1. H

    First and second fix electrics

    Hi. I've had a kitchen extension done and the builder has charged for first and second fix electrics. He has since said that my consumer unit needs upgrading to add more RCBOs but this will cost me extra. I would've thought this should be included, am I wrong? He has also said that I will need...
  2. Neptune

    Garage electrics from main house

    We have a garage attached to the property and are having it converted to an office with a small toilet. Electrics will include, internal lights, an external light, a few sockets and a extractor fan. There is a cable coming into the garage currently from the house and is connected into the main...
  3. G

    Buzzing noise electrics off

    We had some electrical work recently and now have a buzzing noise above the ceiling or in the wall. If the electrics are all switched off the buzzing noise is still there. The electrician says it’s not the electrics as when all turned off the noise is still there. Is he right? And if he is what...
  4. C

    Room on wheels- electrics???

    Hi I am building a conference room on wheels, the purpose of this is to be mobile. I wanted just one plug coming out to power the room. Inside I would like to have 4 plug sockets built under the desk, and 2 plug sockets in the roof. The cables will be built into the walls and I am concerned with...
  5. sythai

    After you thoughts on this tap positioning/ vs electrics please ?

    Hi Guys After you thoughts on this tap positioning/ vs electrics please ? (not the isolators/ mini DB being in a cupboard) Did a kitchen refurb here a little while ago and have come back to this little surprise đźš°! Tap now in adjacent part of cupboard, is sectioned off though. (For their...
  6. P

    Apprenticeship gas or electrics

    Hello I’ve recently started an electrical apprenticeship was just wondering if I’ve made the right choice between that and doing gas in terms of money in the future and job opportunities, thank you
  7. F

    Garage electrics upgrade

    Hi all New to this forum, looks like a hive of information. I'm wanting to upgrade my garage electrics - I'm not a qualified electrician, hence my questions, but I do have some reasonable understanding of the fundamentals. I'll set the scene, but basically I'm just looking for affirmation...
  8. D

    Upgrading my garage electrics for more light and extra sockets

    My Current Setup (see image BEFORE.jpg): The wiring for my existing detached garage is shown (see image BEFORE.jpg). The house consumer unit provides RCD and MCB (Hager MTN116 B16 – 16A) protection and is wired to the garage via SWA. The SWA armour is earthed where it leaves the house. It enters...
  9. Dobbo97

    Getting into electrics

    I currently work full time Monday to Friday on a shift pattern, I’m 24 years old and have bills to pay and a child on the way. I’m looking for a career I can work hard in and progress as I go on. But I don’t know how to get into the electrics trade, do I go to a local college to get...
  10. HappyHippyDad

    Is this EVCP install correct? Artisan electrics.

    Firstly, this chap seems very professional and I like his (plethora) of videos. It is just to discuss one aspect of his work in the one video. I'd like to think he would welcome constructive discussion as that can only lead to improvement. He has installed an earth rod to this rolec charger. My...
  11. DPG

    Bunker electrics!

    Few photos from the weekend's visit, thought they might be of interest to some on here. Apologies for the quality, I should have forced flash on. Light was 'murky'.
  12. S

    Plumbers playing with electrics

    Came across this the other day, was asked by a friend to have a look at a shower which was tripping. they had a new replacement shower fitted recently the plumber disconnected the old shower and reconnected the new one. I found neutral and earth cross connected at the shower unit. So no tests...
  13. C

    Help with kids electric quad bike electrics

    Hi all. Desperately trying to find a forum where I can get some help with an electric quad issue. Hoping this is the place. I have issues with the power on my kids 36v quad. It's been in the garage for a while and when I brought it out, it wouldn't work. Did a bit of electric testing a...
  14. L

    Best electrics for a hot tub outside

    Hello, I want to connect a hot tub outside on the patio. It is a plug and play with a standard 13 amp plug. It is around 10m away from the house. I have been told it draws around 7 amps when all equipment turned on. Is it best to connect an outside socket somewhere near using 2.5mm twin and...
  15. N

    Greetings and Salutations - DC Designer wants to learn electrics

    Greetings and salutations, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. How is everyone I'm new to the world of electrical installations but do have a little hands on experience requiring socket outlets and adding spurs. I am keen to learn more and I am looking into gaining some form...
  16. L

    Electrics to new wooden 'man cave' 10 m away from house

    Hello, I need some electrics to my new wooden man cave. It is 10 m away from the house, I need need lights and sockets for the fridge and electric heater. I have no space in consumer unit but two ring mains down stairs (kitchen and then all other rooms) onto 32 amp MCB's. I have been told that...
  17. P

    Household Electrics Tripping

    I have garden lights in the front and back gardens. They are on a timer. When the garden lights are on and the indoor house lights are also on, everything is fine. When the Garden lights are on and I turn on the oven or ( occasionally) other large heating appliance, the entire property electrics...
  18. C

    Auto electrics

    Hi Everyone. Just checking that auto electrics can be discussed and if so which forum should I use. Thanks.
  19. Darkwood

    When electrics go wrong!!!

    Just setting up a new sticky thread that unlike the dodgy trade pics thread is focused on showing the result of failures in electrical installations IE - damage caused which may be due to various reasons. Please do not post pics of poor workmanship if there is nothing else to show like the...


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