1. W

    Mechanical Engineer £40,000 Urgently Required Central London

    We are urgently looking for a Mechanical Engineer with an 18th Edition Electrical Certificate to work in this exclusive Medical Centre in Central London You will have the following skills: 18th Edition Electric Certificate Experience on how to work with Pumps Minimum of 3 years’ experience in...
  2. G

    I know I’m a gas engineer, but....

    Hi, I have only recently delved into central heating fault finding and boiler breakdowns. I have no come across a few Honeywell room thermostats (t6360), and some are just 2 wires linked back to clamps 3&4 on Vaillant ecotec pro 28, they still get live, but via the boiler. I’m just concerned as...
  3. O

    Fire alarm engineer insurance queries

    Hi there unsure where to ask so i have joined this forum hoping someone will know. I am currently employed by a large firm as a fire alarm engineer for the past 10 years mainly service and small works including emergency light service. I have completed many courses over the years and am Bafe...
  4. A

    Newly qualified electrical engineer help

    Hi, I'm new in London and I'm looking for jobs but not being successful. I'm wandering if there is something that I'm not aware about.. I have and electrical engineer bachelor's degree, I studied in an international university in Malaysia. . What would you recommend me to do? Thanks in advance
  5. B

    Marine Electrician Shore-side Qualified

    Hello, First post on the forum so hello to everyone :) I'm a marine electrical engineer by trade, and have been working full time in the industry since 2012 when I finished my HND. I have often wondered about getting shore-side trained/recognised and would like to know what the best route in...
  6. M

    Top electrician and top heating engineer

    Doing a periodic...previous certs show full re wire in old colour mains tails were obviously just tat they wanted rid of...only 16mm main earth jointed in the board But then...along comes the plumber/heating engineer and decides he'd rather be a comedian
  7. K

    Domestic Advice wanted on neutral to earth

    Hi Just wondering if anyone can help me out. Is it possible to get 0.03 to 0.09 m amps on a clamp meter on copper water pipes when an appliance is plugged in and the unit attaches to hot water copper pipes via a metal braided hose? On 2 x units the first unit had external damage with messed...
  8. C

    What Qualifications Do I need to Become a CCTV Installer / Engineer?

    Hi there, as the title suggests I would like to complete a course in cctv installation with the long-term goal of becoming a sole trader and working for myself. I am aware that there could potentially be other aspects such as alarm and fire systems but at the moment I would appreciate any help...
  9. T

    Aritect CS350 Alarm installed by Oakpark Alarms - Engineer Code

    Hi All I have a Aritech Alarm installed by Oakpark Alarms who have ceased trading. Can someone please PM me the Engineer Codes? Thanks
  10. G

    NEED Legal advice - solar system malfunctioning

    Hello, i have big problems with my solar system - inverter malfunctioning, charging batteries gone crazy, battery died in couple month i guess (charges to 100% quickly and soon takes charge from batterie, the charge drops to 40-32% and does not go back if charge stops taking energy from...
  11. A

    Is there a gas/heating engineer here? Quick question

    Is this an "energy certificate" which needs to be filled in by a gas engineer and sent to a council after boiler replacement is completed? If so, where should i put the sticker which was originally on the boiler?
  12. E

    Heating Engineer hasn’t been able to diagnose WB 30CDi stalling

    I have a Worcester Bosch 30CDi that only intermittently heats the house. To get it to do so when it stops, I sometimes can kick it into life by turning the room stat on and off rapidly, sometimes by turning the programmer on and off rapidly, and always by going up to the airing cupboard and...
  13. R

    IT engineer turned electrician

    Just found this site which looks like it has some helpful folks on board. I've been self employed in IT & audio systems for more years than I care to remember so I decided I needed to get out from behind the desk. Got a bundle of electrical quals now and looking to do more as I can afford...
  14. Rob Argent

    Security Systems Engineer

    Hello Ladies, Gentleman, Fellow Sparks, I'm Rob Argent, New to the site, Former 15th edition electrician now last 18 years Integrated Security Engineer (MD) for Comstation Security Systems. Im based in Mid Kent and want to be a valuable asset to your tool box with anything regarding Alarms -...
  15. M

    Retired pressure jet oil & gas engineer

    Still learning after 64 years on the tools....... Self employed 47 years. Used to have the monopoly for Whitbread Pubs within 50 mile radius of Nottingham....... I've always said the more electrical complexity there is built into the modern boilers the more they will go wrong but it does not...
  16. M

    Bio gas engineer / service engineer

    Hello I'm wanting to know if anyone on here works as a service engineer for biogas plants? Reason I'm asking is I'm looking at getting into the renewable sector and wanted to know if it's a good career choice and what sort of work is involved. Thanks matty
  17. Charlotte Young

    Electrical Engineer / Panel Wirer Needed for Contract Job Sussex

    Vacancy for the assembly & wiring of Energy Storage Systems required for an ad hoc/part time upcoming contract in Storrington (West Sussex) area. Duration of upcoming project is 6-8 weeks with the potential of being extended. The rate of pay is dependent on experience and qualifications. The...
  18. Gakure

    Newbie Electrical Engineer

    Hi All. My name is Lawrence, an electrical Engineer by qualification and professional power generation (Diesel generator) engineer. Fed up of sitting in front of the computer for 8-12hrs a day and therefore looking to change career to an electrician, confused where to start. I have been advised...
  19. J

    Career Change at 30

    Hello guys, I am new to the forum. I left Computer Science college when I was young then I joined the military for 5 years and for another 5 I worked in the Hospitality sector until I got a bad hernia that even after the surgery has crippled me and I am unable to keep proper posture for a long...
  20. SparkyChick


    Hi all, I was a little reluctant to post an intro based on how I've seen others treated on other forums when they've not done an apprenticeship, but having read some of the intro's here seems like a much nicer place. I've been doing electrical work of various types for family and friends...