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electrical nvq

  1. M

    NVQ Quite Quick

    Hello all any independent NVQ assessors in Essex, 3 of us need to complete for gold card all other works complete, ECS health safety & AM2 all done, qualifications all good & over 12 years working. just have a nice project underway 3 phase lots of tray, trunking, basket, singles, large...
  2. R

    NVQ onsite assessment gold card

    Hi everyone, i have a question about JIB ECS Gold cards. im wanting to know how come somebody who hasn't been to college is able to get a gold card through an onsite assessment nvq. Somebody I work with has just done it and all he had to do was take pictures of himself on site. Do a little...
  3. C

    (Newbie) NVQ experience query

    Hello all, it's my first post here. I'm coming in to the trade as a newbie and I am currently considering college courses locally (level 2-3, NVQ, AM2 etc). I will also be looking into finding basic work or hopefully even an apprenticeship in the industry as soon as I can. I'm figuring out how...
  4. Sparky10

    NVQ3 portfolio help please.

    Hi Guys currently doing my portfolio but struggling to understand wording on certain questions could anyone help rephrase them please. Thanks in advance. 1 - How do you safely use, care and store hazardous substances and what are the safe handling and disposal methods for optical fibres and...
  5. W


    Hello ive just finished the level 3 2365 course. im working as a electrical improver and want to start my nvq portfolio as im working.When i search online to sign up for the nvq all i see is private companies far away offering the nvq. As i dont have 1000 pounds plus spare at the moment to go...
  6. H

    NVQ portfolio help - flat profile pvc cable

    I'm completing my NVQ portfolio and there's just one task I'm stuck on (so far) Was hoping someone may be able to help. 1) I need an example of an installation or use for pvc/pvc FLAT profile cable that I can write about. Ive done commercial work mainly so something that ties into that kind...
  7. J

    Question about NVQ with XS Training

    Hello all I'm going to start my 2365 Level 3 next year and I'm looking in advance at what will be needed to move onto the NVQ, but I'm a little confused about what a company like XS Training offer. Can you pay for the NVQ through XS and they set up on job training and experience for you or do...
  8. B

    nvq 2357 after 2365

    Hi,i have passed my 2365 level 2,and 70% completed 2365 level 3.my question is who with,and what nvq do i take.i keep reading about various units that have to be taken on the 2357,which are similar to the 2365.surely if you have completed the c & g 2365,2 and 3,its just the site visits(visual...
  9. S

    Domestic level 3 NVQ electrical installation portfolio

    Hi there. At the moment I am studying toward's my level 3 NVQ in electrical installations. I would like to know a bit more on how a portfolio like: can I carry out the work myself if I have my 2391? If not then how many jobs are required to be completed for the portfolio? Also at the moment I...
  10. M

    JTL nvq

    Hi GuysI'm in the process of doing my job write towards my Nvq... It was quite a big job, with a lot of 'moving parts'. So as to not go overboard with detail, I was hoping that one of gents (or ladies ) can shed some light on just how much is expected. Many thanks
  11. A

    17th edition, bridging unit, NVQ, AM2

    Hi, I am going to complete 2365 L3 within few months, in the meanwhile I wanted to do 17th Edition but I don't want to pay the full course as I've been reading it quite a lot and it doesn't seem difficult (only complex), I could do distance learning or self study and do the exam. Do you have any...
  12. P

    NVQ and Agency Work

    Hi Guys, I have a dilemma I hope you can help me with? First off I cannot get an ESC card so I have to resort to a CSCS to get on site, which, comes with it's own set of problems. I am an electrical improver, I have level 3 Tech Cert, 17th Edition, NVQ 2 but no NVQ3 or AM2 so JIB won 't issue...
  13. J

    Next step help & advice needed for NVQ3

    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum and am after some advice. (I hope I'm posting in right section) i I have completed my C&G level 2 2365 (2014) and my EAL level 3 electrical instillations course (2015) and I am now looking to complete my NVQ3 to get my JIB gold card. however, I have been told I...
  14. amckay

    2356 nvq. who's completed?

    The deadline was 31st Dec 2015. I made it! I did it with XS Training, they guys there were great. It seems C&G still have their feet up as XS haven't received my certificate yet. Is anyone else in the same boat? Its just frustrating as I want to apply for JIB grading and I hear they already have...
  15. A

    Xs training, city and guilds 2356 nvq level 3, adrian philip,

    I Adrian Philip recently passed my nvq level 3, I would like to thank my assessors, Stuart and David, at XS TRAINING, for all there help through on-line messaging and phone calls, whenever I came across any difficult moments, I can't thank the guys at xs training enough, and i would recommend xs...
  16. J


    Just completed my Nvq level 3 with xs training. It took me a while but finally got there in the end. A lot of hard work. David at xs training is very good, answers your questions late at night and weekends too, nothing is too much trouble for him. Would highly recommend David and xs training to...
  17. C

    nvq l 3

    hiya lads can anyone help me on this pls What are the advantages and limitations of fault diagnosistechniques?
  18. C

    nvq l3

    hiya lads can anyone help me on this one pls as im stuck What are the advantages and limitations of fault diagnosistechniques?
  19. J

    NVQ2 qpe02/033

    Hi, Total newbie here trying to guide son on how to complete the NVQ level 2 coursework. Is there anywhere where we can find online model answers so we can see how much info is actually needed to answer the questions. He is dyslexic and the questions just seem to repeat themselves, even to me...
  20. C

    need help on afew from the NVQ L3

    Whatare the advantages and limitations of fault diagnosis techniques? Hi lad need help, im on the last one and have 5 that I don't know, my background is in construction Thanks colesy
  21. F

    Can i dead test new install for NVQ!

    Im finishing my NVQ and was wondering if i am able to dead test the install without safe isolation as the building has not been supplied power yet off the road or should i still show (fabricate safe isolation. Cheers
  22. C

    Transient voltage fault for NVQ

    Hi guys Doing my NVQ and have to locate and fix a transient voltage, after speaking to my assessor we agreed i was unlikely to come across one before my time was up and very very unlikely to come across two on different occasions. So not sure what we will do yet, maybe a simulation in the...
  23. M

    Quick NVQ level 3

    anyone know where i can do a NVQ3 quick ?
  24. haptism

    NVQ portfolio modules, collecting them yourself as a one man band

    Hope someone can throw some light on this. I completed C&G 2360 pt's (1) & 2 in 2002 but never got round to completing a NVQ3 and so never had a JIB gold card (I had a senior trainee JIB card which expired long ago). Anyhow now im thinking of getting my NVQ3 via a online provider. If i was to...
  25. DuaneMHunt1976

    NVQ 2357-34 (convert 2330-07 L2+L3 to NVQ 2357)

    Been trying to read up. if i can, and what i need to do to convert the 2330 to 2357 So far to my understand its a unit called 302 : Understanding environmental legislation, working practices and the principles of environmental technology systems Plus the 311, 312, 313, 315, 316, 317, 318,399...
  26. S

    Does the 2365 nvq include the 2394/5

    Been working with a new apprentice at work and he's currently doing the nvq part of his 2365 of the qualifications and once he's completed this and the am2 he says he can apply to to city and guilds to claim his 2394/5 and 17th qualifications. Is this right I took the older nvq and had to take...
  27. N

    2357 NVQ Level 3 Advice

    I've enrolled onto the 2365 diploma in electrical installation Level 2 in college this coming September 2015 doing 2 evenings a week over 34 weeks to complete it. After completing the level 2 am I able to apply for a CSCS card and apply for jobs as an 'Electrician's Mate' and then be able to do...
  28. D

    stuck on question on NVQ field evidence record

    Verify the compatibillty of the electrical supply to the requirements of the installation specification. a)How would you find out the compatibillty of the electrical supply? b)What do you look for in an electrical supply? can any one help on this ?
  29. F

    NVQ Level 3 Job write ups

    I am looking for some assistance in regards to my job write ups. In all honesty i don't know how to start. The course advisor is not the best and seems to want to tell me to put it off for now but i want to get started as soon as possible. Does anyone have any examples they are willing to...
  30. A

    nvq 3 assessment issues

    hi All My son is in his final year of his apprenticeship. He is having trouble finishing his nvq portfolio. The assessor is asking for evidence of work we don't do(industrial) and also evidence of managerial issues like site diaries, allocating jobs, variation documentation and recording etc...
  31. Sparky10

    NVQ Level 3

    Hi All i currently hold level 2 & 3 but am being told by JIB and ECS that i need to complete the NVQ to be fully qualified. I must work with an employer and be assessed on various jobs in order to complete the NVQ Only Problem i am coming across is that no-one will take anyone on direct or...
  32. M

    I'm a little confused about NVQ's

    Hi all, To give you a bit of background; I retrained as an electrician and completed my 2330 Level 3 in June 2012 and took my 17th edition straight after. At the time we couldn't get a straight answer from the college as to the path to approved electrician status! We mentioned the NVQ level 3...
  33. A

    Need to cover wiring systems for NVQ :(

    Hi guys, Im coming to the end of my level 3 C&G and will be taking my AM2 and regs over the summer, Although ive heard lots of combinations to get the JIB card as I am aware this will entitle me to my JIB Domestic electrician gold card, In order to get my NVQ I will have to cover all wiring...
  34. shnabz

    How to work toward NVQ?

    Hello, I am just about to finish my Level 3 2365 diploma. I hear that you can complete the NVQ in around 6 months on-site. How do I go about achieving this? I don't currently work in the industry, so would I need to start working? If I do manage to get an electricians mate job, does it have to...
  35. S

    NVQ help

    hi, ive forgotten my old login so have made a new one, i was was originally on here when I first started my apprenticeship, I'm nearly done now but im after some help. Im on the testing and inspection part and because I can't find all the faults on site if any, I have to say if I found...
  36. D

    Nvq level questions

    I need help with this question from my nvq 3 please: what are the authority issuing procedures for co-ordinating data on site services. any help would be much appreciated.
  37. D

    Nvq 3

    Hello All I have just made an enquiry with a well known course provider who offers the C&G 2365 parts 2 & 3. I called up and asked whether I could do the course then seek work as a mate in order to build a portfolio to put toward my NVQ 3. He replied that the NVQ is in fact optional, and not...
  38. B


    has anyone completed the EAL NVQ Level 3in installing electrotechnical systems and equipment. Iv been doing this for a few months, the learning provider aren't very helpful and have sent me away to do this on my own and i have never done an nvq before hence I'm not really sure what I'm doing...
  39. M

    NVQ 2357 by XS Training anyone done it?

    alright guys i completed my 2365 level 2,3 and they offered me a bridging unit , am2+ nvq for 1.7k is that good? and has anyone done a cause with them before? You will be allocated your own personal assessor who will help you to complete the NVQ on our e-Portfolio system (my assessor will be...
  40. L

    Cheapest place for NVQ3?

    As per title, where's is the cheapest place to complete my NVQ 3? Local college quoted me £1800. thanks in advance
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