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  1. J

    Does workshop equipment such as lathes require RCD protection.

    Does workshop equipment such as lathes and mills Need rcd protection?
  2. I

    PAT test on data centre telecoms equipment

    Hello could anyone tell me if there is an online exam to be taken for the PAT testing of equipment powering telecoms racks and routers in data centres or telecoms switches in Germany.
  3. JD6400

    Use of access equipment , do you own or hire?

    When it comes to access equipment , where do others source it from , and how do you price for it ? If you have your own cherry picker / platform , how do you charge it out and do you find it cost effective?
  4. J

    Listing and labeling equipment NEC 2020

    Is it required for lights to be listed and labeled in the United States, Tennessee? What are the OSHA and NEC requirements pertaining to this (not informational notes as informational notes are not enforceable by Code enforcement) if the lights are approved for wet locations do they have to be...
  5. T

    Air con units and it equipment on RCD?

    Hi , I usually do domestic work but i have an office job to price and i was wondering if the following items should be RCD protected, the reason i ask is for nuisance tripping. Air con units 3ph and single Sockets for the office computers Comms/Patch panel Thanks
  6. H

    Insulation resistance with vulnerable equipment unable to be removed

    Good evening Was wondering when testing for.insulation resistance and there is vulnerable equipment in circuit but unable to disconnect, I understand that you combine the line and neutral conductors and test to earth. I am just wondering if it's ok and safe to do this at 500v as there is no...
  7. littlespark

    Diversity on cooking equipment

    Evening, all. I've got a kitchen coming up that might lead to more work with a local joiner... first job with him and I want to appear on the ball. Current set up is 32A MCB on RCD side of a split board, 6.0mm serving a regular cooker switch with only an electric oven coming off it. Hob is...
  8. littlespark

    Some old equipment

    As it says. Old stuff I found. Building is and old mill (paper I think) that’s been empty for 20 odd years. Some 13A sockets in the offices, but most of the industrial stuff has been removed. Unused joint box in attic. Most of the installation is in imperial conduit, and the odd bit of lead...
  9. James

    Old equipment

    Just thought I would share a few pics. Fairground generator
  10. B

    EEx ia Equipment in Zone 2 Area

    Apologies if this appears like a simple question. I have carried out a survey of a Zone 2 area and one piece of equipment, an enclosure, is fitted and only identifiable by manufacturers name plate and a stuck on EEx ia sticker. No Atex data plate. The previous survey (visual) gave some...
  11. kenny maccuish

    Testing kit add ons for a newbie tester

    Hi guys my company is planning on sending me on a course to carry out testing in the near future. So my question is what bits of equipment would be handy to add to a testing kit i am to put together other than a MFT. Thanks in advance
  12. John Preston

    Do you need a calibration certificate on new equipment?

    I've been looking at buying some new test equipment and have noticed that there is always an option to buy with or without a calibration certificate. (extra cost involved) Surely if the equipment is "brand new" then you shouldn't need it... or am I wrong?
  13. S

    Old test equipment, from when Pete was a boy!

    I'm in the process of moving house and came across this today. Somebody gave it to me from a house clearance a few years ago, thought it might be of interest.
  14. M

    PAT Testing. Equipment register.

    Just started PAT Testing and have been out to my first pitch. I was able to see what items had been tested and whether it was a visual or combined inspection and test. The following question has arisen. Due to new items being bought since the last scheduled visit. Who is responsible for Putting...
  15. B

    Commercial Defining what equipment has protective conductor current

    Hi all, I have an engineer who has failed a wall mounted data cabinet because the PDU is hard wired into a switched fused spur, the spur is spurred off a ring main in 2.5/1.5 twin and earth. He has failed it under regulation: 543.7.203 The wiring of every final circuit and distribution...
  16. S

    Various Test Equipment for Sale

    Having served my time, worked in both domestic and industrial, DNO networks and finally finishing off in metering before retirement I have several items of test equipment which may be useful to someone entering the trade. Megger 1710 MFT Fluke Phase Rotation Tester 9040 Fluke 117 True RMS DMM...
  17. oracle

    Why do test equipment suppliers use the xxth edition to plug their stuff

    There is no such thing as an 18th edition tester. The Regs are for installation requirements only The standards for test meters are BS 61010 and BS 61326 and other specific standards but NEVER BS7671
  18. S

    0.75mm2 flex for fixed equipment - reality check.

    Hi Folks I've never thought twice about using 0.75mm2 flex for connecting fixed equipment (e.g. extractor fan in window) to a fused connection unit with 3A fuse where this is sufficient for the load of the equipment. But table 52.3 of BS7671 states minimum csa for copper cable in lighting...
  19. oracle

    Using other measuring equipment for testing?

    The Regs allow the use of other "measuring" equipment. Are any of you using such equipment and if so, what? Reg 643.1 The tests of Regulations 643.2 to 643.11, where relevant, shall be carried out and the results compared with relevant criteria.Measuring instruments and monitoring equipment...
  20. Gavin John Hyde

    Metal play equipment supposedly live due to powerlines?

    Just been discussing this story, apparently some metal play equipment was giving people a shock, close to overhead powerlines and a transformer... a small mention of dry condition, wondering on the cause? could it have been acting as a sort of rod and picking up some sort of fault via earth? Or...
  21. oracle

    Testing equipment that is to be sold on

    If you have tested second hand equipment that is to be sold on after putting the stickers on who gets the certificate? Me, the seller, or the new owner?
  22. littlespark

    Old equipment still in service

    I'm sure this subject is on a sticky thread somewhere, so apologies. Got asked to look at a shower that was tripping the MCB as soon as isolator turned on. House is rented, so tenant just wanted advice for a pint. Took me 2 minutes to tell him to get landlord to have it replaced. I took the...
  23. Daniel Oake

    Guide for DNO supply, installers - worth a look to someone.

    Stumbled upon a guide that the installers and maintenance teams adhere to, contains codes for reporting etc, might be interesting. Scroll down to Page 8 onward. https://mocopa.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/MOCOPA-guide-version-3.5.pdf
  24. K

    Is there a requirement for 3 phase fixed equipment to have RCBO PTOTECTION

    Hi is there a requirement for 3 phase equipment to have RCBO PROTECTION
  25. Michaelwgroves

    Protecting DNO equipment

    A House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) officer inspecting a HMO for temporary accommodation has advised tenants might be tempted to play with DNO equipment as it's not in a locked cupboard. I'd be interested in your thoughts, my view is nothing to do with me, DNO install this and deem it to be...
  26. P

    Test equipment certification.

    This is a question I have to admit I don't know the answer to, hard to believe I know! What is the period after which test equipment needs re- calibrating? As far as I know it is yearly, but I could be wrong. I ask because the dno I worked for had an engineer who built a test rig. The idea was...
  27. C

    Releasing car door deadlock - equipment needed?

    I want to try the method below to release my car door deadlock. I have access to the door lock module and have identified the two pins but have no idea what equipment I need to do it re power supply, leads, wires? Cheers "If the door is dead locked try the following without any damage being...
  28. T

    Recacalcitrant electronic equipment v. the owner

    My rant today (as I am feeling somewhat sanguine and snowed in) is to do with various equipment that likes to argue with me. The tv...I watch a film and at the critical part the screen blanks off and asks if I am still watching, and will not continue with the film until I respond and say I am. I...
  29. H

    Repeated small shocks from electrical equipment

    I have just moved into a new apartment (in Hong Kong - a place with some slightly dodgy building practices). The owner of the apartment had someone remodel the entire apartment, rebuild the walls and build a kind of ‘media centre’ area in a cupboard behind the TV. It has a load of sockets and a...
  30. sythai

    Moving Solar equipment - advice please

    Hi there... Just in process of renovating a property (my folks) and need to shift solar gear over 'a little.' I'm a sparky, but zero experience of Solar. Looks like it comes down from panels into 2x black DC isolators then off to invertor. No isolation up in loft near to panels. So looks...
  31. D

    Identifying circuits on equipment

    Quick one..is it in the regs to identify where circuits are fed from on sockets and switches or just good practice? Commercial job obviously. Cheers
  32. S

    Mobile equipment not exceeding a rating of 32a for use outdoors.

    Could someone please give me examples of what this would cover. I'm assuming it's irrelevant to portable equipment like a lawn mower on a domestic installation and more to do with industrial. Thanks in advance.
  33. S

    125a 3 phase pat test equipment

    im hoping someone here can help me, need to find out how to wire a 3 phase 125a connector to a normal 13 amp plug for use with a pat tester. my boss says you need to 'daisy chain' it, but he cant remember how its done. been trying to find a diagram on the internet but no luck as yet so thought...
  34. D

    Which PAT Testing Course?

    Hi, Can anyone advise me on which PAT testing course you have to go on should you want to offer it as a service with your Ltd. company? the 2377-22 or the 2377- 32 or both? or Neither?! Big thanks in advance for any help. Dave
  35. S

    500v Insulation Resistance Test ok?

    Hi all, still training so please forgive my very simple question. Why is it ok to test an appliance at 500vdc when PAT testing but great care should be taken to remove all equipment when IR verifying a new circuit installation? Is it simply just because connected equipment will make a nonsense...
  36. Davisonp

    Measuring Inrush Current

    I am trying to find the maximum current drawn through a switchfuse circuit supply circuit (60Amp switchfuse). I have been told that there should be a large inrush current when some equipment kicks in, but I would like to confirm the actual inrush current. I have had a look at cheap current data...
  37. A

    Whats the best way to PAT these items. Water heater,shower,towel radiator

    Hi Ive been asked to PAT the below and I'm slightly unsure how they should be done or if they should be done. Small water heater over a sink just for washing hands Shower Towel radiator with 100w heater in a bathroom Thanks for any help
  38. Dan

    Lowest price per item you've heard of for PAT Testing?

    I was just reading this here: "Over the last few years we've watched the PAT Testing Industry turn almost on its head - where companies once were charging a fortune to test your equipment, now they're charging mere pennies. If you are looking for the cheapest price for your PAT Testing, please...
  39. A

    New to the forum

    Hi I'm new to the forum and would like to say hi to all. My main interest is P.A.Testing as I'm new to doing office/house equipment. All I used to do just was pro audio equipment after I repaired it when I worked for a company. Now I'm self employed I've had to do more so learning how to do all...
  40. Paul Dodds

    New multifunction tester

    Hi, I'm obviously new. I'm looking at buying a fluke 1663 but am concerned that when the new 18th edition comes in it will be obsolete. Would I be better off buying a used 1653b, + calibration, and then a new mf tester when the new regs come in? If this has been covered then please feel free to...
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