1. M

    Consumer unit Cable entry advice ??

    Hi all, I am installing an additional consumer unit in a garage to supply a pool pump, pool lights and garage sockets. Customer wants cables to be clipped direct. Could I use a 25mm Rubber packed gland at each board for a 10mm T&E? Would rather use trunking but customer does not want.
  2. B

    Upgrade to Enterview 3 door entry

    Hi, Got a customer who currently has an Enterview 3 system, 1 mag lock, 1 external unit and 4 handsets over 4 floors. They want to upgrade to something more modern, this isn't my main area of expertise so looking for some ideas. Most new systems seem to be network enabled, so poss could ditch...
  3. B

    Cable entry regs for Consumer Unit (18th edition)?

    We are about to install a Hager VML114 (14way, 100A switch disconnector incomer) and intend to populate with RCBOs. My understanding under 18th edition regs is that we need IP2X rating on the bottom of the Consumer Unit (prevent touch by fingers i.e. no gaps more than 1.25cm). We had been...
  4. B

    'Flatmate' door entry system

    hi guys. i recently bought a flat that is ex council, 6 flats in the block and has a very old looking door entry system called 'flatmate' thats all that is on the internal box inside, it has a open, talk, and a on/off button for privacy, It is a 6 wire system. green, blue, orange, orange...
  5. C

    Wiring of AC power entry module

    Hello, I am building a panel for an instrument. Its power entry module fits a standard computer cable (bottom of the drawing below) and features an on/off switch. At its back, there are 4 connectors, numbered 1 to 4 below. How should they be wired? Many thanks for any advice.
  6. J

    Moving meter - Service Entry (SE) cable into panel

    Forum, I am converting from overhead too underground service to my house. This involved moving the meter about 11 feet down a wall from its current location. The old meter base sits directly outside of the electric panel. So, at the new meter base, I plan to penetrate the exterior wall...
  7. Lister1987

    Entry Level / Getting Started Torque Screwdriver

    Anyone got any recommendations for one? I've got all manner of normal VDE screwdrivers but don't have anything like this yet. Any preferences? Ones to avoid? Bottom, mod, top end of spectrum?
  8. L

    Domestic Sealing a consumer unit entry points??

    Hello Guys I'm going to put my Tin hat on and close the curtains so the Regs police can't arrest me for asking this question again, I can only find old threads pre 18th edition so please advise me if I'm missing something I've just been watching a guy on Youtube doing a board change who's...
  9. M

    Newbie, mature entry career changer

    Hey all, Newbie from Herts here. Joined up to research on what I would need to do train myself up as an electrician (City and Guilds L2 & L3 is the plan). Been looking at the XS training site. Bit a about me, 36 years old, currently working in an IT and Systems remit and also a qualified...
  10. S

    Advice on a door entry product to integrate with PAC system

    I am struggling to find a product on the market for this specific problem I have and thought its worth having a shot at asking here. I have a lot of experience working with PAC systems (networked and stand alone) as my company has many properties using door entry systems. I however need to...
  11. J

    Domestic CU Entry, Old 1980s cable (?)

    Hi, Does anyone recognise this cable? Within it is all twin & earth but the externals are different colours (orange for 2.5, blue for 1.5 etc.). I believe someone told me this cable was specifically for being plastered over. Inside the cores have a lot of free air. If I know what it's called I...
  12. G

    Bell 801 Entry Phone System Wiring help

    Morning all, Hope you’re all well. I have replaced my entry phone system for the same one just a fresher one as have been decorating. However, the dummy I am, I didn’t take a pic of where the wires go and now I’m lost. I’ve got the sound working when someone pushes the buzzer downstairs, but...
  13. P

    Supplier for Bell Systems door entry system

    I am trying to find a supplier to supply a slightly customised Bell door entry system i.e. not exactly one of their standard kits. I used to deal directly with Bell whose sales dept is excellent but now they say they won't supply direct. I need a supplier who is at least capable of understanding...
  14. J

    Cable entry question

    Hi all, I am installing a new 3 phase DB and 110V DB. The current installation needs new DBS due to thier age and condition. The cables used are all singles and ran in galvanised steel trunking and I am not replacing the single cores used. My question is, is it alright to cut out a section in...
  15. D

    Door entry system advice

    Doing a job at the moment and the client has asked as an extra whether I can fit a second phone handset in another room from the existing. The current setup is a speaker/mike outside, door release, and handset inside to talk/open door release. Handset has 5 wires connected. Is it ok to just loop...
  16. G

    Rear entry three phase board

    Hi, Is it OK to create a rear entry in an eight way three phase BD. A technician friend of mine says he has never seen this done before?
  17. P

    Small Metal enclosure for door entry power supply

    Hi all, I am hoping someone has already had this problem and can suggest a solution. Last minute decision by client to have an electronic release on a door means we have to mount the power supply (bell systems 340c) on the wall in a public space so it needs to go in a metal enclosure. PSU...
  18. S

    Door entry handset advice

    wanting to replace my old, ugly door entry handset. I stay in a block of flats, handset works but its extremely old and at an odd colour of brown. It’s a Comelit VOX 2000. 5 cores feeding it. I take it to change it over it must be a compatable change over? If so, any recommend a decent...
  19. P

    Recommended Installation for Downlights when Cable is side entry

    Hi, What sort of installation method would you recommend for installing up/down lights on a house when the cable entry is from the side? The lights only have rear entry available so I assume I would have to mount them on a low profile Junction Box. The cable I'm using is 1.5mm SWA 3 core...
  20. Steve Harris

    Access control / video entry

    Hi all, Is there a dedicated area for conversations about access control and notably video entry? Thanks Steve
  21. D

    Guidance on correct qualifications for entry into trade

    Good evening, I am completely new to the forum, hence on this forum. I am currently a serving Fire fighter and have been interested in the potential of becoming an electrician as a career change in the long term. What I really need is the correct information on what qualifications are required...
  22. G

    Fuse board change with rear entry mounted on wood

    Hi all, I'm looking to change my board at home and wanted some advice on the most practical way for cable entry please. I was thinking to do rear cable entry, through the rear knockout but wanted to know if this is acceptable as it is mounted on wood. This would seem a lot more practical and...
  23. R

    C/U rear entry into Cavity wall.

    Hi Folks, These new C/U's dont seem to have thought this out too well. Old cables in cavity wall in to C/U. Need to make fireproof. Whats your best bet ?.
  24. T

    Videx door entry system...voltage drop on 0.5mm²

    So I have used CW1308 0.5mm² over a 25m. run (2 twisted pairs for 3+1 system). The bottom line is the door release (mag lock) does not work. Call and speech works on the handset so at least the person can be called and pick up the hand set and converse. I am 99% certain the wiring is correct and...
  25. JK-Electrical

    WISKA TKS32 - Multiple Cable Entry

    I recently bought some of these innovative grommets and used one for the first time this week while doing a consumer unit changeover. I had no choice really as there just wasn't enough clearance space between the bottom of the new board and the top of the meter/service head to accomodate a tail...
  26. R

    3rd Amendment CU's Cable Entry

    Ive changed several CU's all with rear cable entry, Ive just been to look a job to change a CU with the majority of the cables surface clipped twin and earths...what is the preferred method on cable entry into the CUs? Ive been looking and found some cable glands that are suitable for twin...
  27. J

    video entry

    Evening chaps hope your all having as fun as a Friday night as me! quoting for 3 flats in 1 building -they want vid entry any recommendations of a kit that is decent but not the world! seen prices range from £100-1000 would need 1x 3way buzzer then 3 phones/screens guessing the actually lock...
  28. E

    Coach Lantern style light with bottom or side cable entry points

    Hi all, I have been asked to fit 3 coach lantern style lights on the outside of a house. The wiring is to be run externally, I'm having trouble finding a make that has bottom or side cable entry points. Pretty much all of the products I have found only have rear cable entry points. Can anyone...
  29. N

    Domestic Consumer Unit Change

    Hi All, I am tomorrow going to be changing a consumer unit ahead of my Elecsa assessment next week. Just wanted to check that I'm not missing anything with regards to amendment 3. I'm going to be using a BG consumer unit supplied with RCBOs. It has a cut out at back for cable entry and so I...
  30. P

    Consumer Unit Change - Back Entry

    Hi Guys No doubt this has been asked before, and the answer is already out there somewhere but I'm tired and the job is tomorrow so please bear with me. Existing CU is back entry, spaced off the wall by an inch on a couple of vertical battens in a tight wooden cupboard. I'm intending the same...
  31. S

    Domestic Veritas alarm

    Hi there, when I part set the alarm system and re-enter the property the alarm goes off immediately without the warning bleeps. 've looked in the user guide and tried everything from there but nothing works. Can anyone help , please.
  32. P

    Honeywell Galaxy G2

    On a G2 can anyone tell me why the alarm goes off when you type the code in on entry buy let's you unset the system as normal with a fob please?
  33. K

    lost wiring diagram

    when i was ready to install entry door system i see on the kit box its not any instruction book and wiring diagram..the entry phone system its TARGHA BPT with 3 individual telephone..its any one who have wiring diagrams for them..
  34. G

    best boards

    can anyone recommend a good cu for top entry ?
  35. S

    EICR Check Sheet Question

    Hi guys, was just wondering if anyone could tell me what this actually means: 7.6 Cable entry holes in ceiling above luminaires, sized or sealed so as to restrict the spread of fire. List number and location of luminaires inspected. (Separate page) Is it only relevant to designated fire...
  36. W

    strange fault

    Basically got a 2 way con unit in a block of 4 flats, 1 x 6a mcb feeding lighting via timeclock,28w 2d fittings,wired in pyro and 1 x 16 mcb feeding a sw fused spur for the door entry system, new door entry was fitted last month and everytime the clock fires the lights up or knocks them off the...
  37. D

    MDF as meter board

    Good evening everyone, I have always used 18mm ply for new meter/cu boards, but i,ve got some 18 mm MDF left over from another project, can anyone think of a reason not to use this? Kind regards David Long
  38. O

    your preferred method for external sockets

    guys whats your preference when fitting external accessories (sockets particularly)? do you straight rear entry with cable and cake in silicone to prevent ingress do you fit the masterseal cable entry grommet are you a conduit man right through wall and into box sure there is a couple others...
  39. A

    Veritas 8 alarm

    Hi, first time post here. I am having a problem with the above alarm. When I do a full set before I leave my home the alarm works normally, upon returning to my home I have to go through my conservatory first of all which has a magnetic sensor on the door, this starts the time delay on my alarm...
  40. P

    BPT video entry phone

    Didn't realise how much their stuff costs!!! but any cheap supplier that's known of, would be much appreciated. Thanks
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