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  1. V

    Rcbo's looking to by

    Somebody have Rcbo's to sale , please.150-200 but the same brand. Thank you
  2. H

    Joker wrenches

    Looking at getting some joker wrenches/spanners. Are they worth an investment?
  3. B

    Smart immersion switch

    I have a client who has requested a smart immersion switch as she works away in the week and wants to heat the hot water for her return. Can anyone recommend one?
  4. D

    Need 2-gang, single receptacle box cover for two 220v, 20 amp receptacles

    I have two 220 volt receptacles (one L14-20 and one L6-20) that I want to mount next to one another in a standard two gang switch box. This would mean I also need a 2-gang, single receptacle box cover (two round holes next to one another, one in the center of each gang. I can find a 2-gang...
  5. Mike Johnson

    Fluke DMS Software

    Anyone successfully using this software, I don't seem to be able to see the results of any tests on my laptop, plus I have a lot of extraneous data from years ago that have nothing to do with me, only been installed for a couple of months, so the data from 1979 is irrelevant, anyone know why...
  6. JD6400

    Use of access equipment , do you own or hire?

    When it comes to access equipment , where do others source it from , and how do you price for it ? If you have your own cherry picker / platform , how do you charge it out and do you find it cost effective?
  7. A

    Swa earth nuts

    Hi all, has anyone used these and are they worth it? Quite expensive but if they save time. I have a 2.5 swa run 50m down a garden to feed a socket, light and roller gate. I'm think of using these where I come in and out of the plastic socket amd plastic enclosures to bridge instead of...
  8. P

    Recommended voltage tester?

    I have a Martindale VT12 voltage tester which is OK, but very quickly I discovered the continuity function is a right PITA. Test for volts on the neutral and it lights up and squeals at you! Takes a moment to realise it is the continuity LED that has lit, and the squeal is slightly different...
  9. P

    Socket testers?

    Somewhere I have a cheap Kewtech socket tester which is handy for a simple 'probably OK' check and to verify power is on. But they will pass a really high R2 value which is not good, so recently when I saw the likes of the Martindale EZ165, or Socket & See SOK34, offering some sort of real test...
  10. R

    Conduit/Trunking Cutter

    Can anyone recommend a tool for cutting PVC Conduit and Trunking?
  11. M

    What tool bag setup do you have? Here’s mine !

    Here’s a video showcasing my tool bag setup! what setup are you currently using? View:
  12. 123

    T&E Prices?

    What is everyone paying for 1.5 & 2.5 T&E at the minute? The price of copper seems to be as low as it's been in a long time, and cable slowly seems to be following it.
  13. Darren Evans

    Which downlights do you use?

    Hey fellow sparks! I've fitted quite a variety of LED downlights now, some with fiddly screw connectors, some with easy push fits, some with difficult push fits. Some with the connector built into the body, some with separate connectors. I prefer separate connectors (so easy to replace the...
  14. L

    Essential kit

    Hi I was hoping somebody could list a standard electricians tool kit content so that I can see if I am missing any essential kit, also please list anything that wouldn’t be considered essential but will be very useful really appreciate any replies thank you
  15. Pete999

    Old style switches etc

    Anyone getting involved in using retro style lighting switches, the ones fitted on wooden boxes, or blocks, if so are the boxes/blocks pre drilled or is this something you have to do yourselves? just wondering, nothing to do on a Friday Afternoon.
  16. A

    Wylex ranges

    Wondering if someone can help, I have an old surplus of wylex/crabtree rcbos. They are identical in moulding. I wanted to use them up in my new extension rather than for a customer because the mix match branding on them. I've ordered a new wylex nm range db and although the sit perfectly on the...
  17. Electrical2go

    NEW Industrial Control Products @ Electrical2Go

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  18. Leroy Merlin

    Missing something?

    Might be missing something but Screwfix seem to be selling massive meter tails....? Was this in amendment 1? 😂
  19. T

    Best places to buy tools

    Hi All, I am looking to start building my first set of tools. I have a rough idea of what tools I need from making a list of what I most commonly borrow from others on site. I was just wondering wheres the best places to look for tools are. I am based in South Wales.
  20. 1Justin

    slim 6mm SWA Y joint for bollards?

    Terminating 2 x 6mm swa into 1.5mm H07 flex inside lighting pillars. Many of them.. Max probably 85mm dia. Wiska 308 too big, Wago capsule too big, Galv trouser boxes too small. Nothing seems to be suitable. Am thinking of making my own with 82 dia solvent weld tube. - Know of any commercial...
  21. S

    Maximum Service voltage of ACBs(air circuit breakers) .

    Can we use a ACB rated for insulation level of 1000v, and 690 volt serivce voltage at, 800volt. For example ABB sace E1.2N , Can it be used at 800volt AC?
  22. haptism

    Makita SDS BRH242 vs DRH242

    Anyone know the difference between the Makita BHR 242 and DHR 242. Theyre both brushless and both 18v. I dont know they look the same drill to me, can you put the dust extractor one one and not the other ? Thanks
  23. C

    USA How do you properly drive sleeve anchors?

    Recently I've been assigned to a new water park construction site and my days have been regulated to mounting and securing hundreds of feet of PVC conduit for protection against moisture. During my installation I've been mostly limited to mounting strut to concrete walls and floors in order to...
  24. happyhippydad

    Question about the little giant dark horse ladder...

    I have just seen the little giant dark horse ladders (Little Giant 24 in 1 Ladders - and they look fantastic in all but one way.... What I like about my werner is that it has a built in tray at the top that just folds out with the...
  25. D

    Megger blue crocodile clip

    Hi everyone I have lost my blue megger plug in crocodile end off my test lead grrr Anyone got one I could buy plz other makes which I have won't go near 🤨
  26. R

    Drill Biy Storage Box.

    I’m looking for a box that I could carry inside my Milwaukee Bag. As I have my SDS, Combi and Charger in there. This is the bag:
  27. Electrical2go

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  28. G

    Fluke 1664 and EV test kit

    I'm looking to complete the EV charger point installation, I know I need the IET book for it, but I'm looking for a tester too and I'm not sure if my current model is compatible (megger mft1711) Does anyone use the fluke, how does it compare? Does anyone use the same MFT with an adaptor? Thanks
  29. L

    Best clamp meter to get started?

    As title, budget of 100 arm. Ideally want something I can use as an earth clamp meter (assuming it's not just a clamp meter with better range.
  30. R

    Cable measuring device

    I’m just after a tool that my uncle used to measure cable lengths. The device goes into the conductors and then gives you a reading. Any idea what it is and where I could buy one. I would try google but I’m not sure what the device is, and my uncle bought it a long time ago.
  31. R

    Long thin SDS bits

    I’m looking to buy some long thin SDS Bits. One of the lads from work has one. It’s an odd size 6.5mm in diameter but it’s almost a meter long. Anyone any idea where I could buy one as he said he can’t remember where he purchased it from. As I don’t like the idea if using a 20/25mm bit for...
  32. jonnyb

    Which Multifunction? (backup)

    Hi Chaps, Recommendations please Any recommendations I'll follow up by having a look on youtube etc (Everythings on youtube now!) Looking for a backup/second multifunction tester. Requirements are: Any brand Reliable Must test most (preferably all) RCDs but type A a must obviously. Prefer...
  33. L

    Replacing 500mA STD universal dimmer RCD

    Hi, The attached photo will show you the current RCD which is connected to 5 LED lights. There are around 12 of these in total, which controls the commercial shops lighting, with a single switch for each lighting circuit. The RCD from ABB costs up to £500 and also apparently needs someone...
  34. A

    Emergency Stop Switch KJD17B NVR Source URL:

    I want to make a power tool extension lead using an Emergency Stop Switch KJD17B NVR. However, this is a momentary switch (not latched) so the supply is not constant. Do I need the switch to operate relays that will feed a constant 240V? What would the wiring diagram be? what relays would I...
  35. F

    Wall chaser cutting width

    Hi all! Be gentle as this is my first post on here. I am looking to buy a wall chaser but the cutting width is only 30mm max. The 25mm PVC channel I am fitting is 50mm wide, so why is this and whats the solution? Why manufacture a 30mm cutter when the common channel is 50mm wide. A keen but...
  36. W

    Another multimeter question.

    hey everyone, I am looking for some advice, I am thinking of getting a new DMM for industrial work, mostly motors, digital io, not much analog. Currently my go to is the fluke 87v, but when it gets wet the alarm for the leads comes up, I have cleaned it out a few times and it is still a problem...
  37. T

    Seeking Dewalt Battery HOUSING 20v

    It appears that this may be a UK only forum, but I will at least ask around if that is allowed. I am in search of the small DeWalt 20v battery housing. I have contacted DeWalt themselves, but they do not offer it for sale. Is there anyone that knows where I can find a nice, pristine housing or two?
  38. pirate

    How many of you use a Leatherman or similar multi-tool or EDC on a regular basis?

    Idly wondering if many use such a tool... I find mine very useful for odd tasks, and a godsend for certain others, like when you are back up the ladder and you need a knife/file/scissors/small screwdriver. Many are one-handed operation and give you just the tool you need from time to time.
  39. OfficialAsh

    Best tool for cutting conduit?

    Hello, I'm looking to improve my cut time and quality using a better tool other than a traditional hacksaw. I've been looking around and all I could find that looks like it can do the job of cutting pvc and galvanized steel is this: Milwaukee C12PC-201C 12V 2.0Ah Li-Ion RedLithium Cordless...
  40. edexlab

    DIN cable connection tool

    Does anyone know of a tool for tightening up the barrel of DIN type cable connectors Company I work for now uses a lot of this type of connection often with limited access for fingers I've seen a phoenix contact version with a hex screwdriver and a cam which slides on to the end , this hooks on...
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