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  1. C

    Escape routes again & again

    Just done our 18th,hey ok,tutor mentioned metal fixings etc,we were in a classroom with normal T bar false ceiling,I asked if these cables above needed proper metallic supporting,he said no ceiling is fire rated. Not really getting that,looks so flimsy ,what do you guys reckon.
  2. D

    Escape route in dwellings fire clips and best methods

    So have been trying to find the best method for containment of multiple cables above escape routes in dwellings (hidden in the ceilng) the little red pre fixed fold over clips look like a pain in the ass. Was wondering if there is a better method (similar to the conventional clips) and If...
  3. mwigham85

    Fireproof Supports in escape routes.

    Hi Guys, Does a hallway in a dwelling class as an escape route for this Reg or is it just shared access escape routes that this Reg covers? thanks
  4. mwigham85

    Supporting cables in an escape routes

    Hi Guys, Quick question can you add cables to existing PVC trunking in escape routes without fire proof support if your coming off an existing circuit within the PVC trunking? Regards Mike
  5. D

    Is a mains interlinked fire alarm required when renovating property?

    Evening all..just wondering if it is a building control requirement to have a mains fire alarm installed throughout the property when an extension has been built or walls knocked through to make a kitchen/diner etc. I have worked on a loft conversion last year and the building control officer...
  6. E

    smoke alarm interlink and wireless

    The building inspector wants smokes In Every habitable room! We only wired main escape routes and kitchen! We used 3 core to interlink! So we need extra smokes but ceilings plastered! Do the aico radio control smoke alarms have a termination point for a hard wired interlink cable? If so I...
  7. S

    Customers - aaaaagh!

    At the end of a very long and successful week why is it one narky customer can spoil everything! We confirmed 4 jobs and have another 3/4 in the pipeline all our customers are telling us that we're going the extra mile that's why we're getting the business and everything is rosy until Friday...
  8. A

    Fire Safety Prosecutions Continue

    Gregg's have been burning the bacon rolls again! On a serious note, a successful prosecution of Gregg's has been brought, regarding Fire Safety Order failures: Gregg's Prosecuted, Fined £50,000 There will be many more come 2011 too, I suspect.
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