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  1. J

    Apprentices Seeking training or apprenticeship

    Hi my name is Jack, i have recently decided to pursue a career as an electrician. I have chosen this due to several redundancies in a short amount of time. I am currently in my 1st year at Leeds Building College studying electrical installation. I am trying to find an individual in the York...
  2. K

    Electricians Mate Looking for ad hoc electricians mate job in London

    Hi! I am looking for ad hoc electrical mates’ job in London and Hertfordshire. Currently working on 3 weeks on 3 weeks off rotation so I can do up to 3weeks slots during my time off. I am currently doing my NVQ 2357. I mainly have heavy industrial experience (offshore oil and gas UK) but also...
  3. InconspicuousAC

    ECS Labourers Card, and 2635 L2 Certificates.

    Hi guys, You guys have been awesome with help before, so feel like the best place to ask. It may sound like a stupid question, but how many certificates are you supposed to receive for passing the 2365 level 2 course? I passed in June with Salford City College, and have received 3. One for...
  4. J

    Electricians Mate Electricians/Mates/Labourers

    Hi All, we are looking for the above for a project in Alton, Hampshire. Mainly 1st & 2nd fix of fire & security systems. Please get in touch if interested [email protected] or mobile 07851497599. Thanks. John
  5. C

    Electricians mate/labourer looking for experience.

    Hi all, I have recently gained my electrical labourers ecs card and have been searching for a job to carry on my pursuit of becoming a fully qualified electrician. Although looking through pages and pages of positions becoming available, they all state previous experience is a must. Was...
  6. K

    New roules for ECS labourer

    hello every one can U help Me guys i would like to apply for my first ECS Labourer card 1 mounth ago i passed my 18 edition exam Rules has chcanged i dont need to book ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment but i have to choose one ONE of the following Health & Safety courses: CCNSG...
  7. R

    ESC Card for Electrical Labourer or Trainee - Help and Advice.

    So I am after a bit of advice from anyone that has previously or has now an Electrical Labourer ECS or Trainee Card. I was told to sit the ESC H&S Exam, passed it. I then go online, and it's saying that the Qualifications I have don't match. From the site: The Electrical Labourer ECS card is...
  8. M

    Electricians Mate Can 5 week courses get you a role as a mate/labourer

    Hello all. I'm in my mid thirties and looking to retrain as an electrician. I'm particularly interested in solar panel installation. Ive been researching the routes into the trade and I'm fully aware experience is everything. I'm in the north east and looking at the 6 week courses by...
  9. N

    CSCS labourers card ... Employers details needed?

    Passed my level 1 operatives test today and rang the citb to get my card. Whilst on hold the voice over stated that I cannot get my card without having employer/ giving their details? Decided to hang up and ask here before I go off on one! Do I need to be employed before I can get a card...
  10. S

    Electricians Mate Electrical Labourer/Mate - Looking for work in Bedford/ Bedfordshire area

    Hi Guys, I have a strong desire and passion to get my foot in the electrical industry. But most jobs are requiring an ECS card or experience... however I can't get either of those without having a job first! I am studying electrical installation, 1 day a week at Bedford College. I have been...
  11. R

    ECS Labourer Help!! electrician mate

    Hi ! Im new here and i need some advice : I have some qualifications from abroad and ive got a statement of comparability from uk naric and it qualify me to work as an electrical installations technician. my queation is how can i get the ecs labourer card as im trying right now and im having...
  12. J

    employing 'casual labourer'

    Any sparks on here care to share any advice/past experience Needing the odd hand now I am getting little busier- can't see it being more than 5 days a month if that and not month in month out. laborer/mate is self employed (actually has his own business- but not as busy as me) wouldn't be...
  13. S

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as Electricians Mate/Labourer - Bucks or anywhere close

    Hi everyone, I’m currently looking for work as an electrician’s mate/labourer in Milton Keynes/bucks area or further, I wish to apply for the XS solution course for C&G3 and AM2 qualifications and have money set aside for this course, but need a job in the industry first. I have my own van...
  14. terry1969

    Electricians Mate looking for a job has mate or labourer in suffolk or cambride

    hi looking for work got my level 2, 3 2365, 2394/95 and 17th, done some house bashing and commerical, also some testing ,hard worker willing to learn and willing to start at the bottom just need a break, have own van and tools cheers in advance
  15. R

    Electricians Mate Electrician's Mate/Labourer Available! - Berkshire + West London

    Hello Sparky's, My name is Richard Tate. I am letting you know that I am available as a very reliable electrician’s mate/apprentice/labourer. I have some previous building site experience, can work well with my hands and power/hand tools and am a very practical person. I am currently located...
  16. terry1969

    Electricians Mate looking for work as a labourer or mate in suffolk

    hi looking for working as a mate or labourer to gain more experience, i have 2365 level 2 and 3, testing and inspection 2394/95 and 17th, seem to struggle to get employment, own van and tools and 110% dedication cheers
  17. B

    Electricians Mate Electricians mate/labourer/3rd year apprentice needed in Surrey

    Hi all Looking for labourers, mates or apprentices with a couple of years experience to assist electricians in growing company. Based in Staines, Surrey. Mainly domestic refurbs and new builds. No major travelling but we are getting a few jobs going into London. Would ideally have transport and...
  18. C

    Electricians Mate Looking for Electrical Labourer/Mate Work in London

    Hi All, Looking for any roles in assisting electricians as a labourer or a mate. London is preferable but willing to travel further. I have limited experience in electrical work, which is helping family friends out in fixing and installing electrics. Qualifications include: 17th edition, C&G...
  19. V

    Electricians Mate Electrician's Mate/Labourer Looking For Work And Experience

    Hello EF Members. I'm looking for electrician's mate job and I want to gain some experience. Age: 29 years old Location: Southampton. I have ECS Labourer Card , driving license and next week Ill get a car. Qualifications : 17 edition, Part P full scope, 2365 lvl 2 and Im in the middle of...
  20. O

    ECS Card - Labourer vs Trainee?

    Hi, im currently looking at getting an ECS card so I can get some electricians mate experience through some agencys. I cant get the trainee card because im not signed onto a course and am not sponsored by a company, so that leaves me with the labourer card option. From reading the ECS site it...
  21. ray-bentos

    Single labourer - CIS required??

    Hello Can someone please point me in the right direction with regards CIS and my business? Please be gentle as this is my first foray into the realms of CIS, having previously being employed and since then being self employed (doing 'jobs' as opposed to subcontracting work which would fall...

    was it a labourer?

    so.. gets in to do a test on this new hair salon in Leeds today... there were 3 new circuits to test + one existing for the window lights...metal clad wylex 4 way with BSEN60898s replacing the BS3036s.. (R1 R2)`s are going well until it comes to the window lights...theres 10 of em...
  23. N

    labourers and the 17th

    I have spoken to three companies today in my region (East Anglia) about trying to get a labourers/ mates job to gain some site experience. I explained my situation (hopefully going to college in sept 3 days a week) and Two of the companies were very kind and told me they would contact me if...
  24. A

    Besc nat grid labourers required

    my Client is looking for skilled labour with BESC Overhead lines, National Grid and current Drugs and Alcohol Cert. Please call on 07941 277731 for more details - project will last approx 4 weeks and is in North Wales.
  25. J

    Labourer / solar pv, thermal or any job wanted will travel, hard working

    Hello Everyone I was wondering if anyone has any jobs available, labouring/ plastering or solar panel installation, pipe lagging or any other jobs? Ive been working for a building company in the building trade for 7 years, laboured for most trades and then started plastering for them in...
  26. tombrooker84

    How Much is a labourer?

    Hello Guys, I set up on my own about 18 months ago and I'm getting a fair amount of work in, so I was just wondering if you guys ever employ a labourer or mate to help out on the odd occasion and how much do you pay them. I currently get the majority of my work in the centre of London. Cheers...
  27. M

    Electrical apprentice/labourer/mate

    Hi, I am currently looking for work with an electician to gain experience, ideally id like a company who can fund me as an apprentice but i would be equally happy just as a labourer/mate to gain some more experience. I have previous electrical experience and i am based in surrey...
  28. S

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB graded me as labourer!

    Just been graded as a labourer. Iv got all parts of 16th edition up to level 3 and have AM1. I sent all my certificates and proof what i have achieved. Iv studied 3 years full time at college and didnt do my NVQ3 because i was not a day release scheme. Will i have to do 17th edition to gain...
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