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  1. M

    First NICEIC notification. What do i enter for relevant certificate number?

    Afternoon all I'm a new member to NIC and I need to notify 2 jobs done this week. A DB change and a minor works for bathroom extractor installed. I use easy cert software which generates own cert numbers. When going to NIC site to notify is asking for relevant certificate number and says enter...
  2. Lou

    Day 5 Advent Calendar - Enter Here!

    Welcome to Day 5 of the Advent Calendar Comp for Today up for grabs:- Bragging rights, basically. Username Tag 'Advent Win' (that'll disappear 1st Jan when we want to forget Christmas) Hat (sent out first week of Jan save us doing it daily)...
  3. Lou

    Day 4 Advent Calendar Competition - Enter here!

    Welcome to Day 4 of the Advent Calendar Comp for Today up for grabs:- Bragging rights, basically. Username Tag 'Advent Win' (that'll disappear 1st Jan when we want to forget Christmas) Hat (sent out first week of Jan save us doing it daily)...
  4. Lou

    ☃️ Day 1 - Advent Calendar! Enter Here!!

    It's the first day of the first ever Advent Calendar!! With thanks to @Electrical2go we have a goodie bag to give away to the lucky winner today! Answer the question below by replying to the thread before 6pm to be in with a chance of winning today! Winners Announced at...
  5. Electrical2go

    CK Tools Giveaway - Tell us what your most essential tool is to enter

    We are giving away a set of CK Tools - Triton XLS Screwdrivers worth £20.00 For your chance to win, simply comment on this thread with Your favourite Sparky joke. (Keep it clean-ish) The professional quality Triton XLS Screwdriver is designed with tip type marking for easy identification, a...
  6. J

    Can someone check over my Acenta G4 install.....

    Hi. As a favour for a family member, I have installed an Alarm system comprising of an Acenta G4 panel, LCD pad and 4 PIR's. As per the instructions in the manual for the Panel, I connect the battery for the first time and the bell box sounds, at this point you are supposed to enter the code...
  7. mhar

    Stroma Certification Scheme Defeated By Stroma Online Certification

    Never been the most intuitive piece of software to use. I am trying to certify / notify a new build but the address isn't in their database as it hasn't been signed off yet. It hasn't been signed off yet because I haven't certified and notified. I am unable to certify or notify because the...
  8. happyhippydad

    Any good ideas for holding the tails (clips etc) as they enter the main switch in CU?

    I shall be changing a CU soon (same thread as just started!) and it is a TT. I'll be using a wiska sprint gland to hold the tails (25mm) and main earth in place as they enter the CU (from the bottom) but I dont really see how this is going to help with respect to the possibility (however...
  9. happyhippydad

    How to get a weatherproof seal on conduit?

    Quite often I see conduit going into an adaptable box or conduit box 'outside'. This is fine if it is coming in from the bottom, you can just use a normal adaptor to go into the box, but often it comes in from the side and the adaptors are not IP rated. I just wondered if anyone here uses...
  10. chribonn

    Veritas 8 Alarm: Adjusting the entry trigger time

    Hi, I have a Veritas 8 Alarm System. I would like to increase the time between when the alarm triggers and the bells sound. I can't seem to find how to do this. Thank you. Regards, Alan
  11. Jay Sparks

    Enter button not working???

    Not an electrical problem really....but when I am writing a thread, my enter button does'nt work!! It works on all my other applications like "word" and "pdf" etc but not on this forum....which is a pain in the rear coz I like to end my threads with my name but I cant!!! Do the mod's know what...
  12. A

    Veritas 8 alarm

    Hi, first time post here. I am having a problem with the above alarm. When I do a full set before I leave my home the alarm works normally, upon returning to my home I have to go through my conservatory first of all which has a magnetic sensor on the door, this starts the time delay on my alarm...
  13. R

    Supply Fuse RH 60

    Hi Just need some clarification, looking at a supply fuse, and says on it BS 88 (1959) and also BS1361. (1971) and then in BOLD RH60 Its 60 amp but iam thinking its BS1361 as thats the latest date out of two stated on the fuse. any thoughts.....? Why it state two types on there
  14. keniff

    Alarm keypad

    Hi guys I don't get involved in alarms at all but I need to change the keypad on my house alarm, basically a few of the buttons ain't working and is becoming a pain, any advice on where to start, do you have to put it in a service mode or anything? And where is the code actually stored?
  15. M

    100mA / minor works

    A domestic TNS installation has a 100mA RCD main switch and 'Type 2' MCBs. I Need to move a kitchen socket away from a hob, install an additional one, install a fused spur unit for an extractor hood, and move two light switches to the other side of a room. The customer is a right pain and it...
  16. BigSi

    HMRC Tax Rebate Scam

    Just to make you aware. There is a scam going around where the HM Revenue & Customs send you an email to inform you that you have a tax repayment due to you. It provides a link, that opens another window inviting you to enter your credit card details (to credit the repayment), mother maiden...
  17. C

    Avoid getting ripped off when calling 08 numbers from your mobile

    Hi Guys, Thought I'd share this as many numbers we have to ring nowadays like 0800, 0845 etc cost you a fortune when you are not close to a landline and have to use your mobile. T-mobile charge me 40p a minute! 0800Buster lets you call these numbers using your mobiles inclusive minutes, by...
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