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  1. M

    Trunking size estimate ???

    Hi, does anyone think they know this size of this trunking just from the image. The conduit is 20mm. 1590221619 I believe it's schneider trunking.
  2. Bobby34

    First Job estimate price check

    I am in the process of doing my first quote and wanted to see what people thought in regards to my price as this is my first one since becoming registered so it would be great to see if I am in and around the right lines or whether I am way off the mark. The job is as follows: -Fitting three...
  3. J

    Estimate of cost and what can and can't a none qualified person do?

    Hello everyone. We are starting a none-profit in the midlands and hopefully if all goes well we will have a commercial premises within the next couple months. It is fed with three phase power and has a few sockets around the parameter of the unit as well as some horrid 8' tubes for lighting...
  4. L

    Single Phase Load Estimate to Three Phase Power Supply

    Hi Everyone I would be glad if you could clarify this for me: For a Load Estimate Survey whereby 95% is single phase, the Load Estimate is 90 KVA (Single Phase). However, the power supply is three phase 4 wire system. To calculate the current per phase, the 90 kVA is divided by three i.e. 30...
  5. J

    Electric to garage?

    Trying to get an ball park idea on costs to get 2 double sockets and a light in the garage. Blackpool Area. New consumer unit fitted in 2014 that has spare ways. At a guess route for cable would be from consumer unit up to loft (4m) across loft to rear (10m) then to armoured? Down outside of...
  6. S

    Domestic Pricing

    Hi all, I have been asked to do a few jobs for friends who want to pay me the 'going rate' but I have no idea where to start with pricing. Please could you give me an idea of the average price for the following jobs as a guide for me? Job 1 - Replace 7 light fittings around the house (Old...
  7. U

    Jobs that seem to go on and on!

    any ideas on how i should deal with this. under quoted a couple of jobs lately, seem to take forever, lifting boards etc etc! do u charge extra on top if things take longer due to unforseeble probs???? cant keep working for free me thinks?? any ideas
  8. S

    Professional indemnity insurance required?

    Hi all A question for those of you pricing your own PV systems and advising on expected FIT returns etc. Do you have PI insurance to cover you against possible errors in your advice? Is this a requirement of MCS? What kind of premium should i expect to pay? I'm pricing a job for my...
  9. brs73

    job notification v taxman??

    hello people happy new year and all that does anybody know if the taxman is likely to have a look at the amount of jobs you have notified to building control through napit/nic etc. if you tell them you're a member do they have the right to check mmm??? i wonder??? cheers
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