Good Afternoon All Currently doing an EICR on common parts of a big site with multiple blocks. All blocks have outside garden spike lighting in flower beds. These have been run on edge of bed in NYYJ clipped direct above the soil. There they have terminated into WISKA boxes but then run off in...
  4. HappyHippyDad

    Thoughts on this EICR?

    I have been asked to look at this report as the customer has been given (in their words) 'A very high quote plus VAT'. It doesn't look well written at all. However, what I cant understand is the very high quote when there is only 1 x C2. My thoughts... 1. Nothing written in 'general condition...
  5. S

    EICR Remedial Works

    Hi guys, need a bit of advice, EICR was completed on the property which needed a new consumer unit and a few other bits like broken sockets and damage pendants. What’s the best way to address this with a certificate? Is it an eic stating the consumer unit has been changed and other work...
  6. I

    After a New Consumer Unit, now I need EICR & 100A DP Isolation Switch

    Trying to organise a CU replacement at home. It's a 1930s property. It's got a 10way CU but with no RCD protection. Was after a larger unit with full RCBOs. Every Sparky I've spoken to has varied in their suggested plans. 1) Some say do an EICR first, others happy to just go straight with a...
  7. naylorpd

    EICR needed in Reading

    I need an EICR done on a house I rent out in Reading, England - 4-bed detached built in early 1980s. Would ideally like someone from this forum. Last EICR was in March 2019 following which esteemed forum member Wilko put in a new DB, did various fault finding, earth upgrades and everything else...
  8. V

    New EICR for electric radiators and consumer unit

    Hi, Hoping someone can clarify for me. I've recently moved into a rental property, the landlord had new electric radiators installed and a new consumer unit. Would this require a new EICR? I've been having issues with burning smells from the plug sockets so now I'm concerned about the safety...
  9. T

    UK Higher than expected Zs

    Hi, I did my first EICR on a TT system today and the Zs was a lot higher than Ze+R1+R2 on everything. Zs was around 3.5 ohms on all of the ring circuits and the oven circuit and lighting circuits were between 3-4.5 ohms. The Ze was 1.1 ohms and R1+R2 was between 0.9-0.23 ohms at the various...
  10. R

    Cottage supplied by 16mm SWA 300+ yards! Trying to resolve a high Ze reading

    Hi, while carrying out an EICR at a farm cottage on Friday i came up against a problem early on. Whilst measuring the Ze the reading i obtained was 0.97 Ohms and 27Amps Pfc. Now the earthing system itself is quite strange. Next to the consumer unit is an old service head holding a 60A BS 88...
  11. S

    EICR code re conduit

    Have been asked to do remedials on an EICR that was carried out a year or so ago by another electrician. Curious to know what code you would give for the following. The system used to be conduit & singles but was rewired in twin at some point. By the looks of it the conduits were cut at top &...
  12. V

    Eicr recommended next test date 3 years due to plastic CU?

    Hello, I had an eicr done in 2021and it passed with four C3 items. They recommend next test date to be in 3 years instead of 5 on the certificate but did not specify a reason. I emailed them to ask and they said it was because consumer unit's enclosure is not fire-rated, there are also some...
  13. J

    EICR Test Unsat-Thoughts?

    Good day. First time poster. We recently had an electrician perform the EICR, as this is a newly purchased property I thought'd I would have the circuits checked. Prior to this I inspected as much of the ciruits as possible and checked the sockets, lights for possible issues, it all looked...
  14. Mike Johnson

    EICR for Landlords Fail ?

    Just come across this on the web from a so called expert company: Most common items that fail an EICR, What Landlords need to know before booking! -...
  15. D

    EICR - Extent of Sampling

    Had an enquiry where the installation (commercial) is relatively new and client has requested a condition report. Probably 80-100 circuits plus distribution circuits etc in total. Client has suggested to me (not sure where it came from, another sparks possibly?) and probably driven by overall...
  16. P

    Visual EICR for agents...

    Hi everyone Sorry if it's a repeated question tho. Agents followed me a failed visual EICR which has C2 for lack of RCD on cooker circuit and lighting circuit containing bathroom and been advised by other spark to replace CU. CU is approx 20 years old. For me it would be C3 with a note...
  17. dingdong

    EICR - Applying regs retrospectively

    Just had an EICR done and C2 (dangerous) applied to 3-way consumer unit which is exclusively for 3 x Storage Heaters. Pic below. Yes its plastic, and fused BUT compliant with the regs at the time it was installed and is not in dangerous condition. Should be a C3 as recommended to replace with...
  18. Retroelectric

    EICR Plastic Consumer Unit

    Hi all, Been asked to do EICR on thatched property for insurance purposes, however they will want all C3 codes rectified. Haven't seen it yet but have been told it was rewired in 2012 so i assume its a plastic CU. If its in a suitable place then bpg4 suggests this would not need recording on...
  19. A

    Eicr on domestic property

    I need to do an eicr on a property, but the consumer unit is comercial with contractors on a 3 bed house .is this allowed on a domestic property. I was going to ring my governing body on Monday to ask .has anybody come across this and what was there outcome thanks .
  20. nicebutdim

    Dodgy EICR clampdown?

    Not had time to watch this, so it may well be nonsense, but title suggests a landlord has been fined £45k for having a dodgy EICR...


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