1. BulkWorkwear

    Electricians Workwear | Bulkworkwear

    Electricians! Let your workwear do the work. From high viz vests to logo applications, we've got it all covered in house at K*F']Bulkworkwear.co.uk #electricians #hiviz #highvisibility #safetywear #workwear #logoclothing
  2. S

    Temporary Commercial Electricians Required

    I need 2 x ECS Gold Card electricians with IPAF for a job in Bedford, Data, Small Power, WIFI Distribution. and 1 x ECS Gold Card Electrician for a job I have in Milton Keynes If anyone is available and lives local to Bedford or Milton Keynes please contact me Start date is as soon as possible.
  3. L

    Honest Electricians in west London?

    Hi, I've been scammed by several electricians recently and I was wondering if any of you guys know of any trustworthy, honest and qualified electricians in west london, near wandsworth?
  4. D

    Electrical Engineer/Industrial Electricians

    We require Industrial Electrical Engineers/Electricians for the following. Machine installations and breakdowns. Inspection and testing/Upgrading of existing infrastructure. Quality of workmanship/Attention to detail and compliance with regulations paramount. Near Newport South Wales.
  5. S

    Economy and business activity for domestic electricians

    Hi Everyone How are self employed people finding business lately? I feel like things have slowed down a bit. I've recently moved though and seasonally maybe things are slower. How do others feel, is business ticking over ok? Cheers.
  6. jamesday77

    Subbie Electricians need ASAP in Birmingham

    We are currently looking for sub contractor electricians for ongoing work on large scale projects in the Birmingham city centre area. Please drop me a note if interested and we can arrange a call
  7. MohammedKhan321

    Electricians Mate Any electricians looking for a mate?

    My name is Mohammed and I live in London (East Ham). I've nearly finished my L2 2365 C&G (passed the 10 hour practical build, just doing the health and safety assessments now) and wondering if anyone is willing to take me on as a mate or give me an opportunity to build up any experience? Got...
  8. Blank00

    Questions for Electricians DIY

    Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good day. I would like to ask a few questions about the electrician profession and the journey to becoming one. Thank you in advance for taking the time to answering some questions. 1. What did you study when you were in high school? (if you went) to...
  9. C

    Electrician Electricians required - Worcester

    Electricians required for 10 month project in Worcester. Apartments and communal works - Price work. JIB/CSCS required Please email [email protected] for more details if interested.
  10. W

    Best labelling machine for electricians

    Whats the best labeller to get for general labelling, plus I really want one that you can print the circuit label strip off for a consumer unit, as I usually hand write them, but my handwriting is s@*t and the stickers that come with the boards are always missing one or two I need which is so...
  11. T

    Hello from Cologne. Annoyed by german electricians who say "you can't!".

    Hello. German electricians, in my opinion, are quickly vicious in forums, like many German craftsmen, when you ask questions about their area of expertise. They apparently feel it is an affront to honor if a layman dares to try to do something they have spent 3.5 years learning to do. Besides...
  12. TTtttt

    Is it possible for many more if not all electricians to be trained up regarding solar PV

    Is it possible for all or at least most electricians to be trained up in the wiring of solar PV installations, particularly the iBoost or Eddy or similar boxes? I have had two iBoost and I still have no hot water ability as iBoost boxes seem to be a disaster and absolutely impossible to find any...
  13. Lantern Group

    Electrician We are ready to hire 2 full time Electricians

    We have immediate openings for full time Electricians in the Milton Keynes area. We are a custom designer and manufacturer of lamps; most of which are oversized LED lamps, built for outdoor; primarily mega installations inside major attraction parks worldwide. We are looking for local UK...
  14. OnlQQker

    MUSIC Thread... What Are You Into?

    An Electrical music thread so I'll start with
  15. RichSutton

    Electrician 2 x Electricians req for Midlands Housing Association

    We're looking for a couple of electricians to join our team to carry out repairs and maintenance to domestic properties within the Midlands area (most Nottingham and Derby). We can offer stable, long term employment, with some great benefits, some of which are listed below. ✅ 29 Days holiday ✅...
  16. S

    UK What makes a good electricians admin assistant?

    Good morning all, I was dragged out of retirement last year to help with the office side of being an electrician. I do their invoicing and chase payments ( the worst), got them through CHAS and Constructionline (was it worth it?) and even phone around to see if any local companies need...
  17. C

    Minimum qualifications for electricians?

    Morning Ive been asked to help out with recruitment of electricians at work and Im having trouble with some of the CVs we are getting. My understanding was to be a qualified electrician you need An NVQ level 3 (or equivalent) A Level 3 technical certificate (C&G, ONC, HNC) 18th Edition We...
  18. W

    Electricians Mate Electricians taking on mates/labourer in Edinburgh

    Hi Everyone, I am just about to start my NVQ soon. I have a problem I need to work on a site doing electrics to pass my NVQ. If anyone can help or guide me that would be greatly appreciated. You don't need to pay me. Spent the last year on ships in docks pulling electrical cables, installing...
  19. L

    Whats the going rate for electricians on the books?

    Going to see about a pay rise now its the start of the new financial year, I've not had one for years. Time served with 2391 test and inspection employed based in west yorkshire. Just wondered what a realistic hourly rate is these days.
  20. M

    Mila are looking for Electricians accross the UK

    Mila are on the lookout for qualified electricians across the UK. We are about to go live with Amazon Home Services in all regions, meaning that any electrical item bought on the amazon website will offer installation services as well. Mila is the platofrom behind all of this connecting the...
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