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  1. P

    Introduction - MacLaren Electrical - Estimating Service

    Hello everyone, My name is Paul and I am a qualified electrician and electrical engineer based in Inverness, Scottish Highlands. My company, MacLaren Electrical, provide a third party electrical estimating service to contractors in Australia and the UK I will be using the forum to learn and...
  2. mjtefc9

    Electrical Estimating Qualification or Course

    Hi all, As part of my job I am involved in Electrical estimating, I understand there are a few one day courses out there but I wondered if anybody knew of any courses that would lead to a qual ? Thanks
  3. A

    Spons estimating guides

    hi all, New here! Been reading from the fringes for awhile and have finally signed up. Long story short.... has anyone got any of the latest Spons books (mechanical and electrical price book or the electrical one)? I've recently moved house and cannot find them anywhere!! Ideally I really...
  4. H

    m&e operating software

    im developing a customercare dept for the company i work for, and im looking for some software to log jobs, send engineers, get signatures from customers on phones etc, bt i want one that i can bolt on to a bigger operating system once i develop my dept, to include estimating and ordering, does...
  5. S

    Estimating Software

    Evening, first post so go easy on me! Up until now i've always estimated manually, trawling through the details etc.... I cover domestic, commercial and mid/light industrial with works up to £50k but more regularly below £10k. I've now got an opportunity on two very large luxury new build...
  6. L

    M&E Estimating Service - Manchester - North West

    Gents, I would like to my company to this forum.I am director of Lomax Estimating Services based within Manchester, I Provide a M&E remote estimating service to various contractors pre design and also design & build. If you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact me...
  7. J

    Estimating software

    For many years now i have undertaken the labourious task of estimating time and materials without the help of any software. Due to the fact that i am beginning to get bigger and bigger tenders this is eating up a lot of time. Can anyone advise me of some software that has been tried and tested...
  8. O

    electrika estimating software

    has any one used electrika estimating software before (Free Electrical Estimating Software - Electrika Home) and if so is it any good and more importantly is it actually free
  9. R

    Estimating Software

    Can anyone give me some advice on estimating software available. We are looking to start pricing big new build site and commercial refurbs.. Many thanks
  10. S

    Estimating software

    Hi all Is anybody on here using Electrika software for there estimating? if so would you recommend it? I would like to start using software for estimating but do not want to spend the time learning it if its rubbish and there is a better one to use. Thanks
  11. S

    estimating software

    Hi Does anybody here use an estimating package for pricing domestic and commercial jobs? If so would you recommend it?
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