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  1. M

    Electrode Seperation

    Hello I am wondering what would be the correct method for testing electrode separation distance For example, if installing an EV charger or hot tub from a PME supply and chosing to TT the EV charger / hot tub, how could you ensure you are a sufficient distance away from any buried PME bonded...
  2. A

    tips for making earth electrode

    dear electricians, I am going to install 2 earth electrodes for a block of 4 apartments. can you please give me some tips on how to drill the hole for it and what diameter and length the hole shall be . also if you know any other tips that might help my installation please let me know. some...
  3. Strima

    Earth Electrode Tester Recommendations?

    The time has come for my company to start using a dedicated earth electrode tester as we have some sites coming up that have no supply installed and we need to install electrodes before they can be connected and powered up. We have a large range of MFTs and I can't justify the expense of...
  4. N

    Earth Electrode required??

    Hi I have been to see a job that has a TT system installed for the house. Dual RCD board in the house. All up to date. I am looking to use a spare way in the house consumer unit to run some power to the garage. If i use a 3core SWA (one of the cores being the earth), do i need to install an...
  5. E

    Installation of grounding electrode in crowded areas

    Hi May I know about the standards in the installation of grounding electrode in crowded areas where clearance from the perimeter is not achieved?
  6. C

    Bonding and earthing

    Hi... I think I know the answer to this question but just wanted to hear what others said.. I'm upgrading a CCU and as part of the job I have done an inspection of the current installation which was a diy job. I don't think the owner was qualified but they have done quite a professional job...
  7. P

    Liightning Protection System Testing

    Hi All New to the forum. I need some help -I have been asked by my employer to carry out an inspection and certificate an existing LPS. I have as fitted drawings and the original test certificate. My problems are 1) Never carried out one of these tests, 2) only 50% of the electrodes are...
  8. vxwestie

    two installations, one earth rod

    A customer of mine has two installations (self contained barn coversions) connected to the same earth electrode. Each consumer unit has a 16mm cable connected to the same rod. I cant help thinking this is poor practice, but what regs does it break, if any?
  9. R

    2394/95 this week

    Anybody taking the 2394/95 Tuesday and Wednesday? if so where have you concentrated your revision? I've tried to cover over the whole spectrum but feel that I maybe glossing over some points. I do know that a banker question(so ive been told) will be to explain with the aid of a diagram the...
  10. B

    Earth Electrode Testing

    I have been tasked with carrying out some earth electrode and LPS testing using the fall of potential method but to do this I need to know the length of the rod. How do I work this out if I don't know the length?
  11. G

    2395 electrode test standby generator answer

    question probably how would you test resistance of electrode on a tt system on a stand by generator. firstly ask permission and notify the customer that the standby generator will be locked off thus premisses will be with out a back up power supply. generator isolated lock it off and retain...
  12. B

    Is there a test Cert for earth rod testing

    A project engineer has requested a test cert for an earth electrode test on an industrial site earthing system is there a test cert for this? Thanks
  13. S

    Single earth electrode generator

    you have a 40Kw generator in a vast expanse of concrete genny is also raised up on 6x6 wood timbers one earth electrode genny works fine all voltages check etc you should be able to test the electrode with the bloody earth loop tester but that doesn't work. to confirm its a three wire tester...
  14. G

    TT system testing - problem

    Hi, can anybody throw some light on a problem / confusion i have? I'm in the process of installing a new TT system. The existing earth electrode had a high resistance in excess of 2Mohms. I've inserted a new electrode in a new location and measured the resistance immediately after inserting the...
  15. P

    solar p.v earthing

    can any one advise does the armouring on swa cable on dc side does it need earthing also does cable tray on dc side need earthing and what about containment on a roof is that left floating getting told different answers of different people people.and 1 more thing is there some kind of single...
  16. S

    Earthing arrangement at a factory.

    Okay, been working at a factory today and need to establish the earthing arrangement of it.. The power comes from a substation which has an earth electrode, then after the transformer the cables come into the factory with the earthing conductor.. Am i right in saying the installation is a...
  17. S

    earth electrode testing

    Hi Guys, Wonder if you can help ,im a little confused, When you do a live earth electrode test i understand that your measuring Ze, so you use the earth loop impeadance tester to get reading. Its the dead test earth electrode test that i dont understand, does this test measure Ze as well...
  18. O

    Domestic PIR issues encountered.......assistance please

    Hi, Been doing a PIR today and the first circuit I tested I could tell that things were going to be difficult: 1. The ring circuit had no continuity end to end on, on live, neutral or CPC. After much investigation it would see that 1 short leg went to a 2 gang socket, and the other leg...
  19. S

    DNO hook up

    Hi Guys Have installed a new CU at clients house. The new CU is on the other side of the building so all circuit tails have been moved. On Tuesday the DNO are coming to install a new supply and meter on the new CU. I've tried to call the them to ask what exactly they want from me on the day...
  20. J

    Testing Earth Electrodes

    I am currently working for a satellite and tv installation firm. The company have asked me to install Earth Electrode's for their installations. I have an ECS Card and am classed as an Electrician as I have C&G 2330 Level 3 NVQ. This would involve running a 6mm cpc cable from the connection...
  21. I

    Megger MFT 1553

    Hi Guys and Girlies, Looking for advice on using this meter (Megger MFT 1553) for doing EET to find resistance of earth rod on a generator. looking for Ω and Ka.
  22. T

    Ze and Zs Readings on TT Installation

    I have a Ze measurement on a TT installation of 134 ohms but the Zs measurement I'm getting on the ring is 25 ohms. Measured R1 + R2 on the ring is 0.82 ohms. If Zs = Ze + (R1 + R2) could someone please explain why my readings do not stack up with the formula? Have I taken a wrong reading or...
  23. S

    TT system testing

    Hi-just a quick one? I do a lot of testing but i dont often test TT systems.Am i right in saying that the earth electrode reading i get goes in the earting sytem section and not the ze box.does the ze box get n/a entered.i test using method 2 with a multifunction tester[Fluke].is there any regs...
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