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  1. D

    USA 230v european motorized pencil sharpener in 110v usa outlet bogs down

    Have a 220v (wired for Sweden) motorized pencil sharpener (Boston X-acto model 41). Since its a motor it does not work right, bogs down in 120v usa power outlet. What do i need maybe a transformer?
  2. Lucien Nunes

    Foreign flags and foreign fittings

    If you've read my posts and noticed that I'm flying an Estonian flag, you might also spot when it changes to Italian this weekend. You might also have noticed over time that I am quite keen on certain European wiring materials and methods. For a bit of fun I'll post a few things that I like in...
  3. R

    Commercial European sockets and AVPlates

    I run a company in the UK that manufactures Audio Visual Face Plates. One of our main product areas is providing a range of Uk 1 and 2 gang plates with a wide range of available connections for people’s needs. I am currently looking into expanding a services into the European market. However I...
  4. J

    European appliance help

    Hi all. I have an appliance with the following rating (see attached) Is it ok to have this run through a standard UK 13A plug? It works but does get rather hot. Any suggestions will be great, thanks!
  5. happysteve

    "Why European clocks are running slow, and British clocks aren't."

    Here's a link to the press release mentioned in the video. And, for those on the edge of their seats about the enfolding drama, a more recent press release. 3.
  6. W

    European Electrical standards?

    Right, Ive had a request from a customer about inspecting/testing a site in Netherlands. They own 7 sites across the UK and the Netherlands site seems to be on their block insurance which specifies PAT testing and fixed wiring testing. I've looked online but have been unsuccessful in finding...
  7. M

    European socket fitted in UK.

    Hi. Are there any requirements or contraindications to fit European socket in the wall within the ring circuit?
  8. O

    Amazon, the EU and Corporation Tax

    Read this and make up your own minds: BBC News - Amazon faces European Union tax avoidance investigation This bit caught my eye: "Most of Amazon's European profits are "are recorded in Luxembourg but are not taxed in Luxembourg", said EU competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia." Lets...
  9. Resu

    European Sockets

    Hi all, my mum runs a B&B and has a lot of issues with European guests forgetting adapters, etc. and was wondering if fitting a European socket in the house would be ok? I'm yet to confirm the actual voltage in her house but can't see anything wrong otherwise? She's provided adapters in the past...
  10. P

    EU Solar PV Anti-Dumping Case

    Hello all, Haven't posted for a while, here is the latest addition to our blog. Enjoy The European Trade Commission Anti Dumping Case | Poweri Feel free to discuss.
  11. D

    PME final circuits question

    I have a query, Im working on some signage that is connected to a PME supply. This is supplied to a leb header by straight concentric 16mm cable and then to and RCD with outgoing circuits to the sign. Now I have just seen that work by others have been carried out in the form of doubling up on...
  12. D

    chinese panels

    seven us modules makers , lead by solarworld germany which is the number one manufacturer in north america have had support this week from president obama re chinese price dumping of state owned & bank supported module manufacturers recently evergreen & solyndra went bust with the lose on 1000s...
  13. richy3333

    Socket type

    Hi. Please could someone tell me what sort of socket this is? Customer has purchased a 'chop saw' and says this is attached to the end of the cable. Many thanks
  14. DaveyD

    Megger MFR1552/E ? What's with the E ?

    Hi Looking at this on fleabay Megger MFT1552/E Multifunction Terter on eBay (end time 04-Mar-11 18:49:50 GMT) Any megger men know what the /E is after the model number? TIA Kind Regards David Looks like its not UK? If so is that a problem?
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