1. A

    My solar array doesn't seem to generate enough energy

    Hi, I've recently had a 4KW PV array fitted in March this year however I don't believe it's producing the expected results. Yesterday 29/06/2019 was the hottest day so far with cloudless skies and the system at noon peaked at 2.2KW. I would expect to achieve around my peak which is set at 3.8KW...
  2. T

    Energy efficient busbar design

    Hello, This is my very first thread on the forum. If I posted it in wrong part of the forum, just moved it. Thanks. According to the thread ( FREE Electrical Software from the Copper Development Association -...
  3. C

    Energy Costs do do do do do

    Hi, it's time to renew the (gas and electricity) energy contract. I've seen a 31 month contract, that's only £12 a month more expensive than the cheapest 12 month contract. Sounds good to me, anything I could be missing? Thanks.
  4. Ian Howe

    Energy meter overheating

    I have had this energy meter over a year with no problems, plugged a 1500W oil filled radiator (new) into it today and the heater started to flicker and I could smell burning, the live pin is blackened and hot, the socket it was plugged into slightly melted. Meter says rated to 3kw and have used...
  5. N

    Energy saving plug idea question

    Hello, Just a thought but when a plug is plugged into a mains outlet, say for example a phone charger, is there a way to somehow do something to the plug so it doesn't sap any energy when plugged in but not connected to the phone so it can stay plugged in all the time without usong any...
  6. S

    Perpetual Energy and how you would make it usable?

    Hey there all :) I'm new here to this forum site and I have looked around but cannot seem to find this being discussed anywhere on this forum site particularly. I had some questions around this particular topic and was wondering if the fine folk of this great forum would be able to assist me...
  7. J

    Solar Energy Installer Business Owners - Uni Case Studies

    Hi everyone! My name is James and I am a Business student at the University of Southampton. As part of my studies I am looking at the solar energy industry. I am currently researching the market and reaching out to business owners in the industry and I would be really grateful if you could...
  8. C

    OVO Energy Smart Meter Assessment Day

    Hi, bit of a long shot probably but worth a shot as I'm desperate to pass and very apprehensive about the assessment day this week. Does anyone have any experience doing the assessment day which will consist of a role play, manual dexterity test and interview. Thanks in advance.
  9. charlie76

    18th Edition Energy Saving Matters

    I've not read any of the 18th edition drafts but have read some summary points of what to expect. I understand there will be some emphasis on energy conservation. Is anyone aware of what this will entail (in domestic installs) other than low energy lighting?
  10. T

    Energy supplier refusing to connect up new PME supply?

    Afternoon all. Just had a weird one and was wondering if there was some regulation that I'm not aware of or if I've missed something stupid.... The DNO have brought in a new PME supply to a purpose built (permanent) shed in a field where there is going to be a new build domestic property later...
  11. H

    Elcomponent EnergyPro EP600i Energy Analyser

    Hey all. I have a Elcomponent EnergyPro EP600i up for calibration and am thinking of upgrading to a Fluke 435. Unit is fully functional, retains a charge, and is in good condition. Comes with carry case, all accessories, crocodile clips, flex CT's etc. but minus the PowerView software CD which...
  12. S

    Peer to Peer green energy sharing in UK

    Has anyone thought about this or have some ideas? My team "Grid Wallet" is currently working on a new digital technology that will enable owners of domestic solar panels, wind turbines and CHP devices to sell their exported electricity for 2-3 times more than the wholesale rate they currently...
  13. Adie moore

    do manufacturers apply diversity on their product info lables

    woh, long title, sorry. I ask because I have never clamped a cooker circuit before. I did yesterday, hob was labeled 6ka and when all 4 rings were on full, from cold, it pulled 31a for a good 5 minutes till the thermostats started kicking in. all well within the constraints of cable, but not...
  14. infinity

    Extending Data Cable for Cluster controller -

    HI all, We have a customer who has 2 x 50 kWp solar arrays (one with SMA inverters; the other Delta) with a 50 kW export limit. He currently has a Cluster Controller / Energy Meter set up and working fine to limit one of his 50 kWp arrays (SMA) to zero export. The customer would now like to...
  15. BritHome_COM

    Just joined

    Now that filament lamps are no more and the energy saving lamps are dull, what is the best alternative?
  16. B

    Swapping suppliers will the smart meter still work?

    Hi all I am currently with British gas duel fuel and have smart meters fitted. The standard tarrif is what I am on so have some savings to be made by swapping. Will my smart meters still funtion? or will they revert to "dumb meters" anyone swapped from BG to another provider ? I realise...
  17. dansk

    Tesla Solar Roof

    seen this? Tesla Energy | Tesla - couldn't belive it at first, how realistic the tiles look, and new storage solution to power a house for the day.
  18. Lou

    Robert Oakley Electrical

    Robert Oakey Electrical offers a friendly, prompt, efficient and competitively priced service with expertise in all aspects of domestic electrical work. No job is too small - from a simple socket installation to a full house rewire, from tracking down a nuisance tripping problem to a full...
  19. E

    Energy & Power Tech Services

    Energy & Power Tech Services has arrived to provide bespoke, consultancy-led energy and power technical solutions to the UK market. We’re not driven by sales targets, our mission is to provide the best solution to every client’s needs. Whatever your energy and power related needs we can design...
  20. B

    Generator question? Will the load stipulate the amount of power needed to turn the gen shaft?

    So I'm about to install a generator in my back garden that has a turbine on it, i have a small river running in my back garden and I hope to harness the rivers kenetic energy, I was just wondering that when i connect my generator to a load such as a small light, will the shaft on the turbine...