1. NDG Elecs

    UK English rental EICRs query...

    Hi all... I have heard that mandatory EICRs in England (and Wales (?)) may be coming into force this summer. A letting agent I do a fair bit of work for posed a question just now that I didn't know the answer for.. They asked if a satisfactory EIC has been issued (say for a board change), then...
  2. oracle

    English, as she is spoke

    Evry soh offen! peaple mown iff summun korreks spelling ore gramar hear' Orl lerling iz goud an iff bluddy forinans <mie> kan lern its propperly why's nott bluddy hinglishmen¿
  3. A

    2394-2395 course

    hello members..im writing on this section because i dont know where to write for help.im qualified on city&guild 2330 and im looking to do and inspection and testing..before couple of years i try to pas this course but i fail on 2391 theory test..its not problem for 2392 and 2392 practical test...
  4. S

    Forum Language

    @Dan Can you change the forum language to UK English, please. I don't like American 'English'. Or at least add the option English(UK) to the language button, bottom left corner.
  5. V

    how can i find a job

    Hello, I'm doing a course of electrician and soon i'm gone have my first 2 weeks of practise and i'm take 2 qualification 1 22-65 lvl 3 and second one is 23-92 inspection and tasting. If you can help me with some advise for a job wich i can start in my case. regards and sorry for my english.
  6. S

    where in Europe is city and guilds qualifications recognised?

    Hi, I have spent several hours trying to find what European countries city and guilds are recognised in. The information online is very limited and mainly says covers 81 countries without specifying which ones. Any help would be appreciated. Any english speaking expats around Europe feedback...
  7. D

    Australia or not?

    Hi all I'm a young electrician with all the basic papers and 2391. I've been told that i would have 70 point so 10 more than need to start and apply for a full time visa, just wanted advice form guys who out there or tried to get one, been told by a company it will cost around 1500 pounds to get...
  8. G

    Any job????????

    Why i have been told that there are more electrical jobs? Where are they? I cant find any. Iam doing level 3 right now. Does anyone have a job for me? I can make a nice english tea too ;-)
  9. M

    Australia,Lots of Irish.. No English

    I'm working in Australia at the moment and seems to be a hell of a lot of Irish guys working here but only a handful of English guys. Not really sure why this is, the work is good. Good money, thought I'd see more guys here trying their luck, any thoughts ?
  10. U

    Working in Germany

    I know multiple people have posted questions about this, but no one seems to have gotten a good answer. Does anyone know how to get qualified to work as an electrician in Germany, and how the necessary qualifications compare to qualifications in the UK?
  11. K

    The World’s Worst Phrasebook

    From “The Book of Heroic Failures” by Stephen Pile: The World’s Worst Phrasebook Pedro Carolino is one of the all-time greats. In 1883 he wrote an English-Portugese phrasebook despite having little or no command of the English language.His greatly recommended book The New Guide of the...
  12. R

    Looking for an apprentaship Birmingham Northfield area

    Hi, i'm new to these forums so i appologise if this is in the wrong section. Basically i have been looking to getting into the electrical trade for 6 months now and i am finding it really difficult, i left school with 6 gcse's and i was told that i only need 3 gcse's to get into the raf and do...
  13. E

    Drawing software

    Hi, What software are you guys using to draw the diagrams for PV systems?
  14. T

    fused box a new light

    Hi, I have just wire from the fused box a new light. However it is always triping .. And you please help me form the start to the swich.. Many Thanks Terry
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