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electrical tools

  1. R

    HSS Drill Bit Set Recommendations

    I’m looking to buy some HSS Drill Bits. Could anyone recommend a decent set.
  2. G

    Recommend dimmable constant voltage driver for a LED strip

    Hi, can anyone recommend a dimmable constant voltage driver for a LED strip and any suppliers? Many thanks
  3. M

    MK Grid Plus Frame & Captive Screws !

    Just bought into MK Grid Plus system to provide required flexibility for light switches. Shocked to see that the frames have captive screws held in place by a washer. Need to use longer screws as most of my back boxes are too far back. Ordinarily you junk the screws that come with sockets...
  4. J

    Looking for good quality tool belt

    As above. I had an ancient leather one from the days when battery drills had yelllow thermal cut outs on the side... looking to upgrade. C&k one looks good. Any other suggestions please? thanks john
  5. P

    Side cutter vs cable cutters?

    I'm just wondering what the difference is between these two tools below. The cable cutters seem so much easier to strip cable with and to take off the pvc to expose the copper but they use the side cutters in college. Might be a stupid question
  6. Rockingit

    SS cable tie tool?

    I'm doing an increasing amount of stuff with Stainless Steel ties, sometimes for purely decorative reasons, and obviously they're not very friendly even with gloved hands. Are the tension/cut devices worth the money and does anyone have a brand/model recommendation if so?
  7. R

    Recommendations for a Voltage Indicator and Proving Unit

    I’m looking to save for a Safe Isolation Kit, we done the Safe Isolation procedure in College using a Martindale Kit. But would anyone have any recommendations for a kit to buy? The Martindale was good but I’ve seen a few other manufacturers that seem to offer more features but are they worth it?
  8. J

    Any recommendations for a good quality Torque Screw driver set please?

    As above Thanks JB
  9. T

    Identifying tape

    Hi I'm not a qualified professional electrician but I do repair laptops and pc's. Anyway my question is this. On a couple of cables there's a piece of tape. It looks to be woven from wire fibres and it's silver / grey in colour. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I'd appreciate it...
  10. littlespark

    Kinetic switches. Good makes?

    What’s a good brand of kinetic type switches? Do they come IP rated, as existing switches and sockets are Masterseal type. Where to get them? Regular wholesalers, screwfix, Amazon? Long shed, 34m x 6m. 3 double doors along long wall, existing 2 gang 2 way at each end door controlling 6 twin...
  11. J

    Looking for recommended voltage tester with phase rotation test on it

    Hi Am looking for the above, with bag and tester confirmation box. Any recommendations please as there are a lot to choose from. Thank you. John
  12. darkwood

    How much!

    Just wondering what the most expensive tool box item is, just bought a crimper £480 smackeroons ... anyone beat that? ... ps no meters etc just tool box tackle!
  13. B

    Can someone tell what tool creates this kind of cable termination/join

    Hi, I work with caravans and I often see this termination of cables and am intrigued what tool creates it, my Google foo has failed me so thought I would ask here. Hopefully the picture is clear enough, as looking at it now it's a bit out of focus.
  14. Electron

    Best EV Charger without Earth Rod?

    Plan to offer installation of EV Chargers, but not interested in using Earth Rods. I can only find two products, Zappi and Podpoint. Are there any others? Who would other EV installers recommend?
  15. Midwest

    Earth Rods - pointy one

    I need to buy a 5/8 earth rod. Picked one up from my local wholesaler, but it’s threaded both ends. It appears my wholesaler only stocks the 5/8 in an extendable version. I’ve seen online ones with a pointed end, are they readily available, i.e. pointed one end thread the other? Screwfix only...
  16. Lister1987

    Best place for test lead flex? Double insulated silicone I think they are

    As above, making some adapters for my MFT but seems a shame to butcher a set of leads - Ok you'll cut them in half and reuse both parts (banana plug section into a C15 and lead and probe section into a C16 (Male to Female). Trying to figure if I should just buy a off the shelf 3 phase, 5 pin R2...
  17. D

    WoW ... home made screwdrivers

    View: very impressive home made screwdrivery
  18. B

    I am trying to source a coil which has got very little details on it

    I would like some help in identifying and sourcing a coil. I have never seen one like this and there is very limited markings on it. 17-5509 Y7 is marked on one side and all I can make out from the label is Coil 240v 50hz.
  19. D

    A bit of screwdriver porno

    View: bit of a tool review
  20. D

    Another tool question... HOBO tools...?.?

    Anyone heard of a brand of tools HOBO ? (i think possibly Dutch or German made)
  21. M

    What wrench to used for big glands?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering what tool do you all used for gland bigger than M63? I'm using stilltons but I rather not used that as they mark the glands. Any suggestions would be great thanks.
  22. Dartlec

    Surely this isn't really a "vintage" tester? (ebay link)

    Idly browsing fleabay and I ran across this: I know standards were once rather laxer, but surely this was never an actual manufactured product? More like some maniac in a shed cackling as he put it together? Brass may be less conductive than copper, but even so (not sure I'd trust to there...
  23. G

    Laser Levels

    I'm looking at getting a cheap laser level, anybody use the heupar or tacklife ones? are they up to the job or not?
  24. D

    King Dick Gear

    I have been offered (For a small price) some King Dick tools not a make I have used before , are they any good...??
  25. S

    18th ed Mft up to 600£

    Hi All Any advice for Mft up to 600£ just starting to learn testing and was thinking about Dilog Dl 9118
  26. R

    Case for long 600mm to 1000mm Drill Bits.

    I am looking to buy a case for storing my SDS Bits in . As currently I’m using my car for work and would like a way of transporting them whilst working on the job out of the engineers van.
  27. D

    Another lovely old test meter... love These old meters
  28. M

    Anybody used "Consumer Unit World" ?

    Hi, I have been watching a few YouTube videos of other sparkies and one in particular recommends a wholesaler called "consumer unit world" and I thought i'd give them a try as my normal supplier was out of stock of a few items, placed a order online last Tuesday (18th August) as it said...
  29. D

    Optiform tools

    Has anyone heard of or used Optiform tools before ?
  30. ferg

    Lap Downlights

    I've ended up repairing / rewiring anothers mess and one of the delights I'm faced with is Lap 240v integrated downlights. They have loop in and out push fit terminals but no terminal for the cpc and no space or way of using a connector in the fitting to ensure a cpc at each point. I've...
  31. M

    Megger RCDT320

    I have recently acquired a Megger RCDT320 second hand from fleabay. It won't do auto testing on 300mA, 500mA or 1000mA also on these ranges it won't do x5 manually. The display reads > 1000mA. It does the ramp test ok on these settings. Is this faulty or how it is. Thanks Mack.
  32. Marti

    Fire Retardant Grommets

    An interesting grommets question...hold the front page. Wondered if anyone knew a supplier of the white fire retardant grommets normally used to seal a CCU at the point of cable entry? Wylex and BG make pre-packed kits, somewhat over priced for what they are but they sort-of do the job...
  33. J

    2-Gang (PVC) Weatherproof Extension Rings?

    Can anybody tell me where I can find this product as PVC or if anybody makes a PVC version? View:
  34. B

    Noob looking for MFT and other bits of test equipment

    Hi. I'm looking to buy My First Multifunction Tester, a voltage indicator and a proving unit. Do you have any advice or links to special offers, bundles, etc? I'll be doing domestic EICRs, fault finding and remedial work (all domestic). TIA :) Edit: My budget is £800 all in
  35. D

    Phillips or Pozi

    Ok Today’s question...?? why do we bother with pozi head screws when we already had Phillips head screws....?
  36. J

    Megger 1741 - software support

    Hi How do people get on with the 1741 software for transferring test results into a report? Any links to seeing it in action would be appreciated? I could not find any on Utube, i guess i am not looking for the right name? Thanks John
  37. J

    Hello, I would like to download Camélia a Mechanical calculation software for overhead distribution lines. can someone have it's installation or link

    Hello, I would like to download Camélia a Mechanical calculation software for overhead distribution lines. can someone have it's installation or link ??
  38. T

    which is the best rework station brand I can buy at about $68?

    which is the best rework station brand I can buy at about $68?
  39. D

    PZ/S recommendations

    I have Decided to get a PZ/s , I have seen a ck version and Wera version both roughly the same price... any preference amongst those who use one...??
  40. D

    Earliest examples of vde / rated insulated tools

    I have seen some older steadfast screwdrivers possibly from the 1980s with a sleeve over the shaft to achieve some level of insulation from live parts. but what were the first brands to do fully insulated and rated hand tools ?

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