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  1. Sym

    Commercial Anyone here have experience of working in a Hospital environment?

    Hello, as a few of you might know I have got an interview for a job in a hospital tomorrow. I have already received some great advice from some members here, that advice has been truly appreciated. The hospital is now moving premises and the job entails PPM work and reactive maintenance. If I...
  2. M

    What cabling system do you prefer in commercial/industrial environment?

    Trying to make my mind up as to the best/easiest wiring system for going behind a large partition wall (around 1 ft partition depth) for a large spray booth. For around 50 light fittings wall mounted. Thinking of conduit and singles, with flex coming out of Clik connectors for each light...
  3. M

    AC240v/DC36v LED fairy lighting in a 12v DC environment

    I've been gifted the below fairy lights, which rectifies AC240v to a DC36v coaxial power connector. Buy 80 Multi-Function LED - Multicoloured at - Your Online Shop for Christmas lights, Christmas trees, lights and decorations, Home and garden. -...
  4. Spoon

    UK red squirrels carry 'a form of leprosy'

    You know how the government lied about how Mad Cow disease could not be transferred to humans........ WE ARE DOOMED!!!! :) Only the Zombie killing gamers will survive..... :) UK red squirrels carry 'a form of leprosy' - scientists - BBC News -...
  5. Spoon

    Horses can communicate with us

    Horses can communicate with us - scientists - BBC News - They have been doing this for years. Just look at Mister ED.
  6. D

    Use of technology to learn the trade

    Hi folks, Has anyone seen or used any type of virtual reality technology whilst learning the trade? The reason i am asking is because i am acutely aware of the use of this type of technology for games consoles and pc games. This got me thinking more about the benefits of using this type of...
  7. M

    Metalclad DB, Single Phase with 12 useable ways - No RCD's required

    I'm trying to source a suitable metalclad DB with a metal door/flap, and with an IP rating as high as is available off the shelf. This to be located in a Chinese takeaway that has a high pollution of the atmosphere, caused by cooking oil/fat. It may be necessary to fit a standard metalclad DB...
  8. vxwestie

    Stainless steel surface sockets

    Im looking for a quanity of surface metalclad dual sockets with conduit entries, but in stainless steel. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  9. C

    Domestic 11kw shower cable size?

    For 11kw shower what cable size is required for 15m run?
  10. M

    as winter arrives, the solar enters into a cold season

    the solar now comes to the coldest season in the year now. Partly to the declining market, partly due to the cold winter season, when the sunlight is to weak to be used for solar. What can we do to pass the winter in a warmer way?
  11. D

    Why checking that the circuit is dead is so important.

    I was given a job to rewire a portacabins sockets, straight forward job replace 2.5mm2 twin+cpc radial with 4mm2. As always follow safe isolation procedure, other electrician I am working with says 'why are you wasting your time doing that?'. I test the socket under the ccu and its still live...
  12. The Solar King

    Yipee! New jobs at starbucks

    Attention to the 1000s at Carillion (Eaga) and elsewhere, new meaningful and fulfilling jobs available at Starbucks. David Cameron welcomes announcement. (how did he know so early in the morning?) So these are sustainable jobs which according to DECC those in PV are not. Latte to go anyone?
  13. B

    Industrial use of flex cable

    Hi, General cable query. Is it ok to use normal flex cable where it is installed above head height ie not easily accessible or should we be using something with more protection ie SY cable??. We are talking low ampage applications (1-5a) in a pretty low haz environment. regards
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