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electricians mate

  1. Thomas Connolly

    Electricians Mate Application

    Hi Folks, I've been trying to find work as an electricians mate after gaining my C&G qualifications. I have completed a couple of small jobs and done some work alongside an established electrician. However, I'd like to be working and gaining experience in the 'electrics world' on a permanent...
  2. Matt

    Trainee Electricians mate from London looking for experience

    Hello everyone, I would like to get some experience in installing containment, ladder rack or tray work. I don't expect renumeration - will work for experience. I am available one, two days a week or for the odd job you might have. Can not do more as I need to keep my regular job. Weekend...
  3. Christian1981

    Wanted electricians mate

    Hi I'm looking for someone who's hard working and keen to learn ideally already signed up to studying for c&g qualifications with experience in the commercial sector. ECS card required but I can sort that out for you. The work is ongoing in to next year. Rate of pay depends on your experience...
  4. S

    Electricians mates vs. Ltd co.

    Hello everyone, I know that I'm just fresh in here, but....we all have to start somewhere. This post is directed mostly to Spark mates/improvers who can share some of their knowledge and experience with "going" LTD. Yes, yes, I have seen threads about CIS (used to do some time through CIS)...
  5. michaelw6

    Electricians mate and electrician chippenham/swindon.

    Ive an electricians mate looking for immediate work around swindon/chippenham area. And once im back out of hospital and recovered july time some electricians work maybe for the both of us in the same area.
  6. L

    Looking for electricians mate or trainee for immediate start in Reading

    Hi there, We are looking for an electricians mate/trainee/apprentice for immediate start in Reading please PM me if interested.
  7. M

    Cheap labour in offer in exchange for basic training in electrical installation

    Mature adult wanting to gain some on job experience. Willing to work as part time labour for any electricians in and around the SE-SW London, I would happily accept a £60 day rate for any one willing to show me the ropes. I’m enrolling into college in September for my level 1. I understand...
  8. R

    Looking for work as a Electricians Mate in North West

    I am currently looking for full-time work as an Electricians Mate. I have 3 months of experience working for a company in Commercial and Industrial sectors changing LED Lights, in a warehouse and office environment. I am immediately available for work, I have my own car, plus hand tools, ECS...
  9. J

    New ECS cards for electricians mate

    Hi all, this is my first post and looking for some advice on re-entering the trade as an electricians mate. I’ve looked for a similar thread on here over the past few years but can’t find any so apologise if it’s been covered before! I’m 32 years old and been working as an electricians mate for...
  10. S

    Self employed electricians mate

    I’m currently training to be a spark. I’ve got my level 3 C & G quals. I’m currently working as a mate to gain experience and earn a bit, but I’m getting stung by being paid by a payroll firm. Between having to pay my NI and tax and their NI and fees, I’m loosing nearly 150 a week. Does anyone...
  11. Sym

    Looking for a job as an Electricians Mate.

    Hello everyone. I expect I will initially be using agencies to gain employment as an electricians mate in the very near future. But I just thought I would shout out and ask if any of you knew of any good websites to look at when seeking employment in this field. Any advice on how to get my feet...
  12. U

    Experienced and mature electricians mate looking for work in the Bridgend area.

    Just a short post, I have recently been made unemployed again due to a short term agency contract finishing. Looking for work in either the HV sector or domestic/commercial/industrial areas. Experienced and reliable im in my 40's with own tools and qualifications and ECS card. Willing to travel...
  13. M

    What are the first steps in becoming electricians mate?

    I am looking to become an electricians mate in the Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey area. I have experience doing small electrical jobs and City & Guilds Level 2 and 3 in Electro Technology. Any help or advice on how to progress would great.
  14. Shane Thompson

    Wanted - Electricians Mate

    I'm looking for an electricians mate with some of your own tools. Own transport would be an advantage but not an issue. ECS card is a must!!! Starting around mid February time
  15. C

    electricians mate jobs in the midlands

    Hi guys Know its a long shot but wondered if anyone has any vacancies for electricians mates/labourer jobs around the midlands... I have my 2365 level 3 and 17th edition along with an ecs card.. Up to this point my work has been in warehouse automation maintenance so not had loads of install...
  16. T

    Electricians mate/Improver

    Hello all. Looking for work in Birmingham. Just moved from down south. Level 2 c & g certification moving onto level 3. Ready to start asap.
  17. B

    Looking for work between training??

    Hi I’m currently doing my city and guilds 2365 course level 2 and 3 and looking for some work as an electricians mate on my 2 weeks off from the course to gain some experience. I have nearly completed my level 2 and start the level 3 in 4 weeks. I’ve got my own van and basic hand tools I live in...
  18. S

    Bristol . Part time / casual work as electricians mate sought.

    Greetings everyone. Im posting here in the hope that someone out there could do with help a few days a week. Im starting a course with Morris services in kingswood in a couple of weeks. 15 weeks , 2 days a week ( course details below ). Following the course ill have to complete a portfollio...
  19. M

    Electricians/Improvers/Mates Required for Commercial New Build Training Centre in Cambridge

    I am currently looking to speak with contractors in the Cambridge/Surrounding Area's for a commercial project. We have a number of requirements on sites and have immediate starts available also. Specifically I am looking for - 10 x Electrician's - £19phr - 4/5 Month contracts 10 x...
  20. D

    Anyone need an electricians mate? Stoke area

    Looking for work as an electricians mate in either stoke on trent or south cheshire areas. Plenty of experience! Own tools ect.... Drop me a message on here and I'll pass over my mobile number.
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