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  1. bonjovi

    van vault

    van vault yellow 2 keys and both locks work fine dimensions tall = 490mm wide = 550 mm long = 1330mm these are from the lid which is the largest dimension incase its needed for a van and not just used as a secure box on site £100 collection only rainworth Mansfield ,drop me a reply and I will...
  2. Dan

    Best Van for Electricians for 2019 / 2020? (Pics Please But Not Essential)

    Best Van for Electricians for 2019 / 2020? (Pics Please But Not Essential) You can vote for 3 - The one you had last, the one you have now, the one you want next. You don't have to fill all these in. But if you do, copy and paste the questions into a thread of your own. Or quote this first...
  3. D

    Relay wiring for van AC

    Hi, I’ve been trying to retrofit AC to my Mercedes sprinter motorhome, I have most of the kit but some of the wiring is missing. I have managed to find a decent wiring diagram for the entire van but having trouble with this section. I know the symbols (ringed in blue) are called...
  4. Baker1988

    UK Mira Advance Flex Shower Unit

    Selling a brand new Mira Advance Flex 8.7KW Shower Unit. It’s all boxed and never used. £100 pick up from Hull as don’t want to wait 30 days for it to clear in PayPal.
  5. happyhippydad

    Keeping your van going past 200K?

    I have an Ex AA Renault trafic, 08 plate. It's done 180,000 miles and I am the second owner. Pretty much nothing has gone wrong with it over the 6 years I've had it. I've had it regularly serviced. I've spent perhaps £1200 on it getting it racked out inside very nicely and also deadlocks so i'd...
  6. sparkdog

    Another van broken into.

    Yup, got to add my name to the list, Transit Connect opened with a key overnight in a quiet country villiage.Toolbag, drills MFT and a lot of other stuff gone. It was insured so hopefully get some new kit. I'll leave my van locked up in a garage now and take my car home.Police absolutely no help...
  7. John Matrix

    Company Van provided??

    Hi I have a quick question to ask on behalf of some lads at work. I have a Company Van for use to and from work because I go out on my own jobs. A few other lads are using their own car and booking mileage for it. Sometimes helping on jobs and other times doing their own stuff on jobs. All of us...
  8. Paignton pete

    TT in agriculture/ building site/ caravan.

    Hi guys, New job looking at. I haven’t been to site yet, but this is the scenario. DNO just put a new single phase supply into a field PME. Line and neutral tails terminated into a double pole isolator/ no earthing cable installed yet/ no cu connected yet. I have been asked to fit board and...
  9. Jay 1987

    Electrician uses 1,000 volts to his advantage Now he has copyrighted his electrical design, and is installing for £380. What’s our Thought’s on this ?
  10. ThatMatt72

    Domestic Meter Tails in Galvanised Trunking...Is that a thing?

    Hey all, Excuse the ignorance here but I wonder if you lovely folk might have any opinions or better still be able to point in the right direction in the BBB. I am being asked to move a CU from its current position, behind a fitted kitchen, under the sink and totally inaccessible, except to the...
  11. B

    Distance between Gas and Electric box caravan site

    Can anyone tell me where to find distance between Gas box and Electric box on caravan site I know it’s 600mm, now on new install someone’s connected the boxes now between the edge of gas to edge of electric box is around 630mm but this isn’t taking in to account a socket which will be plugged in...
  12. A

    Advantages of CRGO in electromagnet

    Hello Everyone, I am building a custom electromagnet for DC. I have been through many offline and online stores recently to find CRGO silicon steel. Unfortunately the only ones I found would sell in quantities of tons. I understand the advantages of CRGO for AC applications but after many days...
  13. C

    Introducing. Van (Ambulance) to Camper Project

    Just introducing as per the automated message - very swish. Am converting an old 1989 Transit Ambulance to a camper at the moment and sure I will run into a few headaches with electrics. If anyone has any tips of experiences to share that would be great. Thanks
  14. sham

    Domestic Getting payed in advance

    Has anybody took half or full payment in advance before carrying out work. I went to look at a domestic property and when giving the quote, I decided to ask for 70% of the money in advance. This is because he has stripped the house bare to the walls and removed the 1st floor ceiling and being...
  15. C

    Buying a new van,tax allowance?

    Hi, I am looking at getting myself a new van on a hire purchase agreement, payments will be £230 a month for 4 years. Will i be able to claim this back off the tax each year? So 230 x 12 per year? or can i only claim back the initial cost in this tax year? Thanks
  16. T

    TP24 vs Sylvania LEDs - won’t fit

    Hi, My house came with a couple of dozen TP24 downlights fitted, they are GU10 with the long stems (74mm) I’ve found them very expensive to replace (about£4.50 each) I have bought some Sylvania equivalents from Amazon, and whilst the stem pins look identical they will not turn into the TP24...
  17. H

    Please don’t shoot me. Static caravan and a metal shed.

    Ok. Static caravan....... The site supply arrangement is apparently TNS and the static caravan uses this for its earth. (I will check with the DNO that it is aTNS arrangement.) There are three MCBs in the static caravan CU, one of which directly supplies to a solitary double socket inside a...
  18. C

    Future of euro 6Vans

    Having spent some 17k on a new euro 6 due to having no choice as there were very few used euro 6 on the market then. Having made the large outlay for the van I would like to at least get another 5-7 years minimum. Is there any evidence they will ban vans soon rendering my van useless? As I...
  19. M

    SWB van or LWB Connect or Caddy

    hi guys, looking for some advice on van sizes was looking at getting a small connect/caddy more drawn towards a connect tho as they have solid doors/bulkhead im also unsure if a swb would be suitable as years went on, Anyone have a swb van and manage fine? I dont really like the look of the...
  20. J

    12v In A Caravan - Qualified Person?

    Hi, Can any of you advise me, I've been told that to do work on the 12v circuits in a caravan a person must be qualified, if youre not, youre breaking the law. I am an electrican by trade (not currently working as a sparky), but I'm not well up on the regs. I find it very hard to believe that...
  21. S

    Current sensing breaker 5A-16A - Caravan application

    Hi folks, there’s a thread running on a caravan forum I’m on so I thought I’d ask on here where the experts live! Caravan EHU supplies vary between 6A, 10A and 16A. So one of the chaps who regularly goes abroad where there are 6A supplies gets ticked off with the wife tripping the bollard -...
  22. KevinH

    Caravan outside socket

    This may be a daft question, but I have been asked to install an outside socket on a static caravan. As is the norm on a holiday park, the supply is via a 16A 30mA RCBO installed with a meter in a weatherproof enclosure and feeds the van via 2.5mm flex on a 16A 3 pin plug. Usually the norm would...
  23. B

    Caravan electric box from ground

    Is there a reg for how high a caravan box should be from the ground?
  24. M

    How many lights in a burger van......

    A coach building company I do work for built a posh "burger van" for a customer. now I put 14 GU10 Downlights into this space which I and everyone thought was more than sufficient. However the customer believes this is woefully insufficient, and wants an additional 25 fittings fitted! ie 49...
  25. M

    Catering van generator earthing ??

    Hi new here so take it easy chaps !! A client of mine wishes to supply their catering van from a new generator they are purchasing, I believe it is single phase 7.5kW Inverter style generator with a 32 amp socket outlet. My query is about the earthing to the van. The van has a DB inside with a...
  26. S

    Aftermarket van locks

    Hi all, has anyone had any experience with an aftermarket van lock fitting service in the Midlands? Any recommendations? Thanks
  27. B

    Caravan site readings on TT system

    Hi, have a distribution unit which feeds some caravan boxes TT system, it has upfront 300mA RCD and double pole 60898, now I’ve been sent to re gland as the disconnect times wasn’t met, but I’m getting readings of 0.30 ohms when max is either TT 167 ohms or if you go by MCB then 0.59? But the...
  28. Greatwhiteshark

    Static Caravans Regulations on Electrical connections..

    Hi all Please help me with all 2018 BS 7671 regulations with referals to new book please... on static caravans Electrical Hook up points and electrical protections and ,safety ...IP RATINGS.. Photos welcome. Any Info very welcome
  29. Rupert Young

    DIY van racking using Tamstrut slotted channel

    sick of arriving on site only to realize I hadn't foreseen the need for something I hadn't packed the night before, after looking around at products like Bott Smartvan decided to do my own using unistrut, fatmax pro organisers, vanvault slider, euroboxes and Milwaukee Packout, added some LED...
  30. N

    Caravan site, cable size

    I am pricing a job to wire 21 new pitches for a caravan park. There will be a meter box beside each caravan with a 16a trip. I will split it into the 3 phases, so 7 caravans per phase. Im just trying to figure out how to calculate the cable size. Is it better to run a ring main to pick up 7...
  31. M

    Touring Caravan dno connection

    Hi there im after some advice, I’m thinking of creating a 5 pitch touring caravan site 32 amps per pitch can use a standard 100 amp supply single phase from my dno. I need to tell my contact at western Power Distribution how big a supply I need. Can anyone help.
  32. B

    Domestic Mira Advance 8.7KW, very poor water flow rate

    Just been to see a friend who has a Mira advance 8.7 in his flat. Flow rate of the water is terrible, he was saying he had looked online and seen they do 11KW showers and was asking if he could change if for a bigger one. Does anyone have any experience with the Mira Advance? Is the water flow...
  33. Ckiner

    СRM for small business? Many thanks in advance!

    Hello everyone, We are currently looking for an 'all in one' CRM system to use within our business. We are looking at using Work etc, has anyone had any experience with this system or could you advise on any others? We need the CRM to have the below features: - basic invoicing - sales lead...
  34. Gavin John Hyde

    The joys of running a van

    Last week or so found shifting gear really hard in the little bipper van. Took it in the nearest garage as could barely get it out of 2nd. Turns out after 92k the clutch packed up. Wasnt disengaging correctly. Was expecting a massive bill. Needn't have worried as it only cost 387.00 including...
  35. C

    Best small van model?

    Hi, I am looking at getting a small pre owned van. My budget is around 4/5k, does anyone have any advice or experiences to help me decide on which van to go for? Just need something reliable with enough room for my steps, tools, drills and wont break the bank! A Peugeot partner, vauxhall...
  36. MFS Electrical

    Who on here has a VW caddy van?

    discovered something I didnt know about the other day.... there’s a fairly large space behind the driver and passengers seats in the caddy van seems like a big wasted space. What do you keep in there? Or did you not know about it either?
  37. B

    Caravan park Earthing

    Is TNS permitted on caravan site? I always thought you could use as TNS as supply cable then TT each pitch, spark I’m working with says you can use TNS all way through if ZS is acceptable Thanks
  38. Peter Buckby

    52 static caravans. what a HOOK UP

    oh dear. BW glands sunbathing
  39. 1

    12v lighting for my house powered by my van

    hello all is this possible???? I drive a van around all day, I want to use the van to charge up a 110ah Agm battery, I then want to use this battery to power up a 12v led lighting circuit in my house. I also want to use the 240v supply as a back up to the same lighting circuit, with some sort...
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