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  1. O

    Email notifications ...... have stopped...

    So, recently the number of email notifications slowed down ... and now I'm not getting any! I've checked my alerts and they seem to be set correctly. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  2. Pat H

    Daily email summary rather than mutiple emails per day?

    Is there any way to have emails sent in a digest way? Many of my other forums offer the option to get one daily email with all the days email alerts in summary form. My inbox is filling with electrician forum emails !
  3. sparksburnout

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma meltdown

    Has anyone else registered with Stroma had problems logging in and subsequent password request emails? I sent 2 requests to reset my password after not be able to log on following an "upgrade" to the member interface, because the first one didn't result in an email. I have just received 96...
  4. telectrix


    just received tis email. looks like a scam to get your paypal details so they can rob your bank account. the giveaway is the grammar etc. Hello Member ! This is Automatic Message Generated by System To Let you know that you have to confirm your account your account muse be confirmed because...
  5. A

    are smart phones going to be a problem?

    been thinking of late about all these smart phones around and how everyone has one. seems to me that in the not to distant future we will spend more time on the phone checkign emails that doing the job and customers will email randomly during the day about where they want this and that forcing...
  6. K

    How long do jib cards take to get to you ?

    Hi all Just wondered how long the JIB cards take ? applied for mine 3-4weeks ago now and cant get through when i phone or they havent replied to emails ! just wondered as if they get a years membership it would be good to get a years membership & not say 11mths etc ! How long did you wait ...
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