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  1. D

    Electrician Electricians mate seeking employment based in south west London

    Hello fellow electricians I am currently seeking employment as an electrician’s mate / electrical trainee in or around south west London (SW17). Qualifications: C&G Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations 2365 (Buildings and Structures) 600/5498/0 C&G Level 3 Diploma in Electrical...
  2. W

    Electricians Mate Looking for Employment as Electricians mate around Birmingham (west midlands area)

    Hi there, I recently completed my level 3 diploma in electrical installations and bs7671 18th edition regulations. I am looking to be taken on soon as an electricians mate or trainee. My goal is complete my nvq portfolio and work towards my gold card. Any help/advice would be very much...
  3. R

    Starting own business

    I just want to ask a very simple question to get a very simple answer. How many years experience did you gain (including your apprenticeship) before you started your own electrical business?
  4. N

    Employed electrician debating self employment

    Hi all - First post Been with the same Firm I served my apprenticeship with. (over 12 years ago now). Been very good to me and put me through all courses (2391, 18th edition, Compex etc) and pay me very well. But my dilemma is I'm picking up more and more private jobs and paying others to sign...
  5. littlespark

    Employment. Taking a day off AFTER giving notice.

    Does anyone know about employment rules, other than electrician/construction? My wife works for local council as an early years practitioner…. old title, nursery teacher. Now, due to various reasons, she has given 4 weeks notice to leave. She has a new job starting, but they have asked if she...
  6. M

    Going back to employment....

    Guys, I have been self employed for 5 years now, and TBH im not sure its for me! Too much going on, spend the evenings/weekends doing quotes/invoices/certs/paperwork, customers constantly bugging wanting things done yesterday. Anyway one of my biggest customers which is also my favourite...
  7. O

    Self employment & Pimlico Plumbers court case ...

    This is common sense IMHO The Supreme Court upholds worker's rights in a landmark gig economy case -
  8. cprfenom

    Selling half a garage of gear due to taking employment

    Hi guys, Selling off a load of odds and sods mainly for domestic works due to going in to employment in the commercial sector. Includes racking, storage boxes, accessories and cable. Only thing is needs to be gone by the 18th.
  9. S

    Looking for Job in Berkshire

    Hello, I have recently relocated to Slough. Currently looking for Electrical Engineering related job anywhere in Berkshire & London. I am trying hard to get a job but not yet successful. I am wondering if anyone could suggest or recommend me any engineering job. Even I am happy to work as a...
  10. P

    Electricians Mate Looking for Employment as Improver or Mate

    Afternoon All, A trainee member in need of help! I am looking for work as an improver or a mate, ready to start on 13th of September 2017. I can drive and own a car. Looking for work in areas of Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, London. I have C&G Lv2 and 17th Edition, and currently studying...
  11. C

    City and guilds course or jtl apprenticeship? Which one would be more suited for career

    Hi everyone, My name is Chris and I'm new to this site and the electrical world. I'm 26 and have started college (a bit late to the party) but after a lot of ups and downs with career paths I believe I'm making the right decision moving to being an electrician. I'm doing L1 city and guilds...
  12. B

    hoe does that work???

    After 7.5 years of employment I received form to sign to the amendment of contract, so basically all that nonce, that employment is better than self-employed in regards stability is down the window. Below is cut out of amendment. Not sure how is this ok??? The undernoted amendments have...
  13. D

    17 day domestic instalation too good to be true ??

    I have no experience as an electrician but a coleuge has advised me of a domestic instalation and inspection course, this course lasts seventeen days and allows you to register with nic when completed. I know most electricians train for a couple of years. What are the oppotunities available to...
  14. Paul.M

    No more job hunting

    Telephone interview last week, interview this morning and I was offered the job within the first 2 minutes! BRILLIANT! Working for a family run electricians/maintenance company of a good size and what seems like a good company to be in with. Happy days and I may have a cheeky drink tonight to...
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