1. H

    Jumping from Commercial to Domestic

    Fellow sparkies, General Q I’m 21 with 3 years experience just coming out my time. I have my level 3 and NVQ ; portfolio)done just need to complete my AM2. I’m a typical commercial sparks doing plenty of work with metal containment, SWA cables that sort of works. But I have been thinking about...
  2. G

    I have a HNC in electrical engineering and I would like to become a qualified electrician.

    Hi Guys, I have spent the majority of my adult life trying to secure an apprenticeship as an electrician, this has been a very hard journey but I have not given up, I have gone as far as putting myself through a HNC in electrical engineering passing my graded unit with an A in the hopes that...
  3. Bluemc96

    What Qualifications are needed to become qualified Electrician?

    Hello, I have been reading through other threads and benefitting from seeing the fantastic advice you have to offer. However, I still have still have some questions and would be thankful for advice. Q1) I'm 25 years old, got Computer science degree, A-levels in Maths, Computer science and...
  4. J

    Electrician Required in Beverley

    Required to join the Street Lighting & Traffic signal team, based at Beverley Depot for 37 hours per week, plus 2 hours contractual overtime and participation in contractual stand by/call out scheme. You will be responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of illuminated and non...
  5. O

    Seeking advice on qualification for experienced electrician

    Hello, I am a qualified Electrical Engineer from outside UK who has a lot of experience working in domestic and industrial electrical projects as well as manufacturing based. I am 65 years old and nearing retirement age, I live in London and need to find a course or qualification which would...
  6. D Skelton

    Electrician Hiring Rail Distribution & Plant Technician

    I'm hiring a Distribution & Plant Technician for my department. Network Rail technicians provide the essential link between the team leader and the team's operatives. Distribution & Plant Technicians work as part of a team to keep power flowing through the electrified rails safely and...
  7. B

    Electrician Mates - Minehead, Somerset - Immediate Start

    Electrician Mates, Minehead, Somerset 5 month contract. Must have current ECS/CSCS At least 40 hours Mon- Fri Single phase standard 1st and 2nd fix On site accomodation provided Rates dependant on experience Call Mark 07586 265040
  8. F

    Labour rates (Domestic electrician)?

    North England (not London) . . . What is a FAIR daily rate (just labour no materials) for an electrician, an electrician qualified to remove and replace a simple domestic consumer unit test and certify that work? When I use the word FAIR I mean . . . plasterers, brick layers, plumbers, car...
  9. H

    Electrician/Mate Wanted SW London

    We operate mainly in SW London and are looking for an electrician or mate ASAP. Mainly domestic work; rewires, maintenance, fault finding and testing. Applicant will need: min. 3 years experience, domestic preferred able to work alone hand tools and power tools (vehicle not essential)...
  10. S

    Looking for electrician or mate for tomorrow

    Hi, Looking for a electrician/mate for tomorrow in Epping Forest Area. Please email [email protected] or call 07517741012 Thanks, James
  11. K

    Swedish Electrician looking to acquire a Skilled Worker Visa.

    Hi! I am a soon to be qualified, but not authorised, electrician in Sweden. I'm not quite sure how comparable it is, but certification is done by our equivalent of ECS/JIB and authorisation is done by the electrical safety council. The latter is primarily useful for project managers and...
  12. D

    Celebrity Electrician Nick bundy latest video

    Some interesting content in this vid Would you go back and swap the 2 conduits for trunking due to magnetic flux ? Would you reveal your prices on social media ? (Imo his price for the board change and various things like new down lights was incredibly cheap)
  13. W

    Electrician Need a change in my career. What other jobs can an electrician do?

    I'm 27 and been on the tools since I was 16. I’ve become really fed up with site work and doing the same thing day in, day out. I was wondering what other avenues I could go down with the qualifications I have, Level 2 & 3 in college, AM2 and 18th edition. I was even considering heading into M&E...
  14. A

    Electrician Do you know any electrician in Gravesend?

    Electrician in Gravesend needed urgently
  15. Johnsty32

    Electrician Electrician looking for work

    Looking for work in Newcastle upon Tyne if anyone can help me thanks ??
  16. J

    Advice for 30 year old trying to become an electrician?

    Hi everyone hope your all good. I've been training to be an electrician for 2.5 years and in that time ive achieved the following qualifications: 2365 2382-18 2391-52 I've been applying for jobs for a year now but had no luck, i cant even get a position as a mate.. Which is why i decided...
  17. S

    US Electrician looking to work in the UK

    Hello everyone, Not really sure how much of a longshot this is, but wanted to inquire and get any advice possible on being a licensed electrician in the US and seeking to possibly move abroad to somewhere like the UK and be able to continue working there. I understand some things are different...
  18. E

    Fully Qualified Electrician required Dorset

    We are currently looking for 18th edition qualified electricians to join the company on a full time basis, gold ECS card required, 2391 or equivalent preferred but not necessarily a requirement. We are based in Dorset however most of our work will involve travelling. Also the majority of our...
  19. S

    Paid electrician, is this right or normal?

    I’ve had an electrician rewire my house. Is it normal for him to leave it like this… Also, some switched were the wrong way round. Is this normal to leave it like this for me to sort out or should they at least clean the plaster splashes off?
  20. G

    UK Qualifications needed for a UK electrician to work in France

    Hello all, I'm new to these forum so go easy on me! Apologies if this has been brought up many times before but I have some questions about being an electrician in France. Basically I'm currently an apprentice in the UK, a couple months away from finishing my Level 3, afterwards I have my...
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