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    hi guys, im new here so any help would be appreciated, ill kick it off with asking for any advice on NICEIC Assessments, i am due to be assessed by the NICEIC to be a company QS and am a bit of a flapper when it comes to people watching over me, any advice or pointers on what he will be...
  2. G

    Little help with Nest Gen3 please

    I have one of these and want to install on a newly installed Viessmann 050-W which has a Vitotrol 100 xontriller/wireless fitted. I'd love to pay someone to come out and do it all for me, but have had to retire so funds are short! I'm reasonably confident and the heatlink etc, is in place, but...
  3. G

    Help with shed wiring

    hi I am going to re-wire my shed as it's a mess I have installed a c/u see picture .ignore wiring in it . That's just me playing about fitting cable in it to see how it's done What I now need to know is how I wire everything up . I have attached a drawing of how the set up wants to be . Could...
  4. Lou

    AC Electric Limited

    AC Electric employ only fully qualified electricians, but that is only part of their knowledge base. In-house and out source training ensures the 'electricians' have a broad spectrum of expertise in the many factors involved in this ever changing industry. The management have a long term...
  5. B

    Ring end to end results not text book for cu change.. do we need to ensure 1.67 times

    Hi, Cu change pre tests (TT) indicate non text book results: r1=072, rn=0.92, r2=1.58 another ring: r1=0.67 n=0.67 r2=1.60 As can be seen the r2 values are more than 1.67 times r1 or rn possibly due to loose connections. Are we responsible to try and bring these values in line for a cu...
  6. eNigMar

    Domestic Angry customer this morning. :-(

    It ruins my day when a customer turns like this. Is it my communication, or are they just after something for nothing. I had a call out to check out a shower circuit. A, "shower engineer", whatever that is, told her that the shower kept cutting out because the circuit kept cutting out, but as...
  7. S

    size of conduit for #4AWG 5-core

    what would be the size of conduit for #4AWG 3-core? please provide chart/table. thank you.
  8. J

    ZS before RCD?

    Hi, I've looked for the answer to this question on her ebut couldn't find it. Can anyone tell me why it's important to do a ZS test before an RCD test? Thanks Ben
  9. L

    Ze testing

    evening i am fillling out my logbook and am asked what the purose of doing a Ze test is can anyone tell me please thanks
  10. J

    metal board on tt system

    Hi all, where does it say in the regs that you can't use metal consumer units on a tt arrangement? been told this by a couple of people but can't find anything cheers
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