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  1. T

    Electrician Work as a mate/improver in London. Own tools and transport.

    I am 27 years old, based in London, with aspirations to qualify and work as an electrician. I apply myself well with a strong work ethic and problem solving abilities, and have a serious desire to learn and succeed. I recently left a job with EDF where I worked in metering...
  2. L

    Trainee Looking for electrician mate job

    Hello to everyone Am new to this place . I have been looking for an electrician mate job for the last 3 months . I have level 2and 3 ,17th edition which am currently updating to 18th edition ECS,Cscs but it is difficult to find a mate Job in London where I live. Can someone help with domes...
  3. L

    Electricians Mate Looking for electrician mate job around Derbyshire - travel an hour radius - sunday-thursday

    Hello, back again, looking for some more on site experience with REGULAR work. Most recent experience working with a local napit registered electrician covering domestic and light commercial work. I have my own hand tools, testers, brand new powertools from wall chaser, sds, multitool, impact...
  4. R

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as an Electrician Mate in Liverpool, Wirral, Warrington, Chester.

    I am looking for work as an Electrician Mate in Liverpool, Wirral, Warrington, Chester and Surrounding Areas. 2365 City and Guilds Level 2 - Distinction. Own Tools Full Clean Driving Licence with own car. ECS Card I have worked with my uncle, mainly working as a mate in Commercial and...
  5. M

    Electricians Mate Gold card electrician with mate wanted in York

    Morning all, We are currently looking for a gold card electrician with a mate for our commercial project in York based close to the station (yo1) for a Monday start. Work mainly 1st fixing twin and earth. Work Hrs 7.30 - 4.30 with a 45min break. Rate £19 an hr. Payments made via CIS...
  6. M

    Electricians Mate Electrician with mate wanted for Monday start Holborn London

    Morning all, We are currently looking for a gold card electrician ideally with a mate for our Holborn site (wc1a) to start on Monday 8th October. Work will be focusing on installing lights. Enough work on site until mid December at least. Hrs 7.30am - 4.30pm with a 45min break Monday to...
  7. C

    electrician mate jobs

    Alright. I,m 19 and trying to go down the route of becoming an electrician mate, my aim goal is to become a fully qualified electrician. I have completed a Level 2 diploma in electrical installation and really enjoyed it. I am doing my health and safety test for the ECS card, alot of the jobs i...
  8. N

    Electricians Mate Electrician mate / Trainee

    Hello all, I’m currently studying Electrical installation level 2 at Chichester college, and was wondering whether or not anyone is looking for an Electrical improver / Trainee for the long term? I’m currently studying in the evenings so I’m able to work Monday to Friday, including weekends if...
  9. M

    Electricians Mate Electrician mate looking for work in Oxford

    Hi I am looking for work as an electrician mate in oxford or reading my number is 07438618480
  10. Chizzle

    Electricians Mate Hi to all, Looking for some work as a electrician mate and someone to take me under their wing

    Hi my name is Chaz based in Hounslow London. I have just recently completed my studying as a domestic installer. I know its not as good as the whole collage learning. Im 32 years of age currently working full time in a totally diffrent industry but looking for a fresh start and new career. My...
  11. R

    ECS Labourer Help!! electrician mate

    Hi ! Im new here and i need some advice : I have some qualifications from abroad and ive got a statement of comparability from uk naric and it qualify me to work as an electrical installations technician. my queation is how can i get the ecs labourer card as im trying right now and im having...
  12. T

    Electricians Mate Is anybody after a electrician mate?

    Hi, I'm a electricians mate with 6 years of experience of of being in the trade. Recently failed my am2 so looking to resist to, I don't drive which lets me down on so many parts but I'm willing to work away and find my own way to where ever needed.
  13. T

    What next with my qualifications ??

    I have recently finished college part time studying city and guilds level 2 and 3 diploma (2365) in electrical installation but I'm not completely sure what my next options are or what is available to me now ? I know I can go on to become fully qualified but I need a company to employ me to...
  14. EMMEC

    Electricians Mate looking for electrician mate /improover

    Hi Guys I'm looking for an electrician improvers and mates . works across London. very good t&c :)) if You have a car/motorbike that will be great.
  15. T

    Electricians Mate I am looking for Electrician Mate/improver job

    Hi i Just finished C&G 2365 Level 3, i am looking for work as an electrician mate or improver. i have experience in domestic . i hold 17th edition, ecs and sentinel card I live in London Thanks
  16. L

    I'm willing to work for free to gain practical experience ( electrician mate)

    I'm an African I moved to UK a few years ago and currently I live in London. I'm planning in the future to return to Africa as electrical engineer. I have been doing home studies, city and guild electrical and I have finished the 2365 level 2 and now I'm studying level 3. I'm planning to use...
  17. F

    Looking for job as an Electrician Mate. Worthing

    Actively seeking a position as a full time electrician's mate/apprentice to gain experience. I applied my self on the course and done quite well on the practical and theory. I am willing to apply myself to given tasks and adapt to new challenges. I hold the following qualifications: City &...
  18. T

    I'm Looking for job as an Electrician Mate.

    Hi Guys, I just finished C&G 2365 Level 3, I'm looking to build up experience. I have worked for 6 months in domestic installation 1st and 2nd fix. I Live in Hackney. Thanks in advance
  19. P

    Electricians Mate Electrician mate looking for work in London

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for work as a mate/improver in and around London. I have recently finished C&G 2365 Level 3, and I'm looking to pick up some work. Ideally I would like to start building a portfolio towards the NVQ, but as I'm just starting I'm open to any electrical work really. I...
  20. R

    Electricians Mate Electrician's mate (Worthing)

    Hi All, I am looking to gain experience working with an electrician and working as an electricians mate in the Worthing, West Sussex area. I am 24 years old, currently on my second year of C&G2357 and only have a week notice left with my current employer. I drive, have my own car and have no...
  21. ivan campos

    Can I apply for a ECS card at this stage. Opportunity hunting.

    Good afternoon dear forum members, I wanted to find out if I am eligible to apply for a ECS card in order to increase my chance of finding an opportunity to work as an apprentice, electricians mate or improver. I am thinking of getting my own liability insurance as I heard it helps when looking...
  22. C

    Electricians Mate Electrician Mate / improver looking for work experience in Manchester

    Hello everybody, i am a 32 year old looking for experience within the electricial industry. i have just completed 2365 Level 2 and 3, also i will be going on to get the 17th edition in few weeks so would really appreciate if sombody would give me the opportunity to prove that i am a really hard...
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