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electrical nvq

  1. E

    Electrical Level 3 help!

    I have come across this question that has stumped me. Could anyone offer me and advice regarding the question. Thanks! What are the sources of technical and functional information?
  2. D

    NVQ3 2357 books

    I am just starting my NVQ3 2357. Can anybody recommend any good books that complement this course. Thanks for your help.
  3. A guide to Ohm's Law in Circuit Analysis | Electrical Trainee Videos

    A guide to Ohm's Law in Circuit Analysis | Electrical Trainee Videos

    A guide to understanding Ohm's Law for electricians and electrical trainees. An easy to understand video explaining the Ohm's Law equation and its use in all electrical circuit analysis.
  4. G

    NVQ level 3 - model answers for level 3 electrotechnical services

    Just wondering does anyone have the model answers for level 3 electrotechnical services. Struggling to understand the wording of questions
  5. Lou

    Trainee NVQ 3 Electrical and AM2 Training Online

    NVQ 3 Electrical and AM2 Training Online with XS Training Ltd XS Training Ltd deliver this online and throughout the UK and we are the UK’s number one online training provider for the NVQ 3 Electrical Installation NVQ Level 3 Electrical Training Courses Online | XS Training -...
  6. C

    NVQ level 3 in engineering electrical maintenance

    Hi hi just looking for some advice I've just completed my nvq level 3 diploma in engineering electrical maintenance silly question but does that make me a maintenance electrician ?? And what can people recommend and me do do to further my career in electrical cheers
  7. J

    2391 before completing my NVQ L3?

    Hiya fella's, I have almost completed my NVQ L3 (with the final 10% completed via employment) and I have been working as a sparks mate for the last 3 months on-site. I have so far gained experience in emergency lighting, most containment, installing industrial safe isolation boards (with them...
  8. Zdb

    NVQ sample portfolio

    I came across this on an electrical group which might be of use to anyone starting or doing the NVQ3.
  9. S


    Hi guys, So I completed my level 2 & 3 Diploma last September and have been working as an industrial mate since. I’m now starting my NVQ and I’m not sure of how to go about it. I’m doing EAL and apparently I have to do 2 big job, but I just don’t know as a mate how I’m going to be given the...
  10. DeanoRN

    NVQ level 3--Gold card...

    Hello all just wondering if anyone has good training establishment in the midlands to take my NVQ to get my gold card at a reasonable price i have rang up one place and they want £248 a month for 10 months, seems a a bit steep but that includes the AM2. cheers
  11. A

    NVQ Level 3 unit 15 and 38 Exam papers/questions.

    Hi, I'm currently doing my NVQ level 3 and would like to practise with old mock exam papers/questions Does anyone know of any sites with them on or pheraps have some they could send via Email. My Exams are the start of next month and I would like to get as many mock papers done as possible...
  12. S

    NVQ level 3 knowledge units questions

    Hi to evryone, I am starting NVQ level 3 with quickstep and I am wondering if anyone would like to help me with all those knowledge units questions? Not for free of course. Thx
  13. K

    NVQ provider. Been let down by current provider

    Hi Can anyone recommend a company that I can take my NVQ with? I have been working on site the last 3 years and need to get it done asap. Thanks
  14. J

    NVQ Assessments on 'site'.

    Good mornin' people, I've been told that my NVQ assessments have to be completed on site. My question is; Do these assessments have to be completed on a construction, commercial, industrial, site? Or can they be completed while doing works in a domestic property/house? Do I need to be...
  15. M

    Newbie course nvqlvl2 or city and guilds??

    Hi everyone, I'm looking in to start of domestic electrician course, i have rang up few places including college and came across courses with cuity and guilds and separetly nvq lvl 2 . Wich one is the one to go for? Im in full employement (self employed hgv) and need to be at work to cope with...
  16. C

    Which maintenance NVQ should I do 2356 or 2357?

    Hi All I am looking for some advise as to which NVQ I should complete. I have just completed the L2 & L3 2365 and am now hoping to go on to complete the L3 NVQ. I have been working as a maintenance technician for the past 8 years in automated airport baggage systems with a mechanical bias and...
  17. B

    Trainee City and Guilds 2357 NVQ conversion

    Hi all, I have my 2365-03 and the company I work for would like to put me through the 2357 NVQ conversion. I am a project manager for said company and we are mostly a data company wanting to grow the electrical side. I am at the centre of this growth having recently completed my 2396 level 4...
  18. J

    Trainee NVQ HELP struggling to find a layout

    Hi iam in the last year of my college and there’s a big push to get finished and qualified only problem is we haven’t had any tutors for over a year and nobody has started their portfolio. Is there anyone with a finished one or have some helpful information of how to complete it in as little...
  19. H

    5 years Experience. Working on my NVQ but need help

    Hello. My names ryan been doing electrics now for about 5 years. Put myself through college. Got level 2 and 3 under my belt and currently on my NVQ. However I’m struggling to determine what photos I actually need. I’m doing it with xs training. They have gave me resources but not clear at...
  20. A

    HELP with NVQ level 3

    Hi I hope someone could help. I’m currently going through my NVQ and I’m doing my last unit 318. Just struggling with this unit and the questions. 3.1 onwards. Is there anyone else who might be going through this or someone who might be able to help? Thanks
  21. D

    NVQ3 unit 312 help needed

    hi all, I’m doing my logbook I’m stuck on unit 312, i need some pictures etc for the environmental unit. Does anyone have this document completed which they could send so i can get some guidance? Or any help is appreciated, thanks
  22. Marc Lajevardi

    Trainee About 3 years ago I finished college doing my level 3 NVQ electrical...

    I didn't fail any exams or anything but when I've looked over my certs I can't see my 17th edition. Does anyone know if I would have got this in with the 2 years I done at college or is it seperate? I've tried calling the college numerous times but it just keeps ringing out. If anyone can give...
  23. B

    NVQ Provider - looking for recommendations

    Evening all, I've gained my EAL level 2 diploma, City and Guilds 2365 level 3 diploma, 17th and 18th edition and 2391 over the past 2 years .I've been on the tools for over a year now, and I feel its time to go for the NVQ. I'm at a loss as to which provider to go with. My training so far has...
  24. 1

    Requirements for Level 3 NVQ

    Morning all just joined the forum and after some advice. Last year I completed my EAL Level 2 Electrical Installation course and I've now been working as an agency sparks mate for 6 months after getting Electrical Labourer ECS card. Now ImI to get my gold card so need to do my NVQ + AM2 + 18th...
  25. K

    NVQ Level 3 Check List???

    Hi, does anyone know of a decent list of things I should work on in preparation of starting my NVQ Level 3 sometime in the future? I've been fairly lucky finding regular work as a mate but I feel like I need to start focusing my time at work more on learning rather than just working (don't read...
  26. C


    Currently undergoing level 3 installation diploma and want to start building portfolio for my NVQ. Just wanted abit of advice on what pictures i need to get and also do i need to be seen clearly in every picture?? Also anything else you think might help me and what to expect etc. Thanks in advance
  27. D

    Installation electrician, NVQ 2356 or 2357?

    Hello guys, I currently hold an approved maintenance electrician gold JIB card and need to change my status to a installation electrician due to a change of jobs and what they require. I've been on the ECS website which isn't really helpful tbh, but I've worked out I need a different NVQ level...
  28. James bishop

    Passed Lvl 3 2365, Wat next? where to look for nvq?

    Hi, I recently passed my Lvl 3 Electrical installation 2365. I'm guessing the next route to go for is getting an Nvq and my 18th edition. ( will do 18th edition later on in the year) Does anyone know anywhere I could find an Nvq I searched around but it seems like they dont provide an employer...
  29. J

    EAL 3 mixed with city & guilds NVQ

    hi everyone I did an EAL level 3 and have just finished my city & guilds NVQ3. I have received my unit credits but not my main c&g certificate. I had to do a EAL to C&G bridging unit that consisted of the wiring or an army barracks. I’m wondering is it possible to mix the EAL with the city and...
  30. AndyHewson

    Recent 2365 full time college qualified, how to get NVQ now?

    Hello all, My first post on here. I have just completed my level 3 2365 course at my local college. Now as it was a full time course and not an apprenticeship I understand that I now need to do the on-site experience and complete a portfolio of evidence showing my work to gain the NVQ and...
  31. M

    want to complete nvq on the path of least resistance !

    I have everything except nvq and am2.Maybe half of photo evidence for portfolio.What are the best companies to go for that will do most of the work for me. I know I have to get the photo evidence.Its putting it altogether and time.i am doing the nvq at college and its begining paid for but to...
  32. M

    want to complete nvq

    I have everything except nvq and am2.Maybe half of photo evidence for portfolio.What are the best companies to go for that will do most of the work for me. I know I have to get the photo evidence.Its putting it altogether and time.i am doing the nvq at college and its begining paid for but to...
  33. Moaz


    Guys, does anyone have a portfolio i could use? Need some help ASAP!!
  34. F

    NVQ level3 Able Skills ...

    Hi, I am doing the NVQ with able skills and finding it difficult to understand some of the questions. Is there a book that can help with the questions at the end? As I understand this questions are separate from the portfolio, not even sure if other training centres do them.
  35. A

    2330 level 3 qualified, no NVQ HELP!

    Hey people, i passed my 2330 course a few years back but went a different route of work afterwards due to needing money, i have been working as an electrical engineer mostly utilizing 12V-24V for just over 3 years. Now that i'm 25 i would like to get my sparks NVQ, what would be the best way to...
  36. S

    Unit 311 Level 3 NVQ help

    Hi can anyone shed any light on how t word this NVQ level 3 Unit 311, pleeeeaaassseeee
  37. J

    I failed to complete my NVQ..

    I shall cut a long story short, I started my apprenticeship to gain my NVQ level 3 just over 3 years ago when 20 and a year into it I had to deal with a few issues in my life including a couple of bereavements in the family and other personal issues which ended up causing me to lose complete...
  38. V

    Help with Nvq 2357 layout and wording

    Hi everyone, My name is Chris, I am currently doing my nvq level 3, as with usual city in guilds they word everything so genericly, that half the time you don't know what they are asking, I was wondering if anybody had a completed portfolio I could take a beak at to know...
  39. A

    Working part time until I get nvq3??

    Hi guys Just want people's views if what I'm considering doing is doable I am wanting to get my nvq3 but currently out of the trade . I have got previous experience - 8 yrs and c&g 2360 parts 1 and 2. I want to do 2 days a wk electrical as a mate/improver so I can get my nvq3 Either working...
  40. S

    Quick Step Electrical NVQ3

    hi all My boss is paying for me to complete my NVQ3 with quick step electrical. Has anyone used these before. Feedback? Do they do the writing up? Do these do AM2 in the course or would I have to do this somewhere else Thanks
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