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ev charging

  1. G

    Best EV charging testing unit?

    Hi Guys, Completed an EV charging course a few months back. Looking to explore that growing corner of the market. My Megger 1720 multi function tester packed up recently. Always pretty happy with my Megger, but I'm looking to get a tester that has integrated EV testing and comes with its own EV...
  2. Midwest

    EV charging points 2020

    I'm just interested in the technicalities of charging points, specifically with PME supplies, I know there's been a few threads on here, but I just wonder where we are with things currently. Someone posted this vid; View...
  3. Why BS7671 amendment 1 is potentially dangerous for electric vehicle charging installations and evse

    Why BS7671 amendment 1 is potentially dangerous for electric vehicle charging installations and evse

    Could a potentially dangerous situation be lurking in the detail of the proposed changes to the 18th edition wiring regulations? Dr Chris Horne of Myenergi talks us through the problems around EV earthing arrangements for electric vehicle supply equipment - EVSE In this video, you'll learn...
  4. sythai

    EV Charging info

    Sorry if this has already been covered..... I’ve tried searching with no luck ! I’m after some info please on what is required to get set up to install EV chargers. Been getting a lot of calls on this lately, x3 this week so far. Any info on it would be handy pros/ cons/ costs etc. Cheers Sy
  5. Electrical2go

    OLEV Grant switching to SMART Charging

    All government funded home chargepoints for electric vehicles must use innovative ‘smart’ technology from July 2019, the government announced on 14 December 2018, fulfilling the commitment in the Road to Zero Strategy published in 2018. This means chargepoints must be able to be remotely...
  6. Marcus Vaughan

    Type C MCB needed for EV Charging?

    Hi all, I've not a lot of experience with EV but was called to a local job to investigate a loss of power to a 32amp 7.2KW EV charger. It turned out the 32A MCB (Type B) had failed, and would not even operate when completely removed from the board. I happened to have a matching Contactum B32...
  7. L

    EV charging question

    hiya chaps I did a City and Guilds course, practical assessment and exam for the CG2919 on Monday and Tuesday, we were told about the difficulties with ensuring the safety of the charging equipment especially regarding the earthing in domestic properties, lots of discussions were about using...
  8. J

    EV charger installation.

    Good afternoon ladies and gents. Could someone please tell me if qualifications are required to install the above kit, or they need to be commissioned by someone approved to do so? Thank you.
  9. C

    EV charging point course?

    Hi all, I have been asked to install an EV charging point for a friend who doesnt have an electric vehicle but would like either a cable ran in or a charging point installing to future proof his home. My local training centre runs a course for EV points and I was wondering if the course is...
  10. Frimley111R

    Hello from the world of EV Charging

    I noticed a little nudge from Dan about deleting our account if we don't post an intro and so here it is. I run Chargebase and we are an EV home and commercial charger installer based near Fleet in Hampshire. The business is owned and run by two of us and our work is contracted out to NAPIT...
  11. jonnyb

    Domestic EV charging stations

    Obviously going to be a big thing in years to come but do you think it's worth going on an electric vehicle charging station install course? I'm pretty sure there is going to be some alterations in the upcoming 18th regs about this but my main concern is whether it's worth doing on a self...
  12. Frimley111R

    EV Charging Points - how much can you claim from the government?

    Hi All, We are looking into this and as 'petrolheads' (ironically) a chance to work with cars appeals but at a fundamental level we are trying to work out the economics. From our research we can claim back up to £500 from a government subsidy but the 'up to' part confuses us. How does this...
  13. J

    EV charging points advise needed

    Evening evening! Been giving drawings for some flats which also need 3x ev charging points outside no spec given atall as yet! Just wanting to get clued up before hand so for something like this- Rolec EV Charging IEC WallPod 16A HomeCharge EVWP2010 | RS Electrical Supplies -...
  14. L

    EV Charging point installers

    I was just wondering if many folk are now involved with the installation of EV charging points? Demand in this area is obviously increasing. I'm very keen on green energy and I'm considering specialising in this area, is anyone else doing the same?
  15. W

    Controllable Electric Car Charger?

    I have a Nissan Leaf and Solar Panels. So I'd like to be able to automatically charge the car when the solar panels are causing a net export of power to the grid. I already divert excess power to our immersion heater, using a home made, micro-controller based system that 'watches' the LED on the...
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