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  1. D

    PZ/S recommendations

    I have Decided to get a PZ/s , I have seen a ck version and Wera version both roughly the same price... any preference amongst those who use one...??
  2. D

    Earliest examples of vde / rated insulated tools

    I have seen some older steadfast screwdrivers possibly from the 1980s with a sleeve over the shaft to achieve some level of insulation from live parts. but what were the first brands to do fully insulated and rated hand tools ?
  3. S

    Buying my first multifunctional tester

    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I am currently looking to buy my first multifunctional tester, I have looked at many from seaward to fluke but I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations? Also, has anyone ever purchased a second hand one? Is there anything to look out for when buying...
  4. G

    Can you use a 20volt in place of a broken 18volt lithium-ion

    Hi Everyone, I have a 18volt 1.5 lithium-ion cordless drill that I can no longer get parts for and the batteries are now dead, so I recently found a really reasonably priced brand new 2.0 lithium-ion with the same connections and polarity etc and although I have not attempted to put a 18volt...
  5. SJD

    "Safety Electrical Connection" metal labels

    Does anyone know a source of just the metal labels that are attached at earth clamps? Every time I need to replace a missing label, I'm taking a label from a new clamp, and throwing the clamp away, which seems a bit wasteful. I'd love to buy a bag/box of 50 or 100 of the metal labels.
  6. T

    Tripod lazer level

    Am looking at getting a tripod lazer level, is there a prefered make and model that you guys all use ?
  7. Lister1987

    Stupid question time...

    How does an earth leakage clamp meter differ from a clamp meter (if at all). Both tend to test IVR so are we just talking sensitivity, resolution and range? When does one become the other (if at all).
  8. T

    Quickwire T-Connector Plug & Socket

    I've just seen the launch announcement about the new Quickwire T-Connector Plug & Socket in Professional Electrician & Installer Magazine. See here: I'm a bit disappointed that they have chosen to release this product ahead of a 32A...
  9. D

    Megger 1741+ vs Metrel MI3152

    I have got it down to the choice of 2 MFTs. I am looking at either the Megger 1741+ or the Metrel MI 3152 EurotestXC. The megger looks like a good workhorse favoured by many electricians, but the Metrel looks like a leap forward in technology. In terms of future-proofing for EV chargers etc...
  10. T

    looking for best step / cone cutter for using on 18th edition consumer units

    Hi all, i,m looking for recommendations on a reliable tough step /cone cutter for using on 18th edition boards ?, i'm sick of hole saws rattling round and making a mess , your guidance would be greatly appreciated ! cheers fellow sparky's.
  11. P

    Does anyone have a ATEX Zone 0 torch they want to get rid off ?

    Hi guys, I am looking for a ATEX zone 0 torch is someone is looking to get rid of theirs. TIA
  12. W

    Kitchen appliance grid wiring

    Hey, Im just wondering on what everybody’s preferred brand of grid switch is?im looking for kitchen appliances switches marked up (can be white as out of sight) but after some decorative ones for the light switches in the kitchen. Its Not something i use at work so not up to date with them.
  13. James

    wall chaser

    help me out please guys and girls, i have agreed to do some domestic work, not something i normally do. 15 years ago i used to do a fair bit but now its nearly all industrial. some of the work will involve chasing channels, mostly plaster but might have to go a little into the brick every now...
  14. Loki

    CEF Calibration day

    Hi everyone, Just for information I've had an email from CEF & they are doing a Calibration day in Honiton, Devon on Monday 27th July.
  15. E

    Fluke 2042 or?

    Hi I have been working for a company for a few months, which only runs iecr and remidial after iecr, I often do 4 iecr a day or 2 large remidials. I often have problems locating cables for bonding, dead cables, broken cables and walled junction boxes, they make me waste a lot of time and often...
  16. littlespark

    Dado trunking

    I’ve got some Centaur dado trunking from years ago (2 1/2 lengths of it) from CEF. Got some lid for it, but not enough. Does other makes of trunking lids and boxes fit? I’m looking on eBay for cheap accessories rather than go back to CEF just for my own office.
  17. happysteve

    Cutting neat notches in a stainless steel cooker hood chimney

    Eh up :) Is it possible to cut a neat notch - say arch shaped, with the arch diameter about 25mm - in a stainless steel cooker hood chimney, without either making a mess of the chimney, or breaking/burning out tools, or both? Special hole saw - or maybe regular holesaw used for steel - and...
  18. D

    boards with mixed breakers

    I have been trying to get hold of BM RCBOs without much success and having inherited a job where BM are being used and some of the boards at these premises have had added other types of breakers and it is a problem with some insurers and don't really want to change the whole board if I could...
  19. D

    Lovely old Megger none of that plastic rubbish :)
  20. D

    Best MFT for EV charge point testing

    This may have been asked before but what is the best all round MFT that also does EV charge point testing? I am looking at the Megger 1741+ but also believe the Metrel testers are also good?
  21. O

    fluke 1651 upgrades/repairs

    Hi guys. I am just wondering if anyone knows if the old meters can still be repaired and who does them? I know it is possible but I cannot find anyone to do it anymore. Happy to ship across the planet as long as there is someone who can fix it. I have a 1651 origional series. Cheers.
  22. D

    Side Cutters Or Shears...???

    So I have always been a side cutter guy for cutting & stripping cable BUT I see a lot of folk using cable shears (Like The ck 3963) for cutting & stripping what is your preferred weapon Of choice...???
  23. B

    Good LOTO box for 16A Plug

    It's really as the title suggests, I need a LOTO box for a 16A plug for a job I've got guys on in a couple of weeks and I've never purchased them myself. Normally our LOTO involves locking off at a breaker/main power switch. This job is different and there's going to be generators on site and...
  24. I

    Socket & See Circuit Finder

    Hey guys! Been a spark for years and never really bothered with Fora, but thought i would give it a try! Anyway, i am starting to do a lot of work in a commercial business and they have a three phase DB, that is a little on the old side. With that, a lot of the labelling is either non...
  25. D

    Screwdriver addict...

    View: now that’s some collection...
  26. Lister1987

    Brother PTE550W & ETouch Editor 5.2 - Attribute names not showing in transferred label editting window on E550W.

    Just had a bash at duplicting a PAT label so i can store it on the machine (for some god awful reason whoever they hired to make thier Cable Label Tool app didn't add in a feature to save transferred labels to the machine which is a ball ache. I've created my label, added all the fields i need...
  27. 123

    Fake / Replica Powertools

    Has anyone come across or used any of the replica / fake power tools? I've stumbled across a few on ebay, mainly Makita but also seen Dewalt. Makita Impact 18v Makita Angle Grinder Makita SDS Makita Recip Saw A few years ago before I upgraded my power tools to 18v Li-on I got some replica...
  28. Andy78

    New bush tool

    Looks neat and a lot lower profile than a standard socket.
  29. rsgaz

    Best tool for cutting(removing) stainless steel cable ties.

    Hi all, Just to be clear, this is not for cutting off the excess when installing stainless ties, I already have the Partex tool for that. I mean removing them at a later date, and not damaging the existing cables. Aviation snips are no good, you can't get the jaws in far enough to where it...
  30. littlespark

    Hot tub recommendation

    Does anyone have one? Or are they just the new fad..... the modern version of a trampoline. im looking for a non inflatable type, that’ll run off a 13A socket. I just don’t know where to look.... These Lay-z-spa type ones just look cheap
  31. littlespark

    Wiha tool case.... Is it worth it?

    Due to a being a member of a club online, I have the chance to buy this case, and the pictured tools for £199 + VAT before its available in the UK. Likely to get it in September, when its actually released. Do you think its worth it at £199 + VAT Do you think its worth it at its rrp of £319 +...
  32. Lister1987

    JSP Storm 8 - The new rocking horse dookie

    Can't seem to get hold of these for love nor money, i as wanting to get one for MY PPE kit anyway and one for the missus for this COVID lark but can I get hold of one, can I hell. Also sizing, I can see thry have a sizing tool but it don't give any other way of sizing, any ideas? Would have...
  33. T

    18th Edition testing software/forms for iPad

    Hi all I'm sure like everyone, EICR's are going mental and I'm looking to buy and iPad to do the forms on. I've asked some people IRL about which software works well on iPad and wanted to ask you guys. What can people recommend? What looks good and works well? Ta!
  34. A

    Megger 3 phase motor with thermistor

    Hi guys Do you carry out an insulation resistance test on a 3 phase motor with thermistor protection as you would without thermistor protection or does extra caution or process need carrying out differently? First time coming across one Thanks
  35. jdinduntocher

    MK Sentry sockets

    What size of screwdriver fits most sentry range sockets
  36. J

    digital multi meter recommendations

    hello, im looking at purchasing a digital multi meter for domestic testing purposes, I want the tester to be reliable, robust and easy to use, i have a fairly tight budget (£300-£500) and this will be the first mft I have purchased, i am willing to buy second hand. Im hoping in maybe a year or...
  37. Lister1987

    Milwaukee M12 chuck upgrade?

    Got myself a 10-45mm step drill bit to enlarge a 32mm knockout to take a 40mm tails gland - didn't realise the test rig didn't have a 40mm knockout, nor my gland a 32-40mm converter. Got a cheap cheerful one from Amazon, thinking it would easily fit the M12 chuck only to discover it's...
  38. wsoppitt

    Mft which one do you guys rate?

    My fluke multi tester is playing up so in the market for something else, what do you guys rate.
  39. Lister1987

    Cable ID collars (often found after a meter upgrade

    Trying to find where I can hold of what I would call plastic phase identifying lugs/grommets - blue or brown in colour and slides over meter tails to ident line or neutral (yes I know tape works too), I've tried every combination of words I can think of but keep comIng up empty.
  40. FatAlan

    Anyone recognise this brand of light switches?

    Anyone know who makes / made these switches?
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