1. G

    Electricians wanted in home counties

    Hi all, We're looking for an experienced electrician based around the Surrey area. Carrying out various works mainly in the commercial sector - with some residential work. Experience in commercial EICRs would be greatly beneficial. Geographically, We have works around all of the home counties...
  2. Dan

    Electricians Vans, any of you have electric vans? How good are they now?

    Wondering how many of you have electric vans now being used as your main electricians van? Are they good enough now to use for work? Had a similar thread on tilersforums and there's one guy that had them since they were shyte and he stuck with them and now says they're brilliant and definitely...
  3. tony9i9i9i

    How many electricians does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Had a customer message me before I went to do a job asking if I could put a new bulb in a spotlight while I was there, so I picked up some LED GU10's on my way. When I got there I couldn't budge the spotlight from the ceiling, I poked and prodded the recesses in the fitting and the top came...
  4. Dan

    Welcome to the Irish (ROI) Electricians Advice Forum

    Welcome to the Irish (ROI) Electricians Advice Forum Please post your own new thread by clicking this link, give it a descriptive lengthy title, and you're on your way.
  5. M

    I Need Work Electricians mate/ improver work

    Looking for work in either Kent or London. Level 3 qualified. Very hardworking
  6. M

    Electrician Jobs Electricians mate Work in Harrow

    Hi guys I am renovating flat in Harrow on the hill I need electrician mate to work to work second fix I need handy man with paint experience I need painter Please pass details to any one looking for work starting Tuesday This work for 1 week, After that starting in pinner for 4 weeks work...
  7. yung_kio

    UK What electricians should I look out for as an apprentice?

    Does it really matter if they only do domestic work or commercial work? Is it just the qualification that only matters since it's the same?
  8. C

    Qualified Electricians Please!

    Morning all, Is there a qualified electrician on here who is willing to sign a NVQ pack for me to start my NVQ, please? Much thanks in advance! Charles
  9. RobsRepairs

    Electrician Jobs An Invitation to Retired Electricians anywhere except the UK with 4 Days Monthly

    An Invitation to Retired Electricians anywhere except the UK with Four Days a Month for a Niche Opportunity That Can Earn 15K a Year. There are 800K Acorn stairlifts out there. But ~70% of disabled users are very unhappy. At Indeed website: Acorn engineers get "absolutely no training...
  10. R

    Qualifications needed for self employed electricians

    I am currently going self employed. I was never put through any 18th edition courses, so have booked myself onto my 18th wiring regs. I want to be able to complete minor works, eicrs etc in my new role, and looking to see what courses i need to take to do this. Reading online is a little...
  11. Vortigern

    Looking to sell electricians tools etc.

    As I have retired now (really!) I have decided to sell my electrical tools etc. They include hand tools, hilmor galv. conduit bender 20/32 with threading tools, crimpers bootlace, crimps etc, you know most tools you would have to have to do the job basically. If you have any interest in...
  12. Dan

    Happy New Year 2024 from Electricians Forums!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024 FROM ELECTRICIANS FORUMS! Do you have any new year resolutions? I'm thinking:- Get Fitter (give it 30 days) Drive slower (couple of days)
  13. C

    Electrician Jobs looking for a rewire team and/or electricians mate in leicester and doncaster

    looking for a rewire team, mainly in leicester but with occasional jobs in notts and doncaster also looking for an electricians mate in leicester to bolster our existing rewire team. some experience of rewiring would be preferred full time roles on the books available or can be sub-contract
  14. A

    Electrician Jobs Looking for a new role? Electricians in Hampshire

    Antac are looking for an Electrician to join the team, specialising in commercial installations across Hampshire. The role involves small projects such as installing additional sockets, to more substantial tasks like upgrading distribution boards and office renovations. Additionally, you will...
  15. G

    I Need Work Electricians needed for project work in Toronto, Canada. **Immediate start**

    We are a UK registered Electrical company with a large contract based in and around Toronto, Canada. Are you looking for work? We have a fantastic opportunity for anyone who has an Electrical License with a valid Visa/Work permit for Canada. If this sounds appealing to you or possibly someone...
  16. S

    Electrician Jobs Temporary Commercial Electricians Required

    I need 2 x ECS Gold Card electricians with IPAF for a job in Bedford, Data, Small Power, WIFI Distribution. and 1 x ECS Gold Card Electrician for a job I have in Milton Keynes If anyone is available and lives local to Bedford or Milton Keynes please contact me Start date is as soon as possible.
  17. L

    Honest Electricians in west London?

    Hi, I've been scammed by several electricians recently and I was wondering if any of you guys know of any trustworthy, honest and qualified electricians in west london, near wandsworth?
  18. D

    Electrician Jobs Electrical Engineer/Industrial Electricians

    We require Industrial Electrical Engineers/Electricians for the following. Machine installations and breakdowns. Inspection and testing/Upgrading of existing infrastructure. Quality of workmanship/Attention to detail and compliance with regulations paramount. Near Newport South Wales.
  19. S

    Economy and business activity for domestic electricians

    Hi Everyone How are self employed people finding business lately? I feel like things have slowed down a bit. I've recently moved though and seasonally maybe things are slower. How do others feel, is business ticking over ok? Cheers.
  20. jamesday77

    Electrician Jobs Subbie Electricians need ASAP in Birmingham

    We are currently looking for sub contractor electricians for ongoing work on large scale projects in the Birmingham city centre area. Please drop me a note if interested and we can arrange a call


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